[Top 10] Escape From Tarkov Best Beginner Guns

Shturman and his infamous AK-105

10. Simonov OP-SKS 7.62x39 carbine (Hunting Rifle Version) (Good)

See the OP-SKS in action: https://youtu.be/rp6xrS1CsDg

“Molot OP-SKS Carbine is designed for loading with 7.62x39 - the most popular ammunition. The weight and dimensions make the carbine ergonomic for shooters of any age and height. It has been used for all types of traditional Russian hunting for more than 50 years. Tested on predators in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America, Middle East.” 

The OP-SKS is one of Escape from Tarkov’s basic carbines, firing the 7.62x39mm round with deadly precision. This weapon holds 10 rounds of ammunition within its internal box magazine, which the player self-loads by hand. This weapon can be fitted with a range of scopes, either favouring long-distance or close-quarters battle depending on your choice of map.

Conveniently, the weapon is purchasable from Jaegar Level 1. Considering the fact that Jaeger level 1 is surprisingly easy to achieve, especially on the first day of wipe, the SKS is readily presented to beginners. I guarantee you that, especially in the first week of the wipe, you will encounter many players using this weapon and most likely at a distance. Just beware of the 7.62x39mm PS rounds during this stage of the game, as without decent armour you are prone to serious injury from these rounds.


Simonov OP-SKS 7.62x39 carbine stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 155, Horizontal 340
  • Effective distance: 400m
  • Ergonomics: 44
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 40
  • Accuracy (MOA): 2.41
  • Sighting range: 500m


Rating: 70/100


9. Molot VPO-136 "Vepr-KM" 7.62x39 carbine (Good)

See the VPO-136 in action: https://youtu.be/gUYxzwOPDfc 

“The Molot Vepr-KM/VPO-136 carbine is based on the well-known Kalashnikov AKM and has an almost identical appearance, weight, and overall dimensions. Designed for hunting of medium and big game, as well as for sporting use.”

The Molot VPO-136 acts as a more accurate and higher capacity SKS. Both weapons fire the exact same ammunition, yet some could say the VPO-136 is very similar to a Kalashnikov rifle. However it is not a Kalashnikov made weapon. The VPO-136 has marginally greater accuracy, a higher capacity, better customisation, and a higher fire rate.

The price difference between these carbines is minuscule, however, the OP-SKS is a more common weapon. You can purchase a VPO-136 from Skier at level 1. Beginners will experience a learning curve when customising this weapon over the SKS simply due to the options available.

The video above highlights a well equipped version of the VPO-136 that even beginners can create with the correct knowledge and funding. Carbine rifles are just as qualified to kill up close as they are at range, especially if they fire 7.62x39mm. 


Molot VPO-136 “Vepr-KM” 7.62x39 carbine stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 115, Horizontal 273
  • Effective distance: 400m
  • Ergonomics: 44
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 600
  • Accuracy (MOA): 2.37
  • Sighting range: 500m


Rating: 71/100


8. Kalashnikov AKM 7.62x39 assault rifle (Good)

See the AKM in action: https://youtu.be/TTxCnZhwXQw 

“AKM 7.62x39mm - (Avtomát Kaláshnikova Modernizírovanny - Kalashnikovs Automatic Rifle Modernised) - was adopted in 1959 to replace AK as a standard service weapon of the Soviet Army. Main differences compared to AK: enhanced accuracy range, lower weight, new stock, trigger, hammer retarder, muzzle compensator and other design changes aimed at improving the efficiency of the rifle.”

Let's say the AKM is the Molot VPO-136, but fully automatic and slightly more accurate. Being a variant of Kalashnikov's AK series of weapons, the AKM will be appealing and recognisable to newbies.

It is just as customisable as the VPO-136, but due to its firing mode capabilities, it is better suited for close-range encounters. A fully automatic weapon with 7.62x39mm is deadly for early wipe encounters, and as long as you can control its recoil, even at the hip, you will kill your enemies. 


Kalashnikov AK 7.62x39 assault rifle stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 113, Horizontal 269
  • Effective distance: 400m
  • Ergonomics: 40
  • Firing modes: Single, full auto
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 600
  • Accuracy (MOA): 2.3
  • Sighting range: 500m


Rating: 72/100


7. Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle (Good)

See the M4A1 in action: https://youtu.be/d54Xv822uf4 

“The Colt M4A1 carbine is a fully automatic variant of the basic M4 Carbine and was primarily designed for special operations use. However, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) was soon to adopt the M4A1 for almost all special operations units, followed later by general introduction of the M4A1 into service with the U.S. Army and Marine Corps.”

Normally, I would place the Colt M4A1 higher on this list. However, the rating given regards friendliness towards newer players. Several standard M4A1 rifles are provided to players who chose the USEC faction, and are placed into the hideout stash. Otherwise, obtaining this weapon will require a level 2 Peacekeeper trader.

The M4A1 has an incredible firing rate of 800 rounds per minute and is not too difficult to control in full-auto. USEC players have to either use this weapon, the Beretta pistol, or the MP5. Overall, it's still an amazing weapon with good potential ammunition. During the early wipe, M855 ammunition and a high fire rate should work fine against most foes.


Colt M4A1 5.56x45 assault rifle stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 85, Horizontal 232
  • Effective distance: 500m
  • Ergonomics: 52
  • Firing modes: Single, full auto
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 800
  • Accuracy (MOA): 1.91
  • Sighting range: 600m


Rating: 74/100


6. ADAR 2-15 5.56x45 carbine (Great)

See the ADAR 2-15 in action: https://youtu.be/s2QmYrTpGwM 

“The ADAR 2-15 Russian civilian carbine that is based on the design of the AR-15. The carbine is produced in St. Petersburg with use of Israeli components and chrome barrels made by Molot Arms.”

During the extremely early wipe, you will encounter a large number of ADARs. Since the ADAR is available from level 1 Skier, it is a very common weapon. Unlike the M4, the ADAR is fixed in single-fire mode and comes with a 10-round magazine.

However, the M4’s Stanag 30-round magazine is capable of fitting into the ADAR. That is, if you spend a little more money, you will have a higher capacity. The beauty of this weapon for beginners and early wipe players is how controllable, accessible, and cheap it is. Disregard this weapon later in the wipe, as it becomes prey to the higher class meta weapons. 


ADAR 2-15 5.56x45 carbine stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 86, Horizontal 234
  • Effective distance: 500m
  • Ergonomics: 60
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 800
  • Accuracy (MOA): 2.31
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 75/100


5. Mosin 7.62x54R bolt-action rifle (infantry) (Great)

See the Mosin infantry in action: https://youtu.be/7b8BcXGQ4kg 

“Mosin–Nagant is one of the most famous russian rifles, which was commonly used by Russian soldiers during WW2. Developed from 1882 to 1891, it was used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations. It is one of the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history with over 37 million units having been made since 1891. In spite of its age, it has been used in various conflicts around the world up to the present day.”

Do not underestimate the rate of fire of a bolt-action rifle, especially if it's the Mosin Nagant infantry. Deadly accuracy, high penetration power, and high damage output are the name of the game for the Mosin.

The 7.62x54mm ammunition is feared during the early wipe, as barely anyone will have the armour to contest such a bullet. The Mosin is available from Prapor Level 1, with the only downsides being its price and ergonomics. Nonetheless, newer players should opt to master this bolt-action masterclass of a weapon and optimise its crippling firepower to dispose of enemies.


Mosin Infantry stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 206, Horizontal 595
  • Effective distance: 1000m
  • Ergonomics: 12
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 30
  • Accuracy (MOA): 1.31
  • Sighting range: 600m


Rating: 79/100


4. Molot VPO-215 “Gornostay” .366 TKM bolt-action rifle (Great)

See the VPO-215 in action: https://youtu.be/qFyBADzGLf0 

“VPO-215 is a Russian made bolt-action rifle designed for hunting.”

As the official description of the weapon states, the VPO is just a hunting rifle. A dirt-cheap hunting rifle with good potential that is less expensive and easier to use than the Mosin.  The VPO-215 has less penetration power and total damage output due to the .366 caliber ammunition being a weaker round than the 7.62x54mm.

In my opinion, the VPO-215 is easier to use in comparison to the Mosin, and players will feel less restricted with better ergonomics. This weapon is purchasable from level 1 Jaeger, making it extremely accessible. The VPO-215 is simply a cheap, conventional, bolt-action rifle, making it perfect for money runs where you just want a weapon for defence and not offence.


VPO-215 stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 125, Horizontal 286
  • Effective distance: 1000m
  • Ergonomics: 51
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 30
  • Accuracy (MOA): 1.55
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 80/100


3. MP-43-1C 12ga double-barrel shotgun (Great)

See the double-barrel in action:  https://youtu.be/EmagtcU4-gU 

“A hunter's dream. A classic double-barrelled beauty, simple and elegant. Fed with 12 gauge shells.”

Just point and shoot with the MP-43-1C double-barrel shotgun—it’s that easy! Available from Jaeger level 1 for a cheap price, the double-barrel shotgun is one of the perfect weapons to introduce players to shotguns. It is not very customisable but that is besides the point.

12 gauge ammunition in an early wipe scenario is very effective considering the fact that most players will have low level armour. Depending on your approach, you can choose precision rounds with high penetration and damage (slug rounds) or spread rounds with low penetration and high damage (buckshot), and the best part is: It's still pretty cheap.

With the double-barrel shotgun, you can choose single or double fire modes. Meaning, you can fire one barrel at a time or both simultaneously. 


MP-43-1C stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 307, Horizontal 428
  • Effective distance: 100m
  • Ergonomics: 39
  • Firing modes: Single, Double
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 900 
  • Accuracy (MOA): 13.06
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 83/100


2. MP-153 12ga semi-automatic shotgun (Superb)

See the MP-153 in action: https://youtu.be/nQC1wWer3aY 

“Smoothbore multi-shot. MP-153 shotgun, produced by Izhmekh. Reliable and practical hunting and self-defence weapon.”

Imagine the double-barrel with a higher capacity and a higher practical fire rate. I have lost count of how many times I have used this weapon; it's fun, not too pricey, easy to customise and quite insurable. With the correct modifications, this shotgun is highly effective and will scare anyone during the early wipe stage of Tarkov.

You can buy the standard version of this shotgun at level 2 Jaeger, and it comes with a default magazine size of 4. You are capable of buying and equipping a 6-round magazine or even an 8-round magazine for extra capacity.


MP-153 stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 255, Horizontal 328
  • Effective distance: 70m
  • Ergonomics: 35
  • Firing modes: Single 
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 40
  • Accuracy (MOA): 10.31
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 85/100


1. PP-91 “Kedr” 9x18PM submachine gun (Superb)

See the PP-91 in action: https://youtu.be/ckVJ6e7sE3g 

“The PP-91 Kedr SMG was developed in the early 90's by the order of Ministry of Internal Affairs and is now produced at Ziatoust machinery plant (Zlatoustovvskiy Mashinostroitelnyl Zavod ZMZ). At the moment, it is a service weapon of almost all Russian law enforcement forces.”

The PP-91 “Kedr” is a disgusting early wipe submachine gun that produces very high flesh damage. Players can expect a high rate of fire with high damage and low penetration power. Given that the fastest way to kill is either a headshot or a focused spray to a limb, the "leg meta" is a very valid approach for this type of gun.

It is not too pricey and can be bought from Prapor at level 1, along with an array of ammunition. The recoil of the gun suits its submachine gun nature and will allow new players to “spray and pray” with high effect. 


PP-91 “Kedr”  stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 58, Horizontal 211
  • Effective distance: 100m
  • Ergonomics: 68
  • Firing modes: Single, Full Auto
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 900
  • Accuracy (MOA): 8.59
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 88/100

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