The Best Devil May Cry Female Characters (Ranked)

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The actual most beautiful women ever

Want to find out who DMC "best girl" is?

It’s no secret that Devil May Cry has its fair share of badass women that rival more iconic ones like Lara Croft. Since the first game, they’ve introduced women who we know for a fact take demons out with a single look.

Each woman has a signature weapon and style that with one glance at its silhouette, you immediately know who it is. They have their own distinct color palettes and fighting styles that make them all unique characters in their own ways. Some even have such interesting backstories that make them iconic.

Unfortunately, the badass DMC women I’ll be talking about here won’t be including the epic bosses we know and love (sorry Nevan fans). I also won’t be including lore heavy women like Eva who already has a lovely spot as the best woman in all of the DMC franchise (since she did give birth to the two characters who make up the whole game series).

6. Kat | DmC: Devil May Cry

Kat being one of the most useful characters in the entire game

Kat is one of the newer entries into the whole Devil May Cry franchise, but she sure has left a mark. Known as Dante’s confidante in all of DmC: Devil May Cry, Kat is a good-hearted and caring woman who wants to make sure every mission is carried out properly. 

She makes for such a good contrast to the main characters of Dante and Vergil, and is mostly the voice of reason whenever they fight. She also has her own set of tips and tricks that are so important in making sure the Resistance’s plans go smoothly.

I think Kat is a great character, and a breath of fresh air in an otherwise damp game. Her character design overall is simple, but effective. It fits the whole aesthetic while making sure she still looks feminine. Her face model is cute yet unique, which also adds an extra set of flavor to the overall character design.

Some people have called her completely useless and that she only exists for fanservice, but I think we have to give her some credit. She fulfills her role completely and does the best she can with the story and the direction of her character.

Let’s just ignore the fact that her canister that helps in teleportation is made out of weird things.

What’s awesome about Kat:

  • She always has her teleportation canister ready
  • She keeps calm in most situations that usually get people to panic
  • She serves as the voice of reason for the two boys in the game
  • Who doesn’t like a girl who vaguely resembles Raven from the Teen Titans?

5. Lucia | Devil May Cry 2

 The most gorgeous redhead you've ever seen

Lucia is arguably the one character in the franchise that not a lot of people remember. This is so unfortunate considering she’s a great character (despite being in the game that no one wants to talk about). The thing that puts her at a rank above Kat is her combat ability. She’s a great warrior that serves as a great partner to Dante for a time.

She’s such an important character to the second installation of the Devil May Cry series because she essentially puts the whole story into motion. She asks Dante to help her take down the evil businessman (who shall not be named), on the advice of her mother. This begins the whole DMC 2 game and creates one of the worst gaming experiences to date.

Nonetheless, Lucia is independent from the game design and mechanics.

Speaking of design, hers is a breath of fresh air, especially considering the time she was released. She’s a darker skinned woman with flaring crimson hair that definitely catches your eye. She sports a crop top with a tight pair of pants, topped off with an epic-looking scarf-like cover. There’s nothing not to love about how cool yet comfortable her outfit looks.

It’s great to see that despite a bad game, people don’t think she’s a bad character. It all boiled down to how they wanted her character to be like and the game that she was in. She’s an overall okay character that’s a great addition to the roster.

What’s awesome about Lucia:

  • A head full of flaming red hair
  • Epic outfit that has become a DMC signature
  • Weapons that are only unique to her (cutlasses)

4. Kyrie | Devil May Cry 4 & 5

Our favorite Sparda bloodline love interest (next to Eva of course)

We now move on to the women of Devil May Cry that have the most impact on both the protagonists of their games, and the lore of the whole universe. First up we have Kyrie, our beloved cinnamon roll that loves and cares for everyone close to her.

She is Nero’s lover and Credo’s sister, and acts like both in the kindest way possible. Out of all of the women on this list, she is actually the most kind and caring one. She takes care of everyone around her, from the common people in Fortuna, to the newly introduced Nico. She was even preparing dinner once for all three of them in the opening scene of DMC 5.

It’s also a nice touch that Kyrie serves as the comfort character that makes sure all other characters are happy and satisfied. We can see this when Nero calls her from time to time while he’s on the Qliphoth tree. She is a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold.

Her character design in DMC 4 is simple yet elegant. She wears a simple white dress with a few black and gold accents, accompanied with black boots. Her hair is a light red-orange color and is usually tied into a ponytail. Nero even gives her a necklace which she always wears wherever she goes. 

Unfortunately, unlike the other characters, we don’t really see her in any new outfits or models in DMC 5. She is just a disembodied voice that we have all come to know and love.

What’s awesome about Kyrie: 

  • Kyrie is known for her innate motherly instincts
  • She isn’t just your average, run-off-the-mill damsel in distress
  • She has her own strengths, even if it isn’t in fighting or combat

3. Trish | Devil May Cry 1, 4 & 5

Trish taking the top spot as a lightning goddess

In relation to the lore of the whole universe, people have a love-hate relationship with Trish. She was created by Mundus to resemble Dante and Vergil’s deceased mother. This was to essentially throw off the Devil Hunter and get him to lower his guard. Impressively, this didn’t work the way Mundus had hoped. Now, both her and Dante now share an unbreakable bond.

Trish is actually fashioned after Beatrice in the original Dante Alighieri’s Inferno book. Beatrice was the unrequited love Dante had for many years. In their video games, this is very different. Dante doesn’t pine for Trish the way Alighieri does for Beatrice. They don’t have anything romantic (excluding the Fanfictions), which people have been fighting over for many years.

Trish has gone through some major look changes all throughout her career in the DMC franchise. She starts off with her plank-like blonde hair and signature black tube top and leather pants. Then in 4, she disguises herself as an eccentric tanned-skinned woman named Gloria. She did this to get some information on the Holy Order in Fortuna. 

Now, we have the gorgeous Ariana Diamant as her face model in DMC 5. She still sports the same tube top and leather pants that she’s always had. But to be honest, despite being absolutely stunning in the fifth installation, I still liked her DMC 4 look the best. There was just something about her slick-back hair that screamed revolutionary to me.

Trish is known to use the Devil Sword Sparda coupled with her lightning powers. Although she was a demon created with all these superhuman abilities, she still seems like someone I could actually befriend. Her appearance in the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game also highlights all of these abilities and shows us what Trish is really capable of.

What’s awesome about Trish: 

  • She’s a tall, blonde bombshell that isn’t stereotypically clumsy
  • She has epic lightning powers that she can wield at will
  • She has complete control over the Devil Sword Sparda that no other DMC companion has

2. Nicoletta Goldstein (Nico) | Devil May Cry 5

 The one and only, multitalented, mind-blowingly gorgeous Nico

Nico is the newest addition to our roster of memorable, iconic and badass characters that have come out from the Devil May Cry franchise. She perfectly fits the tone of the whole game while adding her own little flair.

She is the young lady in charge of the van’s “forge” and makes all sorts of things - the most notable being the Devil Breakers. Nico is a talented woman with sick tattoos and an unmatchable personality. Sometimes, her energy is so through the roof that I get a headache. 

Nonetheless, Nico is a great new addition and hopefully a mainstay like the other girls on here.

She’s a crazy woman who drives her van around coming from the weirdest places. It’s amazing she hasn’t been charged for damages to property a couple of times already. Even if she does almost smash her entire van through different walls, at least she gets the job done.

Lore-wise, she’s already so rich in that department despite being a fairly new character. Her grandmother was the late Nell Goldstein who crafted Dante’s ever-iconic guns, Ebony and Ivory. Her father, on the other hand, wasn’t as noble. He was the c-c-c-crazy Agnus that was known for being a joke character more so than an actual threat.

Her actual character design though is almost nothing like we’ve seen before. It’s a unique combination that gives Nico her own aesthetic. She sports a crop top that could turn into a full jacket if she wanted. She accompanies this with her leather boots, denim shorts, and red glasses. Oh, and don’t forget her jaw-dropping tattoos that rival even those of V’s.

What’s awesome about Nico:

  • Cute, iconic, unique, and overall badass
  • Her red glasses and technological talents are to die for
  • She can create Devil Breakers from nothing but scraps from defeated enemies
  • She’s one hell of a driver

1. Lady (Mary) | Devil May Cry 3, 4 & 5 

 Hands-down, without a doubt, DMC's pizza-eating best girl

Let’s be honest here shall we? I think we can all agree that Lady is actually “best girl”. She has all the qualities that make her the franchise’s leading lady. Yes, we can argue that it should be Trish, but there’s just something about Lady and her relationship to the main characters that makes her so different.

If we consider her lore, she’s known Dante since they were teenagers. That’s about three to four whole decades of friendship with Dante alone. As much as she’d love to deny it, she cares about him and what he stands for. No, I’m not trying to start a shipping war (although that ship has sailed long ago, get it?).

She has so much going for her from her torn past, the way she carries herself, and all the things she’s been through to get to the point that she’s in. Lady is a strong, feisty woman with talents and skills that can send even our favorite Devil Hunter flying. 

She’s an expert gunsmith that has more than a few tips and tricks up her sleeves. She has her very iconic and beloved Kalina Ann that works wonders. It serves as a rocket launcher, a piercing weapon, and if you’re creative enough, an actual grenade. It was named after her late mother that we all know genuinely loved her lunatic father, Arkham.

Lady was given the birth name Mary which she forsook in an attempt to sever her ties with her murdering father. She only wanted to have a happy family, which Arkham himself severed, so now, she’s seeking retribution for what he’s done. Apparently, family relations aren’t a very pleasant thing in DMC. Now I completely understand why Vergil had to stab himself.

Her character design through the years hasn’t changed that much either. Some pieces here and there have been replaced, but the overall aesthetic and color is still evident. She sports different white tops in all iterations while changing the lower half - but most of the time it’s just a pair of shorts and long boots. 

She still keeps her signature black, short, unkempt hair. No matter how you look at her, every design is eye-catching and screams Lady. A defining trait in her design is her heterochromia with one eye green while the other red. This is a great way to identify the Lady we all know and love.

What’s awesome about Lady:

  • She’s a badass gunsmith that kicks ass and takes names
  • Her design, most notably the heterochromia, is to die for
  • She’s a fun, carefree spirit, amidst the past trauma and heartaches
  • She’s been a great friend to Dante over the years they’ve known each other

These girls are sure to pack a punch no matter what game they're in. We should all go out for a ladies' night out with them one time. If you’re interested in reading up on more Devil May Cry / Hack and Slash stuff:

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