Escape From Tarkov Best Sniper Rifles (All Sniper Rifles Ranked)

Escape From Tarkov Sniper Rifles
Can never go wrong using a classic.

Need precision and accuracy? These rifles in Escape From Tarkov will get you exactly that. Bolt action sniper rifles are the kings of long range engagements within Tarkov, giving you the potential to eliminate targets without ever being seen. These rifles carry some of the hardest hitting calibers the game has to offer, with many having the potential to one-shot any target with a thorax shot. Positioning and patience are key to making the most of these rifles because, in many cases, your first shot counts the most. Missing that shot can often lead to disappointment and a quick trip back to the lobby.

7. VPO-215

See it in action- Gameplay by DeadlySlob.

The VPO-215 is one of two weapons in the game chambered in 366 TKM designed for hunting. It is a very common and cheap bolt action rifle in Escape From Tarkov with a magazine size of 4. This weapon is a budget rifle in its very essence. It has very limited modification options to improve its general performance, with even fewer options for armor penetration ammo. This rifle also barely passes for a true sniper rifle when you consider the deviation of the rounds when shooting any target past 200 meters. Due to the ammo and accuracy issues, your only hope of killing anyone with this rifle is to make sure your first shot is a lethal headshot in most cases.

I recommend only using this rifle as a PvE weapon in most cases, as it struggles in PvP. Even more importantly, if you do use this rifle, make sure to prioritize the use of the AP .366 round if you intend to kill anything with it, as it is your only reliable armor penetration option for it. As great as a cheap sniper rifle like the 215 can be, this is the one category of weapon within Escape From Tarkov where using a cheaper rifle is never really worth it.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 125
  • Ergonomics (Ease of Movement)- 51
  • RPM (Rate of Fire)- 30

Weapon Rating- 73/100 

6. Mosin-Nagant M91/30 PU

See it in action- Gameplay by Pestily.

The Mosin-Nagant is a famous Russian bolt-action rifle that has been around since the First World War. The rifle is chambered in 7.62x54mm and has a 5-round internal magazine, which allows for it to be top fed ammunition one round at a time. There are several variants of the Mosin within Tarkov, but the PU variant is the only one that can be equipped with a sniper optic. The Mosin is another inexpensive and common rifle found in Tarkov. It has some modification options that improve the stats of the rifle, but it is nowhere near as advanced as any modern rifle.

The Mosin-Nagant is a rifle that I recommend every player get familiar with using in Tarkov. It is without a doubt the most cost-effective rifle on this list. It is very cheap to modify, and while you're not going to be eliminating targets from across entire maps, it can, with a little practice, be as efficient as any rifle on this list.. The only drawbacks to this rifle relate to the terrible scope options that limit how they can be mounted, which makes tracking moving targets difficult or sluggish. It might be an old rifle, but it's reliable and packs a wallop.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 206
  • Ergonomics- 13
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 75/100 

5. SV-98

See it in action- Gameplay by Willerz.

The SV-98 is another Russian bolt action rifle chambered in 7.62x54mm, though unlike the Mosin, it has 10 round magazines and cannot be top fed. This rifle is a straight upgrade in every way from the Mosin, but it comes at the cost of very limited modification options to improve the base stats. Even with this being the case, the price jump is not that severe and makes it a very affordable rifle to run. Often, the most expensive attachments tend to just be the scope and a suppressor. The SV-98 also has a much better mounting system than the Mosin, allowing it to use more and often better high-power scopes. This bolt action is the first on this list that has the potential to cross map kill targets.

Though it is my personal favorite sniper rifle to run within Tarkov, 7.62x54mm has limitations as a sniper cartridge. Within Escape From Tarkov, this round will always take 2 shots to the chest to eliminate any target regardless of the armor they are wearing. So I recommend using the SV-98 if you have it, as it is a solid option and won’t break the bank to use it. It is definitely a middle-of-the-road sniper. It's not the worst, but it certainly is not the best in the game.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 185
  • Ergonomics- 31
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 80/100

4. M700

See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

The Remington Model 700 is a bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm with a 5-round magazine and the ability to be top fed. The M700 is a very versatile rifle in Escape From Tarkov, and it has enough unique attachments to make 4 different versions of the rifle that can improve the base stats, magazine size, and overall effectiveness of the rifle. The modifications are what set this rifle apart from the rest of the competition; it without a doubt has the most attachment options of any rifle on this list. The ammunition also puts it a step above the SV-98. 7.62x51mm has the potential to one-tap targets with both head and body shots, and that factor alone really bumps this rifle up.

The M700 is a rifle that I can recommend to any player. It can be crafted to fit your playstyle due to the number of modification options it has. The only reason it is fourth on this list is that it costs a fortune to make the optimal build of a M700. The versatility comes at a high price, often too high. So I would say it is best to run the M700 with cheaper builds that make its cost comparable to the SV-98. Doing so, though, makes it nowhere near as effective as the next sniper listed.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 154
  • Ergonomics- 36
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 82/100 

3. DVL-10

See it in action- Gameplay by Willerz.

The DVL-10 is another bolt action sniper rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm with a 10 round magazine. It is a distinct rifle because of its unique lime green paint job. It has very limited modification options in comparison to both the SV-98 and M700 and is about double the price when comparing the base prices of the rifles. That being said, it has one of the best, if not the best, suppressor options for any weapon within Tarkov. It makes it so quiet to fire that enemies within 10 feet of you will not hear this rifle being used. This alone warrants the higher cost of the weapon because when it comes to bolt actions, suppressing them is often as important an investment to make as the scope you throw onto the weapon. 

The DVL is a true sniper rifle in every way. It can hit targets accurately and has the ammunition power to be lethal from the furthest distances the game can offer. This weapon could be number two on this list, but I cannot recommend it without the use of the suppressor. The DVL suppressor can often be just as expensive to purchase as the rifle itself. Without it, the weapon loses its identity and best boon. Regardless, it still has amazing base stats, which make it one of the top three snipers in Tarkov.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 64
  • Ergonomics- 52
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 85/100 

2. T-5000

See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

The T-5000 is another 7.62x51mm bolt-action sniper rifle found in Escape From Tarkov. This long-barreled beast of a rifle has a five-round magazine and might be the most accurate rifle in Tarkov. It has no real modification options besides suppressors and high-powered scopes, but its base stats make it one of the smoothest-firing rifles in this category, so who needs a long list of attachments? This rifle is advertised to be able to hit targets up to 1500 meters away if needed. To be honest, though, most sniper duels in Tarkov happen at a maximum range of 600 meters at most so it is a little bit of overkill in that case.

The T-5000 is three times the price of the M700 and SV-98, and I would say it is not cost-effective to use in the slightest. That being said, bolt actions are one of the few weapon categories within Tarkov where I would say spending big is better since as long as you spend money on a good suppressor, you can often eliminate targets without ever being seen or heard. I would recommend that  if you get your hand on one of these bad boys. Give it a go and make sure you spend big on it and it will not disappoint.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 92
  • Ergonomics- 72
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 90/100


See it in action- Gameplay by LVNDMARK.

The AXMC is the new kid on the block when it comes to bolt-action sniper rifles. It is the only rifle on this list chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. It is a hefty rifle with a 10 round magazine of Tarkov’s highest caliber round currently. It has very limited modification options and might be one of the rarest weapons to find in the game.  Lapua Magnum is the only true one-shot round in Tarkov, dropping any target in one shot as long as you can land a hit in most cases.

This weapon, like the T-5000, will cost you a fortune to get your hands on up front, but there is almost nothing that matches the firepower this rifle can unleash in the game. I recommend that if you pick up an AXMC, prepare to shoot gold bars out of it because the ammunition is that expensive, but nothing matches the thunderous boom this weapon provides as you watch PMC souls leave their bodies.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 275
  • Ergonomics- 25
  • RPM- 30

Weapon Rating- 98/100

Sniper rifles are ideal on certain maps in Escape From Tarkov, particularly Woods and Lighthouse. They excel in long-range engagements and struggle up close. As important as it is to properly equip these rifles with the best scopes and suppressors to get the most out of them. I can not stress enough the importance of positioning and patience when using bolt action rifles like these. So make sure to practice range finding and make your first shot count if you are looking to make good use of any rifle on this list.

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