[Top 10] The Hunger Games Best Scenes Worth Watching Again

Katniss, Peeta, Parade, tribute
Katniss and Peeta with their flaming costumes in the Tribute Parade

Have you ever considered watching The Hunger Games? Ever? It had to come across your mind at least once. 

Well, let me tell you that it is worth it! This article specifically talks about the best and most watch-worthy scenes in The Hunger Games.

Hopefully, with this article, I can bring you to the Hunger Games side… get it? Like the dark side but it's about… you get it. Anyway, here they are!


10. Katniss and Peeta Reaping Scene


 The Number 10 spot belongs to…drumroll… the Reaping Scene! This scene opens up with Effie Trinket, who is a higher authority figure, about to select, as she puts it, “one courageous man and woman”, to be the representative of District 12 in the 74th Annual Games. She proceeds to go to a huge ball full of the girls' names. 

She strategically pulls one out and walks to the mic to call out the name on the paper. The name is none other than Katniss’s sister, Primrose Everdeen. Eyes are searching around to see who Primrose is. 

While that’s happening Prim is silently freaking out. She gets pushed towards the stage, and she slowly and hesitantly walks forward. Katniss Everden starts screaming no, as her little sister is walking towards inevitable death. 

In big sister fashion, and a panic, Katniss starts volunteering to take Prim’s place. Prim doesn’t want her to, but it is done.

I can honestly say I can relate to what Katniss bravely did. She made sure to keep her sibling safe, and as a big sister myself, I would too. This scene is an emotional one, but it is a very important scene. 

Peeta’s name is pulled next for the boy tribute to be picked. Peeta ends up not having anyone to volunteer in his place. He slowly makes his way to the stage to stand there opposite Katniss. 

It can be a tear-jerker, but I think it is also a good brave scene that makes people feel confident. There are many great reasons to love this scene, some of which are the following:

The kids bravely take on the chance of being drafted for The Hunger Games.

Primrose tries to not move forward as she is being pushed up to the stage.

Katniss breaks through the security guards that were blocking her path

Katniss Volunteering for tribute, which saved Prim’s life for another year.

The entire District 12, does their respect sign and whistle when Katniss is announced as the new female tribute, and Peeta is also announced as the male tribute.


9. The Games Begin Scene


This is the beginning of the Games. Such an important scene, but it honestly deserves this number 9 spot.

It starts with the Games staff counting down the timer and the tributes are all ready to make a run for it. In the middle of the Hunger Games is the Cornucopia filled with survival supplies and a ton of torturous weapons. 

As the camera pans through the people watching at home, you can see a clear difference in The Capital people cheering and having parties, and then all the other districts are nervous and anxious, waiting to see if their kid(s) make it.  I have also noticed that the Capital is all the rich people and their kids aren’t a part of the Hunger Games name drawings… ever. Hmmm, it is their government after all. 

Gale can’t take the fact that his lifetime best friend was thrown into the Games, so he sits in the field he and Katniss would always sit and talk in. I get it, Gale. It is nerve-racking when you know someone you love is in danger and you can’t help them.

In the Games though, the countdown is almost over, and Katniss spots a silver bow and arrows shining in the hot sun. It sits in the middle of the Cornucopia, just beckoning her towards them.

Peeta sees her looking at the bow and as soon as she turns her gaze towards him, he urgently shakes his head no. The countdown ends and everyone rushes to the middle, except Peeta heads straight into the woods.

Katniss starts to follow him, but she pauses and looks at the Cornucopia and everyone that is already dying. She spots a bag of supplies that no one is around at that moment and rushes for it.

As all intense scenes go, she trips and falls when she is trying to run into the woods after grabbing the survival bag. A guy almost gets her, when Clove kills him with a throwing knife. Clove then goes for Katniss but Katniss blocks the throwing knife with the bag.

Clove charges at her, but Katniss quickly gets to her feet and sprints into the woods as fast as she can. As she enters the woods, she quite literally runs into Foxface. Foxface is a ginger-haired, fair-skinned teenager, and she's got freckles. 

 After the fall, they both look at each other with the same amount of fear in their eyes. They get up and run in opposite directions.

This whole scene has everyone on the edge of their seats, especially because:

If any one of those tributes steps off the pods they all start on before the countdown is over… KABOOM! They will be blown sky-high. That wouldn’t be an ideal situation, but this whole movie isn’t exactly the ideal situation.

The beginning is an entire bloodbath when the tributes are finally able to leave their pods.

Katniss has a few close calls in this scene.


8. Katniss and Gale in the Meadow Scene


 Although this is a long scene to watch, I believe it is very important to be on this Top 10 list. It shows the hardship that Katniss’s District,12, goes through. Katniss goes to the woods to kill and sell fresh meat so she can get money to make sure she, her mom, and her sister can survive. 

  She spots a deer in the perfect range for her to shoot and kill it pretty easily. Before she can shoot it, her best friend Gale asks what she plans on doing with it once she kills it. Doing this, resulted in the deer being spooked, and Katniss losing her perfectly good deer.

  Now I don’t know about you, but I would have waited for her to take the shot, but maybe that’s just me. It was kinda funny though, I’m not going to lie.

  Towards the end of this scene, Gale shows Katniss that he got fresh bread. She asked if it was real, astonished he even got some. He said it better be because it cost him a squirrel. If I could get some freshly baked bread just for one squirrel, I would be set where I am. They are everywhere.

 I think the parts that top this scene though are:

Gale throws the stone towards the tree startling a flock of birds for Katniss to shoot.

A pretty important, and serious, part of this scene that I didn't mention in the above paragraphs is when a capital hovercraft, slowly went past them, but they were out of sight.

The last part I think deserves a shout-out in this scene, is when Katniss asks Gale how many times his name had to be put into the drawing for the males. He had to put his name in 42 times. That's crazy! I couldn’t imagine the feeling of having to put my name in for my potential death 42 times. I know he was feeling terrible.


7. Katniss looks for Peeta and Death of Foxface Scene


This scene needs a spot on this list. I have to admit, I did like Foxface, but as the world works, it was survival of the fittest, and Foxface indeed was NOT the fittest. She died from eating Nightlock berries that, believe or not, Peeta picked! 

Foxface stalked Peeta, so she could steal his food, and she didn't even stop to think that maybe he didn't know what he was picking.

We learn when Katniss hears Foxface’s death cannon and thinks it was for Peeta. She slaps those berries out of his hands fast and screams at him for even thinking they were okay to eat.

Just think, if Foxface didn’t eat the poisonous berries, Peeta would have. I honestly don’t know if Katniss would be ab;e to handle it if Peeta accidentally ate those berries and died.

There’s a lot to take out of this scene, but these take the cake:

Katniss wants to hunt for food because they ran out. So she goes looking for something.

Peeta wants to help with food, and he spots a berry bush and gullibly thinks they are good to eat.

Foxface follows the wrong tribute and ends up dead.

Katniss screams at Peeta for almost dying, and then hugs him very tightly because she just almost lost him.


6. Clove’s Death Scene


This is an intense one for sure. Emotions for all tributes in this scene are high. I can feel their adrenaline through the screen every time I watch this movie. The scene starts with Katniss peering through some bushes that are hiding her from plain view. 

She sees the table that has all the packs, the government announced that they put them there. This is called The Feast. She decides to make a run for the bag because Peeta needs the medical supplies in it. She stops almost as quickly as she started.

Foxface sprints to the table before Katniss could make it into the clearing. Katniss watches as Foxface disappears into the woods, bag in hand.

Katniss now takes her chance to get the bag marked with her district number. As she tries to escape, Clove comes around the corner and throws a knife at Katniss. She falls to the ground to dodge the knife, but it did manage to cut her forehead a little. 

Clove gets on top of her and they start to struggle on the ground. Clove tries to stab Katniss but Katniss keeps dodging. Eventually, Clove gets on top and holds a knife to Katniss’s throat. 

She asks where Peeta is and starts taunting her about how her group killed Rue and now she is going to do the same to her. She takes a throwing knife out and traces Katniss’s jawline with it.

As soon as Clove lifts her arm to stab Katniss, Thresh grabs her and throws her up against the Cornucopia, and holds her tightly by the throat. He asks if she killed Rue. She quickly says no, then screams for Cato. 

Thresh repeats saying you killed her and throws her twice into the Cornucopia, hard enough to break her neck and kill her. He looks at Katniss and says, “Just this once 12, for Rue”, and runs off. Literal chills. 

He saves Katniss because she made sure Rue’s death was noticed. More parts of this scene are:

Katniss only came to get the supplies because Peeta got severely hurt in the scene(s) before this one.

Katniss could have easily shot Foxface and taken her pack too, but that would have given up her hiding place.

Clove made a couple of mistakes that cost her life. One was taunting Katniss about Peeta and Rue, and two she wanted to make her death a slow and painful one. If she just killed her fast and quick, she and Cato probably would have won. 


5. Get People To Like Your Scene


Oh, this scene for sure makes the Top 5. It is such an eye-opening scene for Katniss. Haymitch is Katniss and Peeta’s mentor.

Mentors are previous Hunger Game victors, people who have been put through this terrible and traumatic event and won. Each district has one mentor for the two tributes chosen. Haymitch is District 12’s victor, and now he has to advise the new young tributes so they can survive. 

Except for the problem with Haymitch he's an alcoholic. So he isn't exactly giving them any sound advice, which irritates Katniss. She asks how to find shelter and Haymitch completely ignores the question and asks for the jam instead,

Katniss asks her question again and Haymitch is still asking for the jam. He reaches his hand across the table to get what I presume is the jam, and Katniss stabs a knife in between his fingers. The blade almost touches his skin.

Haymitch proceeds to inform Katniss that the main way to survive is to get people to like her. He then tells her she’s not off to a great start. Peeta then spots the Capital building and the next sequence of event happen:

The train approaches the capital

Peeta sees all the people waving at the slow-moving train and waves back.

Haymitch tells Katniss she should keep the knife she used because Peeta knows what he's doing.


4. Rule Change Scene


Saying this scene is emotional is under-selling it. Maybe I’m just super emotional, but this scene makes me ugly cry every time I see it. This scene sends such a powerful message. A message that tells their Government that they can’t just change laws and rules whenever they want. 

Katniss knew what she was doing with that NightLock. She knew if they made it look like they would rather die together than only one of them winning, the people in charge of the Games would stop them. They didn’t want to look bad in front of everyone watching.

She’s got balls and she's shown it. 

This emotional scene has many rollercoaster points:

The beginning part of this scene is when the person in charge decided they wanted to change the new rule they had put in place just days before. 

The government officials state they no longer want both people from the same party to win and only one winner is allowed now.

After they pretend they were going to both die, they decide both are winners now.


3. Rue’s Death Scene


 Guys, I know what you are thinking. “Why is Rue’s death on a Top 10 Must Watch Again article?”

I’ll tell you why. Simply because this scene is one of the absolute most important scenes in the first movie. It is brought up multiple times in the 2nd Hunger Games movie. 

Rue dying is also one of the main reasons Katniss is fighting the government. Rue shouldn’t have died and none of those other kids should have either. 

Katniss is crushed by Rue’s death because they became close fast. Katniss sings to Rue while her life drifts away. After Rue passes, Katniss kisses her forehead and closes her eyes.

I am always absolutely crushed by this entire scene, but here’s how it went:

Rue gets trapped by a rigged net and screams for Katniss to help her.

Katniss frees her and they hug tightly because they were afraid they were gonna lose each other. 

Some guy spears Rue in the stomach but Katniss quickly shoots an arrow through his heart.

One part that isn't shown in this particular video that I think is also important to note is that Katniss shows the government that they are responsible for Rue’s death by covering her body and wound with yellow, purple, and white flowers. Which ultimately made Rue look like she was sleeping in a meadow as she sang in the song.


2. Shooting The Apple Scene


 It was a tough decision to make if I should put this at number 1 or number 2, just because of how incredible Katniss is in this scene. She goes in for her evaluation and to show the judges her “special skill”. She picks up the bow which, as all seasoned and hardcore fans of The Hunger Games know, is the main weapon and an important part of Katniss. 

 She introduces herself and her district, walks up to the targets, takes her arm, and shoots. She unfortunately misses. The judges laugh at her, and we can agree that is irritating. 

She shrugs the laughs off and tries again. She shoots and this time, she pierces the target in the chest. She smirks and looks over at the judges, and they are not paying any attention. She gets angry that they just missed her perfect chest shot.

She looks around the area where the judges were talking about the pig that just came into the room. She spots the apple in the cooked pig’s mouth. She takes the chance to pick up an arrow, quickly loads it into her bow, focuses on the apple, pulls back the bow string, and lets go. 

The arrow hits the apple and pins it to the wall. Guys, she barely missed all the judges. They stare at her in shock and disbelief that she would even think of doing that.

What I found to be the best parts of this scene are:

Katniss decided to take the second shot, instead of walking away when she missed the first shot.

Katniss showed she meant business when she shot the apple out of the pig’s mouth.

Katniss bowed and said “Thank you for your consideration”, after almost shooting the judges. What a boss move. 


1. Training Scene


This scene takes place in the training room. All of the tributes come here to train before actually being thrown into their death sentence. A Lot goes on in this small scene, especially the main part that I think deserves a shout-out. The part where Cato accuses another boy tribute of stealing his knife. Cato confronts the boy he is so convinced has it, and almost starts a fight, which is the only rule in the training room. No fighting with the other tributes. C’mon Cato, you had one rule.

After Cato and the boy are removed from the training room so they don't fight, we find out that Rue stole it!  Little Rue used her special skill, which was climbing, to take Cato’s knife. My favorite character for this reason. Starting fights and pulling pranks. She is simply amazing. 

What I just described is exactly why this scene has the number 1 spot. There is no better fitting number for this. Although there are other great reasons for this to be top of the list like:

Being able to learn, and if their memory ability serves them well in time of need, maybe they can memorize some herbs and/or simple survival skills.

They also have an art area, where you can try to learn how to camouflage with mud and other natural items, but honestly, this skill is not easy to learn in just a couple of days. You have to be artistic in some ways to pull this off.

There are those monkey bars in this scene to help the tributes with arm strength.

There are just so many parts of this scene that are so worthy of watching again and again.

This entire movie is honestly so worthy of watching over and over again. It is such a great Sci-Fi movie about heartache and hardships. It shows that standing up for what is right, is always the way to go no matter the outcome. 


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