[Top 3] Escape From Tarkov Best Beginner Maps

A PMC crossing the river on Customs

3. Customs

To start this list off, we will take a look at Customs. While definitely not the wisest choice for absolute newbies, this map is still brilliant. Its brilliance is created through its easy-to-locate landmarks, plenty of scavs to kill, and tons of loot to find. Navigation is the least of your worries here, simply due to the fact that almost everyone plays this map.

High traffic should be avoided when getting into the game to keep you from “switching off.” New players will be tormented by more experienced players who know the maps by heart and have mastered all of the mechanics. 

The choice is up to you in the end. If you are feeling confident in your abilities to comfortably make your way through this map at the very beginning of your playing experience, then go right ahead. It is how I did it. I can only recommend going with some friends in case you are placed in tense situations that no new player should have to face. especially alone.

What's Great About Customs:

  • Very easy to navigate through landmarks.
  • Plenty of loot available all across the map.
  • Plenty to kill in terms of PvE due to the high amount of scavs.


2. Shoreline

As long as you avoid the health resort, this map is ideal for beginners. For your information, the health resort is in the very centre of the map, so avoiding it is quite doable. You have several other landmarks to loot on this map other than the health resort that can generate a decent sum of revenue for you during your raids. 

Low risk and decent reward are the aim of the game at this moment in time. Especially given that your map knowledge and gameplay ability are most likely nil. Therefore, be sure to use a map and keep those eyes open for anything hostile. 

My advice would be to maneuver to the far west side of the map, by the village and cottages. Your only threat is the possibility of Sanitar spawning, and maybe the occasional player if you are slow. On the plus side, you are right next to the “Tunnel” extract, which leads to a fast and spontaneous extraction right after looting and killing one or two scavs. 

What's Great About Shoreline:

  • Easy to navigate in comparison to other maps.
  • Lots of loose loot available in low-traffic areas.
  • Plenty of scavs to kill.
  • Easy to find extracts. Majority are along the southern road.


1. Interchange

Interchange is another easy-to-navigate map; however, there aren't many real landmarks for you to loot outside of the high-traffic area that is the ULTRA shopping mall. The famous “hidden stash Interchange run” is what you are aiming to do as a part of learning this map.

This stash run, in particular, will take you around the outside of the map, improving your map knowledge of the area surrounding the mall far faster than any other method. Having said that, the loot provided by the stashes is random and struggles to constantly earn decent sums of money. I can assure you that barely anyone does this run these days, as it is undesirable to those who want purely to make loads of money in a short amount of time. Look at the link below and notice what items can spawn within these stashes.


It is a lot to look at, but essentially anything from a pistol grip to a LEDX can spawn inside these stashes. You will earn a linear profit from conducting the run while being safe. You choose safety over profit, guaranteeing progressive income to your PMC. 

What's Great About Interchange:

  • Very rectangular map making it easy to learn and navigate.
  • Loot is safe and easy to find with some experience.
  • Stashes can spawn high-value loot items.

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