[Top 5] EFT Best 9x18 Ammo

Tarkov Best 9X18 ammo

The 9x18 ammo is used in most of the basic pistols and the common Kedr that you can find in most maps. It's important to know that if you decide to use either of these that you choose the best ammo to pair with them.


5. 9x18mm PM SP7 gzh

With a high damage level and a low piercing level, this ammo will destroy anyone without armor but will lack in its ability to hit hard on someone even wearing basic armor. 

9x18mm PM SP7 gzh Is Great For:

  • High damage for a quick end
  • Best chance for light and heavy bleeds
  • Easy to obtain

How to get 9x18mm PM SP7 gzh:

  • Prapor LL2 after Glory to CPSU - Part 1

9x18mm PM SP7 gzh stats:

  • Damage - 77
  • Penetration - 2
  • Armor Damage - 5
  • Fragmentation  - 2%
  • Light Bleed- +25%
  • Heavy Bleed - +10%
  • Heat - (-6.5%)


4. 9x18mm PM RG028 gzh

9x18mm PM RG028 gzh has great damage and higher penetration. It is a good option for scav hunting on maps like shoreline. 

9x18mm PM RG028 gzh Is Great For:

  • Low end bullet for penetration
  • Easy to obtain early in the game 
  • Armor piercing 

How to get 9x18mm PM RG028 gzh:

  • Prapor LL2 

9x18mm PM RG028 gzh stats:

  • Damage - 65
  • Penetration - 13
  • Armor Damage - 26
  • Fragmentation  - 2%
  • Light Bleed- no stats
  • Heavy Bleed - no stats
  • Heat - (-7.7%)


3. 9x18mm PM BZhT gzh

9x18mm PM BZhT gzh is your next best option for damaging armor and armor piercing. Although slightly slower than the 9x15mm PM RG028 gzh, it hits heavier and makes up for it with its high chance for causing bleeding.

9x18mm PM BZhT gzh Is Great For: 

  • Light and heavy bleeds
  • Armor damage
  • Less heat percentage

How to get 9x18mm PM BZhT gzh:

  • Prapor LL2

9x18mm PM BZhT gzh stats:

  • Damage - 53
  • Penetration - 18
  • Armor Damage - 28
  • Fragmentation  - 17%
  • Light Bleed- +15%
  • Heavy Bleed - +10%
  • Heat - (+4.3%)


2. 9x18mm PM PBM gzh

9x18mm PM PBM gzh is the fastest 9x18mm ammo available in the game. It also gets very hot which will tear up your weapon over time and cause misfires. On the other end, It has high damage and penetration. 

9x18mm PM PBM gzh Is Great For:

  • High Damage
  • Very fast
  • Highest in armor piercing

How to get 9x18mm PM PBM gzh:

  • Prapor LL2 after Glory to CPSU - Part 1
  • Workbench LV2

9x18mm PM PBM gzh stats:

  • Damage - 40
  • Penetration - 28
  • Armor Damage - 30
  • Fragmentation  - 16%
  • Light Bleed- no stats
  • Heavy Bleed - no stats
  • Heat - (-14%)


1. 9x18mm PMM PstM gzh

9x18mm PMM PstM gzh is truly a great option. Even with a higher heat %, the damage and armor damage are a great combo for loot runs when you are trying to stay alive. It can also serve its purpose for scav killing for XP. 

9x18mm PMM PstM gzh Is Great For: 

  • Overall high damage with a high speed
  • Moderate heat%
  • Cannot beat the armor damage

How to get 9x18mm PMM PstM gzh:

  • Prapor LL2
  • Workbench LV1

9x18mm PMM PstM gzh stats:

  • Damage - 58
  • Penetration - 24
  • Armor Damage - 33
  • Fragmentation  - 17%
  • Light Bleed- no stats
  • Heavy Bleed - no stats
  • Heat - (+8.3%)


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