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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

4. DmC: Devil May Cry (2013)

Dante goes on a quest to destroy all demons in order to avenge his mother's death.

Devil May Cry is a very popular franchise centered on demons, angels and Nephilim. The Nephilim is an offspring of an angel and a demon. The story follows a character named Dante. Dante and Vergil are the only Nephilim left alive because the others were destroyed by demons fearing their unstoppable power. The game takes place in Limbo through which Dante must fight his way by using his weaponry and special abilities.

The first boss you’ll encounter is a spider like demon named The Hunter. He is one of many demons employed by Mundus, the demon king, to kill Dante.

The Hunter uses a large knife and a grappling claw to pull enemies in.

Ravagers are a common type of enemy. They are very tough demons with a chainsaw for one arm. The Bathos are flying baby demons using crossbows and timed explosives to attack.

Dante fighting a Bathos.

Lilith is Mundus’ mistress and is carrying Mundus’ spawn. Mundus’ spawn is a large baby demon with a green third eye that lives inside of Lilith. Lilith and Mundus’ spawn are inseparable and you’ll need to fight them together.

You must fight Lilith and Mundus' Spawn in order to take Lilith as a hostage and exchange her for Kat, a girl that is a friend of Dantes, and serves as a guide through most of the game.

Dante uses a variety of melee weapons, firearms and special abilities which you’ll gradually claim as you progress through the story. You slowly get in touch with both the angel and demon part of yourself while you fight Mundus’ forces.

Mundus – The king of demons. He watches over the entire city through the monitors in his office.

DmC Devil May Cry Cinematic Trailer

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