[Top 15] Escape From Tarkov Best Guns 12.12.32 (Ranked)

A decent M4 CQB setup being used in the field

15. P226R (Good)

See the P226R in action! https://youtu.be/xRxwn6wu8i8 

The SIG Sauer P226R pistol is a single-fire secondary weapon commonly used on rat runs (cheap raids). It is expensive for a pistol and has a slow RPM. The majority of the ammo it fires does high flesh damage except for the AP-6.3 round with slight armour penetration.

I personally very rarely use this pistol and prefer the Glock solely due to preference. Very high recoil is present, and it is not the most accurate pistol in terms of MOA.


P226R stats

  • Recoil: vertical 436, horizontal 267
  • 50-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: single
  • Rate of fire: 30 RPM
  • Accuracy: 10.31 MOA


Rating: 70/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/SIG_P226R_9x19_pistol


14. Saiga-9 (Good)

See the Saiga-9 in action! https://youtu.be/JqtfLdDemds 

The Saiga-9 is a submachine gun variant of the PP-19-01 Vityaz SN; however, it comes without the fully automatic firing mode. It fires the same ammunition as the P226R, but with a much higher fire rate, less recoil, a longer effective range, and greater overall accuracy.

The Saiga-9 is a very practical early-wipe gun as it is available from level 1 Skier, however, I tend to use the PP-19 over the Saiga simply due to its automatic fire mode. Choose this gun over a pistol any day, as it is essentially a better version of the P226R!


Saiga-9 stats

  • Recoil: vertical 29, horizontal 162
  • 300-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: single
  • Rate of fire: 650 RPM
  • Accuracy: 2.41 MOA


Rating: 74/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Saiga-9_9x19_carbine 


13. MP-153 (Good)

See the MP-153 in action! https://youtube.com/shorts/yVX_C605QN4?feature=share 

The MP-153 is a semi-automatic shotgun with an effective range of up to 70 metres. This weapon in CQB (close-quarter battle) is devastatingly powerful, and with the right attachments, it can take down any decently geared PMC. Capable of firing the AP 20 slug round, which can penetrate level 6 armour to a degree.

The downside would be that the gun is not very ergonomic at standard level, nor is it very accurate. I am very fond of this weapon, as in the correct hands, especially on Factory, a player can decimate the opposition.


MP-153 Stats

  • Recoil: vertical 255, horizontal 328
  • 70-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: semi-automatic
  • Rate of fire: 40 RPM
  • Accuracy: 10.31 MOA


Rating: 75/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/MP-153_12ga_semi-automatic_shotgun


12. VPO-136 (Great)

See VPO-136 in action! https://youtu.be/gUYxzwOPDfc 

The VPO-136, or Vepr KM/136, is a semi-automatic carbine that fires 7.62x39mm and acts as a hunting semi-auto carbine with a large magazine of 30 rounds. This weapon with the correct attachments can be very dangerous at mid-to-long range. Firing the infamous 7.62x39 BP rounds means this gun is capable of killing very well-geared PMCs with a couple of shots.

The recoil is not half bad and is not too expensive. Slapping on a long-range scope and suitable attachments, I have cleaned out woods, killing Shturman and other PMCs with mid-range attachments. This weapon should be used early to mid-wipe.


VPO-136 Stats

  • Recoil: vertical 115, horizontal 273
  • 400-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: single
  • Rate of fire: 600 RPM
  • Accuracy: 2.37 MOA


Rating: 77/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Molot_VPO-136_"Vepr-KM"_7.62x39_carbine 


11. SKS (Great)

See the SKS in action! https://youtu.be/BSct-40YFRo 

The SKS is an assault carbine that fires 7.62x39mm, the same rounds as the VPO, and is as dangerous. However, it comes with a self-loading internal box magazine that players load through the chamber of the rifle. It is more accurate than the VPO but comes with a lower fire rate due to the insane self-reload duration.

This weapon is less customisable in the sense that it is way harder to modify effectively. I prefer using this weapon as it occupies less space in your inventory in comparison to the VPO. I tend to find the recoil of the SKS much better than the recoil of the VPO; it is more controllable.

The SKS is a good budget gun and has a greater level of sniper factor, unless you are one of those players who picks one of these off of a dead Scav and rushes headfirst into a firefight.


SKS Stats

  • Recoil: vertical 155, horizontal 340
  • 400-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: single
  • Rate of fire: 40 RPM
  • Accuracy: 1.72 MOA


Rating: 78/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Simonov_SKS_7.62x39_carbine 


10. Mosin-Nagant Sniper (Great)

See the Mosin in action! https://youtu.be/gmOhV_aH_hA 

The Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle is one of my go-to weapons in Tarkov. It is more expensive than the previous guns mentioned; however, it fires a monstrous round, the 7.62x54R.

Due to its damage and armour penetration potential, this rifle is feared amongst the most geared of PMCs. Even for high-level geared players, each variant of the 7.62x54R is lethal; with one well-placed shot, it is lights out for your opponent.  This is an incredibly accurate bolt-action rifle with high damage potential for any enemy.


Mosin-Nagant Sniper Stats

  • Recoil: vertical 206, horizontal 595
  • 1000-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: single
  • Rate of fire: 30 RPM
  • Accuracy: 1.31 MOA


Rating: 80/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Mosin_7.62x54R_bolt-action_rifle_(Sniper) 


9. SV-98 (Great)

See the SV-98 in action! https://youtu.be/iAWiWzZ4Bow 

The SV-98 has a larger capacity and is slightly more customisable than the Mosin-Nagant. Instead of 5 7.62x54R rounds in a clip, you have double. Moreover, the SV-98 is highly accurate with lower vertical and horizontal recoil.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, I recommend the Mosin; otherwise, go ahead and buy one of these beasts. This weapon is available at Prapor level 3 and is always a decent sniper choice.


SV-98 stats

  • Recoil: vertical 185, horizontal 498
  • 1000-metre effective range
  • Firing modes: single
  • Rate of fire: 30 RPM
  • Accuracy: 0.55 MOA


Rating: 81/100

More information:



8. SVDS 7.62x54R Sniper rifle (Great)

See the SVDS in action! https://youtu.be/fu3-Tw76l2g 

The marksman rifle that has a major advantage over both the SV-98 and Mosin is the highly customisable SVDS. This is the weapon used by the boss, “Shturman,” on woods, and it is extremely lethal. It is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that fires the 7.62x54R round. At the sacrifice of 100 metres in effective range, players get a mix of close and long-range capabilities with extremely high damage.

In the right hands, this weapon is capable of taking down any player or boss. The RPM of an SVDS in comparison to the SV-98 is at least 20 times greater.


SVDS stats

  • Recoil: vertical 180, horizontal 398
  • 900-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: semi-automatic
  • Rate of fire: 700 RPM
  • Accuracy: 1.03 MOA


Rating: 84/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/SVDS_7.62x54R_sniper_rifle 


7. The 5.56x39mm AK series (superb)

See the AK in action! https://youtu.be/3_YiEvX9AOs 

The 5.56 AK series is a collection of Kalashnikov rifles that fire 5.56. They are extremely common in Escape from Tarkov and fire the amazing PPBS round that pierces any armour with a high fire rate and decent damage.

I take the AK-105 as my key example, as it is my go-to 5.56 AK. Alongside the M4, the AK is one of the most customisable fully automatic rifles in the game. In addition, the AK is relatively cheap to buy, but modding can be expensive. This is Shturman’s secondary weapon, which is just as dangerous in the right hands. 


AK-105 stats

  • Recoil: vertical 96, horizontal 248
  • 650-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: fully automatic, single
  • Rate of fire: 600 RPM
  • Accuracy: 2.06 MOA


Rating: 87/100

More information:



6. The 7.62x39mm AK series (superb)

See the AKM in action! https://youtu.be/TTxCnZhwXQw 

The 7.62 AK series is a collection of Kalashnikov rifles firing 7.62. They have a greater recoil than the alternative 5.56 AKs, with the benefit of increased damage. It has less customisble opportunity but is overall less expensive, unless you are using 7.62x39 BP ammo and recoil mods. This weapon is more affordable and easier to gain access to thanks to level 2 Prapor. 


AKM stats

  • Recoil: vertical 113, horizontal 269
  • 400-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: fully automatic, single
  • Rate of fire: 600 RPM
  • Accuracy: 2.30 MOA


Rating: 87/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Kalashnikov_AKM_7.62x39_assault...


5.  RSASS marksman rifle (superb)

See the RSASS in action! https://youtu.be/KfGiI0E0Yvk 

The Remington RSASS 7.62x51 Marksman rifle is highly accurate and effective. Firing the 7.62x51 round, players can expect this weapon to pack a punch. Think of the 7.62x51 as a more ergonomic version of the previously mentioned 7.62x54R, but just as deadly.

This weapon is required for the Gunsmith Part 6 quest from the trader, Mechanic. This weapon is not an early wipe weapon and requires peacekeeper level 4 to buy. 


RSASS marksman rifle stats

  • Recoil: vertical 103, horizontal 221
  • 900-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: single
  • Rate of fire: 700 RPM
  • Accuracy: 0.77 MOA


Rating: 88/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Remington_R11_RSASS_7.62x51_mar...


4.  HK-416A5 (superb)

See the HK-416 in action! https://youtu.be/hXwJw4LUXFo 

The HK is a fully automatic assault rifle with a higher fire rate than the M4A1. It also has greater accuracy at the expense of a lower sighting range. The HK is almost as customisable as the M4 and tends to be the cheaper alternative to the M4A1.

Firing the 5.56x45mm M995 round, this weapon is extremely dangerous to all types of enemies, simply due to its high fire rate and accuracy.


HK-416A5 stats

  • Recoil: vertical 82, horizontal 223
  • 500-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: fully automatic, single
  • Rate of fire: 850 RPM
  • Accuracy: 1.93 MOA


Rating: 90/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/HK_416A5_5.56x45_assault_rifle 


3.  CMMG Mk47 Mutant (superb)

See the Mk47 in action! https://youtu.be/YKD7giSWLCs 

The ideal LABS weapon, the CMMG Mk47 Mutant, is a basic example of a metagun. It fires  7.62x39mm rounds, essentially acting as a better version of the AK. This weapon is more common in mid-to-late wipe, and due to its customisability and ergonomics, it is a monstrous rifle.

I've used this gun countless times on LABS, and I adore the way it feels, sounds, and looks. It is quite expensive, but if you have the rubles, I would highly recommend it.


CMMG Mk47 Mutant stats

  • Recoil: vertical 107, horizontal 266
  • 500-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: fully automatic, single
  • Rate of fire: 650 RPM
  • Accuracy: 2.53 MOA


Rating: 94/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/CMMG_Mk47_Mutant_7.62x39_assaul...


2.  AS VAL (superb)

See the AS VAL in action! https://youtu.be/-Bn6tdEi2_c 

The AS VAL is a silent, fully automatic “special” assault rifle with a built-in suppressor. This weapon is extremely powerful, as it easily pierces the best armour in the game. A high fire rate and low recoil make for a deadly killing machine. However, ammunition and gun costs are high.

This weapon is not very customisable, but who wants to customise an already overpowered weapon? 9x39mm is a ferocious bullet, so be warned when you hear the suppressed shots from one of these.


AS VAL stats

  • Recoil: vertical 58, horizontal 150
  • 400-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: fully automatic, single
  • Rate of fire: 900 RPM
  • Accuracy: 3.44 MOA


Rating: 96/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/AS_VAL_9x39_special_assault_rif...


1.  M4A1 (superb)

See the M4A1 in action! https://youtu.be/rtsXTQ9r2f8 

If it wasn't obvious already, I believe the M4A1 to be easily one of the best guns in Escape From Tarkov. This weapon is another ideal LABS weapon and fires 5.56x45mm. This weapon is easily bought from level 2 Peacekeeper. You might ask, “Why not the AS VAL?” Well, the M4A1 is the most customisable, affordable, and all-around balanced weapon in Escape From Tarkov.

USEC PMCs will be all too familiar with this weapon, along with the majority of LABS players. Ammo is also cheap, with the m855A1 capable of destroying any level 4 armor and being available near the start of the wipe.


M4A1 stats

  • Recoil: vertical 85, horizontal 232
  • 500-metre effective range
  • Fire modes: fully automatic, single
  • Rate of fire: 800 RPM
  • Accuracy: 1.91 MOA


Rating: 100/100

More information: https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Colt_M4A1_5.56x45_assault_rifle 


Escape From Tarkov ammunition chart

Zoom in to take a look!

Note: This is my personal ammo chart, so may not be fully up to date. Nonetheless, it is relevant to the list of guns listed above.


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