[Top 5] Escape From Tarkov Best Bolt Action Rifles

Lobaev Arms DVL-10 bolt-action sniper rifle with a folded stock

5. SV-98 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle (Good)

See the SV-98 in action: https://youtu.be/50eK09PSRfQ 

“SV-98 is a Russian sniper rifle developed in 1998-2000 by a group of weapon engineers led by V.Stronskly. Serially produced by IzhMash group. It is a magazine-fed bolt-action rifle, designed to engage military personnel at distances of up to 1000 m.”

Treat the SV-98 like the Mosin Nagant, but with better attachments and a larger magazine. The ammunition fired by this rifle is lethal even against highly geared opponents. Most of the bolt-action rifles on this list are considered mid-to-late wipe weapons.

This rifle in particular can be bought from Prapor or Jaeger at level 3 in the standard or OV variant. The SV-98 is considerably more expensive than the Mosin or the VPO-215. Many would consider those rifles to be “budget” rifles. The rifles on this list however, are most definitely not. 


SV-98 stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 185, Horizontal 498
  • Effective distance: 1000m
  • Ergonomics: 31
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 30
  • Accuracy (MOA): 0.55
  • Sighting range: 500m


Rating: 70/100


4. Remington Model 700 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle (Great)

See the Remington M700 in action: https://youtu.be/h1NwUXjUozs 

“The Remington Model 700 is a series of bolt-action centerfire rifles manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962.”

The Remington Model 700 is one of my favourite bolt-action rifles in Escape from Tarkov. Holding a magazine of five rounds plus one in the chamber.  This weapon is volatile, customisable and an overall fun weapon to use.

Using 7.62x51 rounds, this weapon has a high killing potential, similar to the 7.62x54R, but with less penetration power when using the lower-end ammo. The majority of bolt-action ammunition has the potential to one-tap opponents with a well placed single shot. That is the point of bolt-actions, accuracy, range, and deadliness. You will find plenty of that with the Remington M700.


M700 stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 154, Horizontal 492
  • Effective distance: 1000m
  • Ergonomics: 36
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 30
  • Accuracy (MOA): 0.79
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 76/100


3. Lobaev Arms DVL-10 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle (Great)

See the DVL-10 in action: https://youtu.be/VR4-5-ZUFxE 

“DVL-10 is a lightweight, compact, and silenced rifle in proprietary and current military subsonic calibers and has been developed for special service and combat missions where exceptional accuracy and range are needed. Equipped with a standard Lobaev foldable butt-stock and Lobaev Hummer Barrels stainless steel match-grade barrel.”

Silent and deadly, as long as you have the integral barrel suppressor. There is no other rifle within the game that will give the player the satisfaction that comes with killing your enemies with this 7.62x51mm rifle, unless it's the 338 Lapua AXMC.

Accompanied by a 10-round magazine, the DVL gives its wielder all the correct attributes of a proper bolt-action sniper rifle. Its green tint will also give you some camouflage in grassy environments.

The downside is that the DVL is not very customisable and is quite pricey on most fronts. After completing the task "Long Road," the DVL can be purchased from a level 3 skier.


DVL-10 stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 64, Horizontal 318
  • Effective distance: 1000m
  • Ergonomics: 52
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 30
  • Accuracy (MOA): 0.45
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 83/100


2. ORSIS T-5000M 7.62x51 bolt-action sniper rifle (superb)

See the T-5000M in action: https://youtu.be/LyH6LlQ9t28 

“High-accuracy ORSIS T-5000 rifle is an outstanding result of our company designers' efforts. This model was created in cooperation with professional shooters and has the properties required for a customer in the Russian market. T-5000 model is a hand-reloaded repeater with sliding breech bolt and two front locking lugs. It is a multi-purpose weapon. Its specifications provide high-accuracy long-range shots (up to 1500m), high level of shooter's convenience while preparatory, firing and recoil phases, swift sighting line recovery, excellent reliability and ergonomics.”

Do you want a precise bolt-action sniper rifle with good ergonomics that fires 7.62x51mm? Then this is the “multi-purpose weapon” for you. The ORSIS T-5000M has a default magazine size of 5 rounds and is notably effective up to 1.5 kilometres, although the wiki says 1 kilometre.

I am not too fond of this weapon, as I am more comfortable with alternatives; however, that does not mean this is a bad weapon. You can buy this weapon from Skier at level 3 for around 73,000 rubles. 


T-5000M stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 92, Horizontal 353
  • Effective distance: 1000m
  • Ergonomics: 72
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 30
  • Accuracy (MOA): 0.65
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 87/100


1. Accuracy International AXMC .338 LM bolt-action sniper rifle (superb)

See the AXMC in action: https://youtu.be/JEHIDZWA4D8 

“The AXMC is the latest in a long and distinguished line of combat proven sniper rifles designed and manufactured by the British company Accuracy International. Chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, but can be quickly converted to .300 Winchester Magnum and .308 Winchester by changing the barrel, bolt, and magazine/insert.”

Do you like firepower? If that's the case, then the AXMC is the sniper rifle with the boom! A bolt-action sniper rifle that fires .338 Lapua magnum rounds. Yeah, you heard me,  338 Lapua! I have played roughly 3 raids with this weapon and have also been on the receiving end numerous times.

It's absolutely terrifying and it will put you down to the ground before you realise what's happening. This weapon comes with a standard magazine of 10 rounds and can be purchased from Jaeger at level 4. 


AXMC stats

  • Recoil: Vertical 275, Horizontal 540
  • Effective distance: 1000m
  • Ergonomics: 25
  • Firing modes: Single
  • Rate of fire (RPM): 30
  • Accuracy (MOA): 0.37
  • Sighting range: 100m


Rating: 90/100

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