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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

10. Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell

Saints Row games often have some of the most creative and fun weapons, as well as a funny story.

Gat out of hell is a standalone expansion to Saints Row IV. The game starts off with the Saints playing a game of Ouija Board and accidentally summoning Satan who drags their boss into hell. The player can play as either Gat or Kinzie to try and rescue their boss from the depths of hell.

The main antagonist in the game is Satan.  The player confronts him multiple times throughout the game. Satan wants to marry his daughter to someone, which is the main reason he drags The Boss to hell.

Satan drags The Boss to hell in order to marry him to his daughter Jezebel.

There are also many different types of common enemies like Tragedy demons, Bro demons, Imps and Shadow demons.

Johnny Gat Fighting a Tragedy demon.

A strong brute type of demon is a Legionnaire. Legionnaires have super jumping and running abilities. They deal very high damage and attack mostly with their fists. The Legionnaires are the second strongest Satan’s demons.

Johnny being attacked by Legionnaires. He is sitting on one of the „seven sin“ weapons.

The seven sin weapons are powerful weapons you will earn while progressing through the game. They each represent one of the seven deadly sins. The weapon shown on the picture above is named the “Armchair-a-geddon”. Another one of the seven weapons is called Uriels Edge, which is a fiery sword that represents the sin of envy.

Johnny wielding the fiery Uriels Edge.

Much like the previous Saints Row games, this one has lots of cool and weird weapons to choose from. One of the most prominent innovations in this game is the “angelic flight” ability which allows the player to fly.

Johnny using the angelic flight ability.

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