[Guide] Escape From Tarkov: How To Hunt And Farm Glukhar Effectively

The Reserve Boss, Glukhar

Easily one of the hardest bosses in Escape from Tarkov is Glukhar (Gluhar), and with good reason. Glukhar comes with six guards, two of which are scouts; another two are known as security; and another two are known as assault guards. Each classification of guard has their own respected stats, gear (health, guns, armour and ammo), and playstyles. These guards, along with Glukhar himself, make for quite a fight.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to fight and successfully eliminate Glukhar and his guards. If you are interested in the loot and the specifics of the enemies, please check the link attached for more information: 


I will break down this guide into segments to guide you through the step by step process of how you should approach bosses in general and more specifically, Glukhar.


1. Know your boss spawns

Glukhar can spawn in five different locations on the Reserve. Reserve will be the map this guide will cover as it is Glukhar's original map; I am aware he spawns on Streets of Tarkov along with Killa, but that will be for another article. Those five locations are highlighted in yellow within the image above and named accordingly. Black bishop (two buildings on the far left map), Black Knight, White Knight, and K station (the train station in the middle of the map). 

In the case of Black Bishop, Glukar and his guards can spawn outside of the buildings or on one of the many floors present in either building, including the basement. The same applies to either of the Knight buildings, and for K station, he can spawn on either end of the station, and usually Glukar himself is placed in the centre of the station itself. One extra tip I must give is, to be aware of Glukhar and his guards while approaching the location, as his guards can roam; especially the scouts. 


2. Learn about your enemy (stats, playstyle, appearance)


  • 580 health
  • Level 2-3 armour
  • Submachine and pistol (9mm) weaponry
  • Mobile and rush type of guard



  • 806 health
  • Level 4-5 armour
  • Assault weaponry
  • Mobile and aggressive rush type of guard



  • 760 health
  • Level 5+ armour
  • Assault weaponry
  • Immobile and protect type of guard


This is how the generic encounter plays out. Upon reaching the boss's location, you will encounter the scouts first. Once they are eliminated or engaged, the security will become aggravated and begin to rush straight towards you. After killing both of the initial phases of fighting this boss, you will have to maneuver, locate and kill the rest. The assault guards and Glukhar will be in extremely close proximity, so it is advised to use grenades to flush out the final three enemies. 

Glukhar will always be wearing black and will either use an Ash-12 or an M1A. This makes distinguishing him from his guards very easy if you have a keen eye. 


3. Approach?

Regardless of whatever location Glukhar has spawned, you will always want to either fight him at range or up close and personal. This mainly depends on the weapon you will use to fight him. Be consistent in checking all your angles, and listening out for any audio queues. Guards, when stationary, tend to shuffle around at times, which gives their position away. However, do not rush the guard head-on; instead, aim for a right-side peek or spread them out of position with grenades.

In the event that you are rushed by a load of agitated guards and Glukhar, be sure to funnel them into an enclosed and controllable environment. This will give you enough time to kill, relocate, or reload between kills. The guards are weakest when they are either running straight at you or are clueless of your position via a pixel peek or bug. Nonetheless, watch out for grenades, as these guards spam grenades as much as Reshala and his guards do. So, be sure to always shoot and move while using your senses.

I cannot stress enough how critical grenades are when it comes to fighting Glukhar, especially in a scenario where you have no information on the whereabouts of the guards or Glukhar. Take your time, use your eyes and ears, and use those grenades. One last thing, use the right ammunition, as it makes killing the guards and the boss much less of a hassle when in gunfights. 

Need more help? Watch this video!


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