Escape From Tarkov Best Shotguns (All Shotguns Ranked)

Escape From Tarkov Best Shotguns.
Got to reload fast before its too late.

Who needs accuracy or precision when you are within 5 feet of your target and you have one of these boom sticks in your hand. Shotguns are a menace to any enemy within 20 feet of the barrel. In most cases they lack the ability to penetrate armor but the amount of damage a single shell can do is disgustingly high on flesh targets and that often makes up for it. Shotguns are a versatile weapon with the use of slugs but excel in close range combat when using buckshot. Shotguns are also the cheapest option in giving you a chance to survive in Tarkov’s madness. Allowing you to make the most possible cash out of your runs.

11. TOZ-106

See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

The TOZ has to be what many consider the most hilarious weapon in Escape From Tarkov. This shotgun is a bolt action 20x70mm boomstick. It has a magazine capacity of a maximum of 5 shots. Though it does have some modification options, there really is no amount of modifications that will ever make this shotgun  viable for use. The TOZ is a very common weapon found on enemy Scavs, and it does extremely high damage at a lower cost than most pistols in Tarkov. It lacks any and all forms of armor penetration, which means you almost exclusively have to kill people by aiming for their limbs or faces.

My best recommendation for use of the TOZ is just to skip it all together. It might be the cheapest weapon in Tarkov, but unless you train with this weapon often, getting kills on other players can be nearly impossible. So, if you have to use this joke of a shotgun, I would relegate it just to PvE usage and find an upgrade as fast as possible.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 515
  • Ergonomics (Ease of Movement)- 73
  • RPM (Rate of Fire)- 30

Weapon Rating- 30/100

10. MTs-255-12

See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

The MTs is a 12x70mm revolver-designed shotgun with very limited modification options. The MTs have a maximum shell capacity of 5, and are a common shotgun to find in Tarkov’s wasteland. I would consider it a solid option as anyone's first shotgun to use in Tarkov. It comes at a very cheap price due to the lack of modification options, but this also limits how you can decide to use this shotgun. It is often preferable to use the MTs as a slug rifle rather than using buckshot. Doing so allows this shotgun to compete with many of the early assault carbines as a much cheaper mid-to-close range PvE alternative. Despite this, it is still a difficult weapon to use and is frequently outperformed by many other alternative 12 gauges.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 217
  • Ergonomics- 42
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 50/100 

9. MP-133

See it in action- Gameplay by Parable1511.

The MP-133 is a pump-action 12x70mm weapon with a maximum shell capacity of 8. The MP-133 has a variety of modification options to improve its stats and overall performance. The largest problem with the MP-133 is that it has two amazing brother shotguns, which are far better shotguns than it, and more notably, pump actions in general are always less ideal than semi-automatic shotguns. The pump actions in Escape From Tarkov have a very slow rate of fire, which makes them less than ideal for PvP combat.

All this being said, the MP-133 is the first shotgun on this list whose performance is good enough that it can be considered PvP viable, though I highly recommend using the MP-133 as a close-range PvE weapon primarily. The MP-133 is a very cheap option and a safe weapon for any PMC to start using when first entering Tarkov.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 328
  • Ergonomics- 45
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 52/100

8. M870

See it in action- Gameplay by Willerz.

The Remington M870 is another 12x70mm pump action shotgun with a maximum shell capacity of 10 when fully modified. The M870 has far better stats and modification options than the MP-133, but it comes at a higher cost compared to it. Even with this being the case, it certainly does not feel like a massive upgrade in comparison to the MP-133. When fully modified, this shogun competes for the best pump action in Tarkov, but that is exactly the problem. It is always going to be a pump action and modifying this to get the best performance often costs way too much out of your pocket. Overall, the best thing to do with the M870 is to run it as a secondary close-range PvE option.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 312
  • Ergonomics- 49
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 55/100

7. M590A1

See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

The M590A1, also known as the "Mossberg", is the final 12x70mm pump action shotgun on this list with a maximum shell capacity of 10. The Mossberg is without a doubt the best pump action in Tarkov when it comes to base stats. It also has some great modification options that, when done, allow it to perform just as well as the M870, if not better. I cannot recommend the Mossberg enough, as it is the perfect shotgun to just purchase and even with no modifications go into raids with. It can be used in PvE and in PvP. It has a comfortable recoil for a shotgun that allows it to be one of the best pump actions for the job.

Still, though it is a pump action shotgun, which limits its rate of fire, and it is not the cheapest weapon to modify, which knocks it down a few pegs for me personally. Having said that, it is still a solid performing weapon. So, if you're looking for a secondary weapon that will be comfortable in close quarters, this is my first recommendation.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 336
  • Ergonomics- 52
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 60/100 

6. Saiga-12

See it in action- Gameplay by Pestily.

The Saiga-12 is a 12x70mm semi-automatic shotgun with a base capacity of 5 shell magazines and up to a 20-shell drum mag modification. The Saiga-12 is a shotgun designed on the AK assault rifle platform, giving it access to a wide variety of modification options that will improve its performance. At base value, though, the Saiga-12 is a common and affordable shotgun that can be one of the best PvP choices for  engagements within 10 feet. The fact that it is semi-auto is both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. Being semi-automatic gives it a very fast fire rate, often allowing you to drop players in less than a couple of seconds. That being said, it also gives it some of the harshest recoil to control in the game.

The Saiga-12 is one of the few weapons in Tarkov that I consider a requirement to modify in order to use it effectively. The base five shell magazines are not often enough to give you the ability to kill more than one player at a time. So, if you use the Saiga-12, I recommend fully modifying it with the 20-shell drum magazine and then only using it on smaller maps like Factory or compact buildings like dorms on Customs.That will give you the best chance to see how devastating this shotgun can become and allow you to dominate close-quarters combat.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 257
  • Ergonomics- 57
  • RPM- 40

Weapon Rating- 63/100

5. MP-43-1C

See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

Now for the classic MP-43, a double-barreled shotgun chambered in 12x70mm. This is a boom stick in every meaning of the phrase. It has no modification options other than shortening or lengthening the barrel, and, as the name describes, has two shots before it must be reloaded. What this weapon lacks in attachments and rate of fire, it makes up for in cost and simplicity. The MP-43 is the second cheapest shotgun on this list after the TOZ, but unlike the TOZ, the 12 gauge has an armor-piercing slug and it is one of the best armor-piercing rounds in Tarkov.

Shotguns are already cheap to run compared to many weapons in Tarkov, but this takes the cake as the most bang for your buck. If you are tight on cash, this has to be one of the best weapons for making a profit. Also, there is nothing more satisfying than switching this baby to double action, allowing you to fire both barrels at once, instantly dropping targets with ear-shattering booms. I can’t recommend this weapon enough once you get used to using it, but it does take some practice to use in PvP and it rewards those who position well in fire fights.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 307
  • Ergonomics- 39
  • RPM- 9

Weapon Rating- 50/100

4. MP-155

See it in action- Gameplay by DeadlySlob.

The MP-155 is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12x70mm with a maximum shell capacity of 6. This shotgun is the first big brother of the MP-133 and is a big upgrade considering it is semi-auto. It does have  limited choices for modifications  that improves its overall stats, but it does have a unique modification that makes this one of the best shotguns to use during night raids specifically. That is the ability to mount a thermal camera on this weapon. It is the only shotgun that can run this modification in the game, making it the king of close range at night. I would consider the MP-155 as effective as the Mossberg due to how harsh the recoil can be, so it can be very effective up close but starts to struggle at medium ranges.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 280
  • Ergonomics- 51
  • RPM- 40

Weapon Rating- 65/100 

3. MP-153

See it in action- Gameplay by DeadlySlob.

The MP-153 is another semi-automatic 12 gauge with a maximum shell capacity of 8. This shotgun is the third and best of the MP family. It has a very long barrel, the longest of all the shotguns in Escape from Tarkov. This makes it less effective in close-quarters combat but improves its recoil and performance at longer distances. The MP-153 has very limited modification options compared to some of the other shotguns on this list, but that makes it affordable and common to find within Escape From Tarkov. I recommend this as the shotgun that can do it all. Whether it is slugs or buckshot, this shotgun has a comfortable recoil and has a fast fire rate, allowing you to drop players and AI within seconds of seeing them. This would have been my number one if not for the recent addition of another shotgun in this latest update to the game.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 255
  • Ergonomics- 35
  • RPM- 40

Weapon Rating- 70/100 

2. KS-23M

See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

The KS-23M is an extremely rare pump action shotgun chambered in 23x75mm with a shell capacity of 4. The KS-23 is the hardest hitting shotgun on this list with a 23 gauge shell and is the only weapon in the game to fire that shell type. Like the TOZ, it lacks armor-piercing ammunition, but unlike the TOZ, it hits so hard that often grazing a player's limbs with a few pellets can be fatal. This shotgun kicks hard but has the damage to match it. This is a rare weapon, though, and purchasing one is extremely expensive. So if you happen to get your hand on one of these bad boys, I would recommend sticking to its strengths as a close-range beast because, past 15 to 20 feet, this weapon becomes so inaccurate that you’ll be questioning if the weapon is misfiring.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 354
  • Ergonomics- 33
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 90/100 

1. M3 Super 90

See it in action- Gameplay by Willerz.

The Benelli M3 Super 90 is the most recent addition to the shotgun family in Escape from Tarkov and is without a doubt the best 12x70mm shotgun in the game. The Bennelli has the option of being a pump action or being semi-automatic, giving it the best of both worlds when it comes to those classes of shotguns. It has a maximum shell capacity of 13, though often the 9-shell tube is enough. It has fewer modification options than the Mossberg and M870 but more than the MP-153. The Benelli is a relatively expensive shotgun and is not the most common, but it is the most versatile of all the shotguns in Tarkov. It has the ideal barrel length and recoil for medium-to-close-range fighting. It is also the top PvP shotgun in the game currently and has already netted me plenty of kills to warrant that title.

Shotguns are versatile weapons, and the Benelli is the ideal shotgun. If you are going to use a shotgun, this is without a doubt the best  one to be using. The Benelli is currently, when used correctly, one of the strongest weapons in Tarkov. There are certain cases where the Benelli can outperform some assault rifles in Tarkov, and that says a lot about it. When speaking about shotguns alone, though, there is no question in my mind that the Benelli M3 is the peak of this class of weapons.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 277
  • Ergonomics- 63
  • RPM- 60

Weapon Rating- 95/100

Players use shotguns as the backbone of the weapon choices available to them at all stages of a Tarkov wipe.. They are extremely versatile and affordable. But they shine in close engagements most often. Shotguns can be molded with the use of slugs to be strong in engagements up to 100 meters. Often shotguns are used as a stepping stone to obtaining better gear in Tarkov. With a little practice, shotguns can be the ideal secondary weapon in any PMC’s kit. So I recommend getting comfortable with shotguns because one good raid using a shotgun can often set a player up for success within Escape From Tarkov.

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