[Top 10] Escape From Tarkov Best Shoreline Keys

A Collection of Shoreline Keys

As an Escape from Tarkov player myself, I can definitely urge you to turn your head to Shoreline when you get the chance. This map in particular is a guaranteed moneymaker and has some amazing loot rooms.

The only problem is that they are locked behind doors the majority of the time. This article will guide you towards the ten best rooms at the Shoreline Resort for you to carry out your money grind on Escape from Tarkov. Be warned, as this map is of the high-risk, high-reward variety. 


10. East Wing 310 key (good)

East Wing 310 key guide: https://youtu.be/m765b57oors 

At the bottom of our list is the East Wing 310 key, and you can find this key in the trailer park on Customs. The key spawns within the bus in the image above on one of the seats, or you can find it within the blue van by the Crossroads extract.

Otherwise, you can find the key in the pockets or bags of scavs. The room contains two sports bags and several rare loose loot spawns. This room can be decently profitable but is not as consistent as the others on this list. You can purchase this key from the flea market for approximately 65,000 rubles. 

What's great about East Wing 310 key:

  • A cheap key to buy off of the flea market.
  • Not commonly looted by other players.
  • Room spawns good barter items (Cats, horse figures etc…).
  • Has two easy to access spawn points.
  • It is a common Shoreline key.


9. West Wing 220 key (good)

West Wing 220 key guide: https://youtu.be/3k5_en3MXWk 

Up next, we have West Wing 220, a key used to complete the “Spa Tour - Part 4” quest. Normally, you require West Wing 219 for this task, but if you have a 220 key and walk out onto the balcony that connects the two rooms, you should be able to complete the task.

Behind 220, you will find one weapon box (4x4) and two weapon boxes (5x2), plus many rare loose loot spawns. Currently, this key is worth approximately 183,000 rubles, but fear not, as the majority of the shoreline keys have a more or less immediate break-even return.

That is the beauty of the Shoreline, and it is also why you will encounter a large number of hostile players grinding this map. Therefore, I suggest raiding at night with the appropriate gear and playing methodically. You can find this key in the Western Cottage in the west part of the map; the video above covers this. 

What's great about West Wing 220 key:

  • It is needed in order for you to complete a task.
  • It unlocks a room full of gun cases.
  • It unlocks a room that has some rare loose loot spawns.


8. East wing 205/206 key (good)

East Wing 205 key guide: https://youtu.be/-BtyZQcXgOs 

Another decent key to have is the East Wing 205 key. This key will open East Wing 205, which is interconnected with East Wing 206.

In room 205, you can find one medcase, a sports bag, loose money, and one weapon cabinet. Followed by the loot in room 206, two weapon boxes (5x2), one weapon box (4x4), rare loose loot, loose meds, and AKM and AKS-74UB spawns.

This key can be found in the bin area beneath the resort or purchased for about 75,000 rubles. 

What's great about East Wing 205: 

  • Interconnected with East Wing 206 so choose the cheaper key between 205 and 206 when buying off of the flea market.
  • Good for picking up some decent guns.
  • It is on the cheaper end of some really good keys.
  • The spawn for the key is right off of the resort; maybe you will get lucky and find the key while raiding on Shoreline. 


7. West Wing 218/221/222 key (great)

West Wing 218 key guide: https://youtu.be/xQMjxktHiuM 

Now we are diving into the upper-tier keys you can get your hands on to really make some serious money. One key for three rooms of loot? Crazy right?! To top it all off, you have a small chance of getting a red keycard in room 218 on top of the blue barrel.

In 218 you can find a red keycard spawn, two weapon cabinets, one RSASS spawn, and loose loot. There is only one weapon box (6x3), loose money, and an M4A1 or M1A spawn in 221. Then comes 222, where you can find an AKM, a Vepr KM, a SV-98, or other weapon spawns, one medbag (SMU06), and more loose money.

If you are fortunate enough to find a red keycard, that is one heck of a flex. I have only played enough to find one red keycard, and I didn’t find it when grinding Shoreline. I found it by the Customs Giving Tree.

The key sells for a hefty 340,000 rubles right now, but trust me when I say that it is well worth it. Also, the red keycard is approximately worth 50,000,000 rubles. 

What’s great about West Wing 218:

  • Three rooms for one key.
  • The red keycard spawn possibility.
  • Easily enough loot to fill your inventory.
  • Great return on investment.
  • Plenty of weapons spawn in this room.


6. East Wing 306/308 key (great)

East Wing 306 key guide: https://youtu.be/YFB-lCNS4ao 

East Wing 306 is the first key on the list to possibly provide you with the chance to find a LEDX skin transilluminator. The LEDX is a one-slot item, worth approximately 1,350,000 million in the early wipe. This price can be subject to change throughout the wipe to prices such as 900,000 rubles.

However, this is still quite a large sum of money to make from a single slot item. The East Wing 306 key can be found in the Tarcone Director's Office at Customs.

The loot that you can find in room 306 is as follows: one DVL-10 spawn, a possible LEDX spawn, four PCs, one weapon box (4x4), a rare spawn, one Flyye MBSS backpack spawn, and loose loot (money and food).

The accompanying room 308 has one weapon rack, one weapon spawn, one medcase, and more loose loot (money and food). This room is great for starting out on Shoreline. At the moment, you can buy the 306 key for roughly 61,500 rubles. 

What’s great about East Wing 306:

  • Plenty of PCs to grind out some tech parts and GPUs.
  • LEDX spawn for 61k rubles???? Bargain! Just note that the spawn is not very common.
  • The DVL is one great sniper rifle, finding one here will save you a sum of money.
  • It is a cheap key, especially for what you get in return.


5. West Wing 216 key (great)

West Wing 216 key guide: https://youtu.be/xtv0MQon3iI 

Are you looking to find some RGO or RGN grenades? Or just some free grenades in general? Then this is a key you definitely need! However, the key is currently worth over 600,000 rubles, so maybe wait until the later wipe, unless you can spare the money.

The image above highlights the possible spawn of a LEDX, and bear in mind I haven't found two LEDXs here ever. According to the Tarkov wiki, it is a singular LEDX spawn. On top of that LEDX spawn, you have 1 weapon box (5x2), 1 weapon box (4x4), 2 grenade boxes, 1 M4A1 spawn, and an assortment of loose loot. 

What’s great about West Wing 216:

  • Perfect for farming impact grenades.
  • Perfect for getting some decent guns.
  • Has a LEDX spawn, or two? 
  • Loose loot consists of computer parts, meds and loaded M4A1 magazines.
  • Key spawns on the resort itself.


4. West Wing 203/205 key (best) 

West Wing 203 key guide: https://youtu.be/G80-cnloEl0 

A key worth 135,000 rubles gives: one medbag SMU06, one medcase, an AR spawn, loose loot, a weapon box (5x2), a toolbox, a sport bag, a number of LEDX spawns in either room, a red keycard spawn, another toolbox, another medcase, a graphics card spawn, and more loose loot.

Are you kidding? I honestly had no clue this room in particular gave that much loot, and for that price? Check out the clip below if you don't believe me—this is insanity for such a cheap price. The value of two LEDX would be around 2 million rubles. That is a superb return on investment and is worth any Tarkov player's time. 

What’s great about West Wing 203:

  • Several LEDX spawns
  • It is dirt cheap for a key that gives this quality of loot
  • Also has a GPU spawn
  • Plenty of weapons and loose loot
  • Can be accessed through 205, if you can get it for a cheaper price.


3. East Wing 110, aka the Health Resort Office Key with Blue Tape (best) 

Office key East Wing 110 key guide: https://youtu.be/AGdm83L93wE 

Another name for the office key with blue tape is the "San tape” key. This key is priced at a hefty 900,000 rubles at the moment, but hear me out. I believe that this key is worth more than 900,000.

The office bathroom has a chance to spawn LEDXs and medications, along with the office itself spawning rare loose loot in addition to the GPU spawn and a suitcase. This key can be found in jackets, scavengers, and Sanitar.

The most common drop is from Sanitar, as it is his key. Inside Sanitar's med bag, you can find said key, any keycard in the game, or a keycard with a blue marking. I almost forgot to mention that there is also a computer inside the room in case you want to test your luck for a GPU drop. 

What's great about the San Tape Office:

  • Highly profitable.
  • Lots of medical loot.
  • Gives you a reason to farm Sanitar due to its price.
  • Is very easy to get to due to the fact that it is one of the closest rooms to the East Wing front entrance.


2. East Wing 222/226 key (best)

East Wing 222 key guide: https://youtu.be/Km2r6PuST9g 

The top two mentions on this list are both all-around amazing. This room connects to East Wing 226 and, I must say, it gives some amazing loot.

Said loot is: one weapon box (6x3), one weapon rack, one grenade box, one toolbox, a rare item spawn, three weapon spawns (RSASS, SV-98, MP5), and a bitcoin spawn. Then, in 226, we have: a weapon box (6x3), one gun locker (balcony), several LEDX spawns on shelves, a MP-153 shotgun spawn, and loose loot (money and food).

I shall leave it to you to decide whether or not you think a 500,000 ruble investment is worth it or not. However, I find this room more reliable than the previous mention on this list. 

What's great about East Wing 222: 

  • Loads of weapon spawns
  • Connects to a second room with LEDX spawns
  • Has a bitcoin spawn
  • If push comes to shove, you can buy 226 as a cheaper substitute. 


1. West Wing 301/304 key (best)

West Wing 301 key guide: https://youtu.be/odC30VtqAbg 

This room is, in my opinion, the most reliable key to exist on the Shoreline. Every Shoreline resort raid I do on this map, I ensure I head to this room immediately.

The loot is unbelievably consistent, so much so that it is frightening. This key should be one of your first health resort keys you buy for Shoreline, and it's only 540,000 at the moment. This key does have a dedicated spawn, and it is right by the tunnel extract on the map inside a bus.

The loot of room 301 consists of loose loot, one GPU spawn, and one LEDX spawn upon entry into the room. Then comes room 304, where you can find more loot: one weapon box (5x5), two PCs, loose loot (computer parts, meds, money), two more GPU spawns, an SV-98 spawn, and two more LEDX spawns on the table shown in the image above. 

What’s great about West Wing 301:

  • In my opinion, the best shoreline key in the game.
  • Farmable key spawn even during casual raids as tunnel is a common extract for PMCs.
  • Loads and loads of loose and valuable loot.
  • PCs for more tech loot.

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