[Top 10] Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Best Scenes

Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban Best Scenes
The one with the dementors.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban marks a turn within the series. The lighthearted and innocent tone apparent in the first two movies begins to fade. Darker themes and creatures, like the dementors, set this movie apart from the earlier films, making it a favorite for many. The Harry Potter movies knew how to grow with its audience, and that is exactly what this movie did. So, whether you’re refreshing your memory or wanting to relive some of your favorite moments, let’s take a look at some of the best moments from the third installment of the franchise.

10. Harry “Blows Up” is Aunt

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban | Full Movie Preview | Warner Bros. Entertainment

One of the most memorable starts to the Harry Potter movies comes from the third installment. We can all feel Harry’s frustration whenever Marge keeps saying horrible things about his parents, but what follows is completely unexpected.

Out of anger, Harry unintentionally uses magic to inflate his Uncle's sister like a balloon. Not only does she increase in size, but she begins to float as if she were filled with helium. Unfortunately for her, she bounces through the opened doors and continues up and up into the sky. 

This scene is hilarious and we get to see a different form of magic that we haven’t seen Harry use since the first movie. Witches and wizards are able to use magic without wands, but it is uncontrollable and usually only works when emotions are high. For Harry, that emotion is anger.

Even so, Marge deserved it and thankfully Harry doesn’t get in trouble for using magic by accident. 

Aunt Marge after being blown up like a balloon. 

9. The Knight Bus

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Knight Bus scene

So far, we have only seen a few modes of transportation in the wizarding world, so getting to see a wizarding bus is pretty cool.

This double-decker bus, the Knight Bus, weaves its way through Little Winging and the surrounding area unseen. It uses magic to narrowly avoid collisions. For instance, in one scene, the bus uses magic to stretch vertically in size and squeeze between two other buses.

And boy, was Harry in for a bumpy ride. He somehow manages to leave with his nose and glasses intact. Any scene that introduces new aspects of the wizarding world is great, especially when done with a comedic twist. 

Harry trying to stay up right on the Knight Bus.

8. Dementor Attacks Harry

Dementors Attack The Hogwarts Express | Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The greatest thing you can fear is fear itself.

Dementors are introduced near the beginning of the movie. By now, we know a man named Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban, and the guards of Azkaban-- the dementors-- are after him. They board the Hogwarts Express in search of Black, but one comes across Harry instead.

The dementors feed on fear and souls. The dementor tries to suck out Harry’s soul but, lucky for him, they were in the same train compartment as the newest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Remus Lupin. Lupin uses a spell to repel the dementor and save Harry.

Dementors are terrifying. They bring a much darker and heavier tone to the movies that didn’t exist in the first two. Their hunt for Black and Harry’s recurring encounters shows that there is more to fear in this world than just dark wizards.

A dementor opening the door to Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s compartment on the train.

7.  Riding Buckbeak

Harry Potter Meets With Buckbeak

We’ve been introduced to a few of the creatures in the wizarding world, like the house elves, but now we get to see more of the beautiful and fantastical beasts at Hogwarts.

Buckbeak is a Hippogriff, half bird and half horse. He is a proud creature that must be shown respect. During Harry’s first Care of Magical Beast class with Hagird, he meets Buckbeak.

After passing the hippogriff’s test of respect, Hagird decides this is a great time for Harry to ride the hippogriff. Hagrid sets Harry on Buckbeak’s back and he takes off. Harry, terrified at first, finally overcomes his fear when he sees the beauty of the castle and the lake from the sky. 

This scene is magical. Riding on a magical creature over a school for magic is probably every potterhead’s dream. The beauty and freedom of the wizarding world that this moment holds makes it a favorite moment for many fans. 

Harry riding Buckbeak over the Black Lake.

6.  Learning Riddikulus 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Remus Lupin's "boggart" class (HD)

What would you do if you came face to face with your greatest fear? For many in the wizarding world, that is a possibility. Open the wrong wardrobe and you might just see your worst nightmare.

Boggarts are shape-shifters that will take on the form of its victim’s greatest fear. The only way to defeat this creature is by laughing at it, making Riddikulus the perfect spell to use against it. During Lupin’s Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson, he introduces the students to this creature and the spell.

Watching people’s fears become something they can laugh at is entertaining, until you come face to face with fear itself. That is exactly what happens when Harry faces the boggart and it becomes a dementor. 

The most memorable moment in this scene is when Lupin steps in the way and his greatest fear is revealed-- the moon. This is a great moment of foreshadowing, since we later learn why he fears the moon so much. 

Harry about to take on the boggart.

5. Harry Pranks Malfoy

Invisible cloak Harry Potter 3 Prisoner of Azkaban avi

Everyone loves when a bully gets what they deserve.

While Draco and his friends are picking at Ron and Hermione, a snowball flies out of the tree line and smacks him in the face. Draco and his friends can’t find the culprit and begin to panic and scramble. Draco’s friends getting pantsed, pushed, and swung around by Harry under his invisibility cloak had us all dying of laughter. 

This scene holds so much joy. Even later, during flashbacks, we see Harry recalling these moments, when he’s laughing with his friends. It's a beautiful moment that holds so much power, since one of the strongest themes in Harry Potter is friendship.

Draco Malfoy looking for whoever keeps throwing snowballs at him.

4. Dodging the Whomping Willow

The Whomping Willow - Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

We’ve already seen the damage the Whomping Willow can do to a car, so hopefully Harry and Hermione were good at dodgeball at their muggle schools.

After Ron is dragged into a hole by Sirius Black at the base of the deadly tree, Harry and Hermione have to dodge the moving branches in order to follow. They get hit and thrown around a few good times, but Hermione isn’t only book smart. She manages to get Harry into the hole and follow after, mostly unscathed. 

This scene is action packed and suspenseful. We don’t know what is happening to Ron, and his friends might not be able to reach him in time because they are fighting a tree. This moment is one of the best because it also shows how intelligent magical objects can be.

Harry and Hermione right before the Whomping Willow hits them.

3. Lupin’s Transformation

Werewolf Scene - Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

We’ve known something is slightly off about Lupin since the beginning. After all, no Defense Against the Dark Arts professor has been normal so far.

There were subtle nods to Lupin’s true identity throughout the film, and leave it to Hermione to connect the dots. Not only are we shown Lupin’s greatest fear, the moon, but Snape also teaches a lesson on werewolves.

It is kind of tragic, seeing someone Harry has grown close to transform into a beast that will kill him and his friends, if given the chance. Although we don’t feel betrayed, because it isn’t as if Lupin wants to hurt his students, it’s still heartbreaking. The transformation within itself looks agonizing, and is a bit more graphic compared to what we have seen so far in the earlier Harry Potter movies.

Professor Lupin after transforming into a werewolf.

2. Harry and Hermione Go Back in Time

Prisoner of Azkaban-Hermione's Secret.

Throughout the film, someone has been watching over the trio, warning and helping them in certain scenes. At first, it seemed almost too convenient.

Just like there were hints about Lupin, there were also hints that Hermione was up to something. She would appear out of nowhere and was taking classes that had conflicting schedules. There’s no way for someone to be in two places at once, right?

As it turns out, it is possible with a time turner. Hermione was given one by McGonagall to attend more than one class at once, and Hermione uses it to go back in time. We watch as time rewinds around her and Harry. Then, as they follow their past selves, everything begins to make sense.

The complexity of time travel and the story in the third film makes it unique compared to the others, so of course it's one of the best scenes. You get to see the climax of the story twice, from two different points of views.

Harry and Hermione about to use the time turner to go back in time.

1. Harry Saves Himself

Harry Potter the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Hermione part 2

When all seems lost, who better to save you than yourself?

Harry is so sure that, when he and Sirius were close to death by the lake, his dad came to save them. He saw the stag on the shore, repelling the dementors. When Harry goes back in time, he watches the events unfold with baited breath, waiting for a hero.

When one never comes, he jumps to cast Expecto Patronum. The powerful wizard that saved himself and Sirius was Harry all along. He finds confidence and channels his happiest memory in the face of despair.                                                                   

Harry casting Expecto Patronum in order to save Sirius and his past self. 


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