[Top 10] Escape From Tarkov Best Items To Sell To Traders

The Therapist

10. DevTac Ronin Ballistic Helmet

The DevTac Ronin Ballistic Helmet is an all-in-one head protector, covering all areas of your head and face. The helmet is armour level 3, and it can be bought from Ragman at level 4 for 146,000 rubles. This helmet can be traded with level 3 Ragman for four screwdrivers, four wrenches, and one M. scissor. 

The approximate price for this item is 103,000 rubles on the flea market. The good news is that you can sell this item to Ragman at any level for 102,245 rubles. In the event you find any of these helmets in raid and wish to sell them, simply sell them to Ragman to avoid the 12,000 ruble flea market fee. 

The trade itself should cost around 86,000 rubles, leaving you with a profit of around 16,000 rubles if you sell directly to traders. 

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9. Bronze lion 

The bronze lion, most commonly found in safes, is a valuable item that brings with it a hefty weight when carrying it. I speak from experience when I say that you really don’t want to carry so many of these items at the same time. 

To finish the "Living High is Not a Crime—Part 1" task, two bronze lions are needed. On top of that, three bronze lions are needed in order to craft the Scav Case in the hideout. This item is very tradeable, having three trades among three traders. 

This item can be sold to Therapist for 102,649 rubles, whereas selling it on the flea market could cost you 4,000 rubles due to the flea market fee. 

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8. Kiba Arms inner grate door key

The Kiba Arms inner grate door key is the second key required in order to open up the Kiba firearms store on Interchange. Costing approximately 100,000 rubles on the flea market, this key opens a decent location for weapon parts and armour.. This key is needed for a subtask within the new quest, "Provocation,” and can be obtained by completing Mechanic’s “Gunsmith—Part 15” task. 

I personally have never seen the true use of this key and don’t believe the loot to be worth your time. Kiba is a risky location to place yourself in, along with the fact that upon opening the Kiba doors, the store sets off an alarm, alerting everyone in your proximity of your whereabouts. 

Selling this key to Therapist can net you a sum of 105,463 rubles, which is a far better result than selling the key on the flea market for roughly 97,000 rubles after flea market fees. 

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7. Portable defibrillator 

The portable defibrillator is a medical supply item that is required to complete two tasks, “Ambulance” and “Crisis.” This item is craftable through medstation level 2 and can be used with an assortment of items to trade with Therapist level 4 for a THICC item case. 

This item can be sold on the flea market for 140,000 rubles or to Therapist for 141,498 rubles. After flea market fees, you will lose 16,500 rubles, so opt for selling this item to Therapist directly to avoid that huge dip in profits. 

This item has nothing too special about it, apart from the fact that it is a decently expensive single slot medical item.

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6. Physical Bitcoin 

The physical bitcoin is the physical equivalent of 0.2 BTC in value. This is a valuable item you can come across in a number of ways. Similarly to the bronze lion, you can find this item inside safes. 

For all those who don’t know, you can craft bitcoins. However, its profitability is determined by the real life value of the cryptocurrency. When I say the word craft, I mean to say mine. Yes, you can cryptomine in Escape From Tarkov using the “Bitcoin Farm,” which you can fill with up to 50 graphics cards. Right now, the value of 0.2 BTC is 259,939 rubles, but this value can fluctuate. 

Having 50 graphics cards leads to a production time of 13 hours and 20 minutes. Whereas, one graphics card results in a production time of 40 hours and 17 minutes. The issue with this comes with fuel prices being decently high. 21 hours of fuel is roughly 166,000 rubles unless you have solar power, which reduces fuel consumption by 50%. 

It is common sense for all Tarkov players to sell these coins right away to Therapist or save them for weapon cases or THICC weapon cases. 

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5. Radar station commandant room key

The Radar Station Commandant Room Key is a key that can be found in jackets, drawers, and the pockets and bags of scavs. This key is required in order to complete the task “Top Secret” for Skier. In order to use this key, you must first go to the Lighthouse Peninsula territory on Lighthouse and unlock the commandant's room at the small radar station.

This key is worth 165,555 rubles on the flea market and can be sold to Therapist for 163,800. If ever you find duplicates of this key, be sure to sell them to Therapist to avoid the incredible 19,000 ruble flea market fee. 

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4. 6-STEN-140-M military battery

The 6-STEN-140-M military battery is an energy element-type item that weighs 43.2 kilograms. One thing is for certain when it comes to searching for and looting this item: you either must have an incredibly strong PMC or very light equipment. Carrying this item will cripple your movement speed, so be smart when picking one of these up. 

This item is required to be found in a raid and handed in for the task “Regulated Materials” by Prapor. It is also needed if you want to upgrade your bitcoin farm to level 3. 

The military tank battery costs roughly 210,000 rubles on the flea market and can be sold to Therapist for 207,900 rubles. Therefore, if you come across a tank battery and for some reason want to sell it, please sell it to Therapist. 

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3. Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS frame system

The Mystery Ranch NICE COMM 3 BVS frame system backpack is found on Birdeye's back.. Birdeye is one of the three ex-USEC rogue bosses, or “the goons,” that spawn on most maps in specific locations.

I have no clue as to why this backpack is worth 217,000 rubles on the flea market; it is only a 2x7-slot backpack and weighs 15 kilograms. Why anyone would use this backpack, I don't know; your guess is as good as mine. 

If you manage to kill the goons and loot this backpack off of Birdeye himself, you can sell this backpack to Ragman for 217,000 rubles. Again, I have no clue why the backpack is worth anything at all. There isn’t much additional information to go with this item, but the link will be there regardless. 

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2. Grenade Case

The grenade case is used to hold, well, grenades in a more compact way than just keeping them in your open stash. You can craft this case using Lavatory level 2, and you can trade for it with Jaegar level 3. 

The craft takes 16 hours and 40 minutes to complete and requires two fuel canisters (empty to save money), five nuts, five bolts, and two M-parts. The trade uses five survival lighters, 15 HMatches and eight repellents. 

You can buy grenade cases on the flea market for 319,000 rubles. These can also be sold to Therapist for 321,300 rubles. In the event you want to sell, be sure to sell to Therapist to avoid a fee of 37,000 rubles.

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1. Lucky Scav Junk box

Possibly everyone's first container item in Escape From Tarkov, the lucky scav Junk Box, is used to store all of your junk or barter items in one space. This container provides a 14x14 container space and only takes up 16 slots in your stash.

This item is not available from the flea and costs 1,106,138 rubles at Therapist level 1. That same trader will buy these off you for 765,619 rubles. 

There is one craft and one trade available for a lucky scav junk box. The craft involves a lavatory level 2 and takes 8 hours and 36 minutes. The trade requires 100 USEC dog tags for one junk box. 

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