Top 17 Games Like Diablo (Games Better Than Diablo In Their Own Way)

games like diablo
The 17 Best Games Like Diablo

The first time you enter The Butcher’s Room. You can almost smell the rotting corpses and sacks of flesh hanging on the wall. You can feel the earth shudder and shake as he stomps towards you. His cleaver the size off a small table, ready to send you back to town to resurrect for the twelfth time that night.

If it isn’t The Butcher, it’s Deckard Cain’s story telling. Or the first time you hit max level and start your more difficult play through, looking to max that gear out and become the envy of your online crew.

Maybe, just maybe, your one memory of Diablo is the Mad Cow level. Email me later if that’s your one memory.

Regardless, everyone can agree that when it comes to the Diablo franchise, we have a classic on our hands. However, if you’re a fan of the series but not too thrilled about yet another play through, or another grinding session, keep these solid titles in mind to get your next fix.

17. MU Legend

Set as the official follow up to the most popular MMO in South Korea (MU Online), MU Legend is a “Next-Gen Action MMORPG”, as its developers have stated. It was only released in November of 2017 and has received positive reviews.

Five classes are presented as a choice in the beginning, with the major RPG niches all being hit. You can also play as a human, or as an Ashas, which are a blue bodies race resembling a small frost giant if you ask me. They lean towards the darker side of the world, however there are no class / race restrictions in the game.

Why will I want to play this over Diablo? All the online MMO features that Diablo has tried to nail but seems to not quite fully hit the mark on, this game does. The loot system is less tedious, character classes seem more polished and capable of customization, and the interface itself is built to support the playstyle that sits somewhere between WoW and Diablo.

Only in its infancy, this game is the one on the list that stands the biggest chance of taking a significant player base away from Diablo.

Image result for mu legend gameplay

A Human Character Battling Through a Dungeon – Waiting for the Loot Cards!

Image result for mu legend

Grouping up For the Boss Fight

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