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Will You Survive?! ...Probably Not.

6. Airdrops - You Sponsor Yourself

Happy Birthday!

Remember sponsors from the Hunger Games? Remember how completely unfair it was that some contestants got mid-game advantages over others? We have that in The Culling too!

Unlike in the Hunger Games, though, your goal isn't to impress some nameless CEO watching the games for a game-winning bottle of cure-all acne cream. In The Culling, you as the player have to earn that acne cream with F.U.N.C, which you gather by killing other contestants, unleashing poison in a certain area, or finding the bloody remains of past contestants.

Unlike the Hunger Games, you get to decide what you want in that sweet crate falling from the sky. Every player selects their airdrop before the beginning of the match, and you start with some basic ones already unlocked, in addition to a “Surprise Me!” crate.

Whenever you open a new airdrop mid-match, it's permanently unlocked in your airdrop selection screen. So choosing Surprise Me! enough to unlock an entire peanut gallery of new airdrops isn't a half-bad idea.

Why get an airdrop though? Why not sprint around the arena, foaming at the mouth, killing everyone in your wake?

Well, one, that's hard, and a lot of work. Two, instead of slaughtering everyone right off the bat, you could let everyone kill each other, while a nice shiny gun is falling from the sky with your name on it.

All airdrops are named, giving hints as to what awaits you inside.

The “Carjacker” drops a crowbar (Tier 2), and a remote explosive for 75 F.U.N.C. Meanwhile, the crate simply titled “Sniper” drops a sniper rifle and a claymore for 175 F.U.N.C. It may seem expensive, but a gun in The Culling can make all the difference if you know how to aim it.


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