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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

5. DOOM (2016)

The main protagonist of the Doom series is often referred to as the Doomguy.

Doom 4 will be an origin story set on Mars where the UAC facility is being invaded by demons from hell. These demons were constructed from failed UAC experiments. The game begins with Doom Marine waking up and trying to find the source of the demonic invasion, as well as preparing himself to face these demons. Some weapons will be making a return in the new game such as the BFG 9000 shotgun as well as numerous melee weapons.

The game will feature some of the enemies from the previous games. One of these is the Revenant. The Revenant is one of the most iconic demons from the Doom franchise and looks amazing in the new game engine.

The Revenants are dangerous in both long and short range fighting. Their mounted rockets allow them to quickly diminish your health.

Another character making a return will be the Imp. The Imp has a spiky body and throws fire balls. He is also a very agile demon.

An Imp being destroyed.

The Mancubus is a large demon with green eyes and sharp yellow fangs. Its hands are replaced with flamethrowers which can produce large fireballs. A demon named the Cacodemon will also be in the game. This is a flying head demon with a large mouth. It attacks either by biting or spitting plasma balls.

The Mancubus was first introduced in the second installment of the Doom series.

Cacodemons make an eerie hissing noise the first time they detect the player.

The new Doom will have the protagonist, Doom Marine, go through hordes of demons with all kinds of crazy melee weapons and guns.

But nothing can make you more excited about this game than seeing this:

DOOM - Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

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