[Guide] Escape From Tarkov All TerraGroup LABS Keycards (And How To Get Them)

The Lab

TerraGroup Labs Keycard (Red)

First on our list is the exceedingly rare and flashy red keycard. This keycard is currently being sold on the flea market for roughly 75 million rubles. Having said this, this keycard opens a room that has had some questionable loot spawns ever since its nerf. Regardless, this keycard is seriously rare. 

This keycard can be dropped by any of the game's bosses, including the cultist priest and the scav case, plus there's a miniscule chance of finding it in the pockets and bags of scavs. The only spawns dedicated to this keycard are at Shoreline.

There are five spawns in total: East wing room 221, West wing basement gym locker, West wing room 218, West wing room 203, and the administration building next to the health resort management office.  

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What's Great About the Red Keycard:

  • Exceedingly rare,therefore, exceedingly expensive.
  • Red room has several dynamic loot spawns.
  • Unlimited uses as it is a keycard not a key.
  • Room has ammo, weapon parts and weapon spawns.
  • Room has an intel spawn.


TerraGroup Labs Keycard (Black)

The black keycard, commonly regarded  as the most consistent of all the keycards, is my favourite Labs keycard. I would recommend picking up a black keycard if you want to complete Skier's “Samples” task, as the black room spawns all the medical stims required for the task. The new lighthouse keeper also gives you a task that requires you to have a black keycard. This keycard, along with all the others in Escape from Tarkov, can be dropped by all the entities mentioned for the red keycard. 

This keycard’s dedicated spawns are all on LABS itself, with three dedicated spawns. Therefore, if you are one of the fortunate few to find this keycard in-raid while being on LABS, then maybe you should go loot the black room and get those amazing stims! Don't forget about the LEDX spawns! 

Instead of buying this keycard off of the flea market for 18 million rubles, you can trade several items for it with Mechanic Level 4. These items consist of five military batteries, eight cyclon batteries, two UHF RFID readers, and one SMT. I never said the trade would be cheap, but it's cheaper than 18 million by a long shot.

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What's Great About the Black Keycard:

  • Easiest keycard to get apart from yellow due its cheap-ish trade.
  • Helps in completing “Samples” task.
  • Very profitable.
  • Very consistent.
  • Needed to complete “following the bread crumbs”.


TerraGroup Labs Keycard (Yellow)

The yellow keycard, in my opinion, is the lowest tier of all the keycards. The main use of this keycard is to disable the parking gate extraction alert, and maybe if you are lucky you will find some decent loose loot in the yellow room. In the room, you can find a weapon safe, a PC, one drawer, weapon mods, and a number of valuable spawns. 

For some reason, this keycard is currently worth more than the green keycard. Both of which are in the tens of millions of rubles. Similarly to Black keycard, this keycard spawns entirely on LABS; more about these spawns can be found in the information link provided.

You are able to craft a violet keycard using three yellow keycards and a ton of other expensive items. Not only are the items expensive, but you will have to buy at least 5 metal fuel cans to fuel this craft as it takes just over 132 hours to complete. 

More information here:


What’s Great About the Yellow Keycard:

  • Disables an extract alert that the majority of the map can hear.
  • Some decent loot spawns.
  • Has several spawns on LABS itself.
  • Room is very easy to find.


TerraGroup Labs Keycard (Violet)

The keycard that is guarded by Shturman himself, the Violet keycard, is one of the more consistent keycards within the game and has three spawns, all of which are pretty much in the lumber mill area of Woods. One spawn is in the SUV by the silver warehouse, as you can see in the image above, one spawn is in the SUV by the checkpoint, and one spawn is in the small house that is situated in the general direction of Medbay from the lumber mill.

The Violet keycard is currently worth roughly 7.5 million rubles. If you want to get your first keycard, I recommend grinding Woods and farming these spawns, as I find they are more consistent than the other keycard spawns. Maybe you could also fight Shturman; he might have a keycard on him or something better. 

As mentioned previously, there is a violet craft that takes over 100 hours to complete, so do keep that in mind. However, it would be more efficient to go and look for the keycard, and I guarantee you that if you are consistent, you will find a keycard before the 100-hour mark. 

The violet room is plentiful in terms of loot and has several rare loot spawns. More about that and everything else below.

More information here:


What’s Great About the Violet Keycard:

  • Close to one another, and easy spawn locations.
  • Good ROI in terms of total loot.
  • Long but viable hideout craft.
  • Plenty of weapon spawns and parts spawns in the violet room.
  • Less flea market fees due to cheaper price, in comparison to the more expensive keycards.


TerraGroup Labs Keycard (Blue)

Now, for me, this is a very mixed kind of keycard. The room is somewhat lacking in loot, with only some loose medical loot, two medcases, and a possible LEDX spawn on shelves inside. I would advise not to go anywhere near spending 15 million rubles. This keycard is needed for the task "Colleagues—Part 3” from Therapist. 

My method of obtaining this keycard was to trade an item of comparable value found in raids for it with other players. For example, I traded a green keycard (my second green keycard of the wipe) for a blue keycard and some dorm-marked keys. Considering the green keycard is a far more solid keycard than the blue keycard, this trade was decently balanced. The main reason for the trade was for me to collect all the keycards, and at the time all I needed was blue. I never really used it. 

This keycard has three spawns on Shoreline inside the health resort. Two are in close proximity to one another, and the other one spawns in the ambulance that is just outside of the resort wings.

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What’s Great About the Blue Keycard:

  • Needed to complete a task, “Colleagues - Part 3.”
  • Has a LEDX spawn
  • Spawns are locked behind doors that require two cheap keys (104 and 112)


TerraGroup Labs Keycard (Green)

Do not let the slightly cheaper price tag of this keycard fool you; I have no clue why the market is pricing this keycard where it is. The green keycard is the better keycard between green and blue, with a price of 12 million on the flea market. This keycard also only spawns on LABS and has three dedicated spawns that are spread across the map. 

The loot available with this keycard is far more rewarding than the loot available with blue. One medcase, loose medical loot, a black keycard spawn, one possible LEDX spawn, two possible Intelligence spawns, one weapon box (4x4), loose weapon mods and ammo, plus a possible MP5 spawn. 

The loot is also quite consistent from this room, so I would place it as a Violet rival, but I still believe Violet is slightly better as a keycard. Regardless, if you have the choice between green and blue, please choose green.

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What's Great About the Green Keycard:

  • All spawns are on LABS.
  • Keycard gives you loads of loot.
  • Consistent room and a good ROI keycard.

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