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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

2. Diablo 3

The demon Diablo came into existence from one of the seven Tathamet heads. Tathamet was the most powerful demon who was created at the beginning of the universe.

Diablo takes place in a fictional world named Sanctuary. The story follows the Nephalem in his fight against the current lords of hell – Belial and Azmodan. The Nephalem travels along with a woman named Leah, and an angel named Tyrael, in order to defeat these great demons and trap their souls in the Black Soulstone. The Black Soulstone is a powerful magical stone that contains the souls of five other greater demons (including Diablo) at the beginning of Diablo 3.

Belial rules over the Realm of Lies in hell. He specializes in the act deception. He is able to summon demons like the Veiled Sentinels and Velied Evokers.

Azmodan is a frightening  demon who rules over the Realm of Sin. He has attacks like laser eyes and falling corpses.

A minor boss you’ll fight before Azmodan is named Cydaea. Cydaea is a spider like demon consort of Azmodan. She is one of the seven Sin Lieutenants of Azmodan.

Cydaea, often called the Maiden of Lust.

The Nephalem can use various weapons to fight these demons. The weapons you can use depend on which class of character you choose. Each weapon has damage, speed, and some of them have magic properties. One of the classes is called a Demon Hunter who uses various ranged weapons and projectiles to take down their enemies.

 The Demon Hunters' family was butchered by demons which shattered their mind and set them on the path of vengeance.

Diablo III - Demon Hunter Trailer

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