Top 10 Games Like Diablo, Ranked Good To Best

Diablo, RPG, Game, Hack and slash, Demon, Horns, Loot
Lord of Terror, we are coming to take your loot

Get ready for a ton of monster slaying adventure in these games like Diablo.

The point of RPG games, aside from delivering a good story, is to give the player a sense of empowerment. This sense of empowerment is delivered through letting the main character carve through masses of enemies while getting stronger in the process. These ten titles do just that.

10. Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms (2014)

Their fates are yours now

Developer: Games Farm

Genre: Action role-playing

Shadows, Heretic Kingdoms, Devourer, Demon, RPG, Game

The monsters are as colorful as they are deadly

The last surviving member of a cult called Penta Nera summons you, a demonic Devourer, to be the agent of his revenge against the other Devourers.

Similar to Trine, Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms lets you swap characters on the fly in order to adapt to any situation. These characters develop and are equipped together, making it all the more fun to kill and loot with.

The character-swapping mechanic adds a whole new layer of fun to the experience we all know and love. The only bad side of this title is the fact that it’s episodic, so we’ll have to wait for new pieces as they get released.


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