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Welcome to Tarkov: Where the Scavs are mean and death comes quick

You line up your shot with your trusty AK-74. 

He hasn’t seen you yet, you’ve got the upper hand.

Your red dot sights firmly aimed at his chest. Now’s your chance...

Bullets hail down as you unload an entire clip into your enemy.

Before he casually turns and one-shots you in the head.

Does this sound familiar? 

If it does, you might just be using the wrong ammo. And in Escape From Tarkov, a hardcore hyper-realistic FPS game, you can’t afford to make mistakes.

But don’t worry! That’s why I’m here to talk you through the Top 10 best ammo types in the game, so you can pack your mags full of the good stuff and finally get the kills you deserve. 

*Note: These are in no particular order. There are so many factors to take into account like budget, play style, etc. Plus, ammo opinions are just like Tarkov horror stories - everybody has one. 

10. BS - 5.45x39 mm

No BS here!

There’s nothing BS about this baby. With a bullet velocity of 830 m/s, a penetration of 51, and a damage of 40; BS rounds will make most level 4-5 armour look like a paper bib. Plus there’s a fragmentation chance of 17% for that tasty, tasty extra damage. 

Three taps to the thorax with these bullets and it’s ‘bye bye Vladamir’. 

The downsides here are that it might struggle a bit with level 6 armour and is definitely on the pricey side as it’s currently going for around 1850 RUB on the flea market. 

  • Projective Speed: 830 m/s
  • Damage: 40
  • Penetration Power: 51
  • Armour Damage: 57%
  • Accuracy: -3%
  • Recoil: +10%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 17%
  • Ricochet Chance: 38%

Pro tip: You can get a pack of 30 BS rounds if you trade two packs of Malboro Cigarettes and two cans of Hot Rod with a Prapor LL3. Maybe cigarettes aren't so bad after all?!

9. 7N39 “Igolnik” - 5.45x39 mm

Igolnik is Russian for OP (it's not)

Okay, now we’re really getting into it. When you’re roaming the streets of Tarkov, the 7N39 “Igolnik” is a bullet you don’t want to be seeing the business end of. 

This bad boy will take your armour out on a date and then not call it the next day. 

Essentially what I’m trying to say is: this ammo rocks.

With a bullet velocity of 905 m/s, and a recoil of 15; these rounds are lean, mean, killing machines. 

But as with every good thing, there is a sour side. 

These bullets are tough to come by. Your options are to pay a premium in the flea market, scavenge them off the body of the Scav Boss “Killa” (good luck), or craft them in the hideout. 

  • Projective Speed: 905 m/s
  • Damage: 37
  • Penetration Power: 62
  • Armour Damage: 60%
  • Recoil: +15%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 2%
  • Ricochet Chance: 38%

Pro-tip: You can craft a pack of 260 7N39 with a level 3 Workbench in the hideout, but it’ll cost you two of each gunpowder. Penetration comes at a price I guess!

8. M995 - 5.56x45 mm

Little metal kisses


Did you feel that bullet whizz past your head faster than the speed of Barry Allen?

That was almost certainly the M995 with a huge bullet velocity of 1013 m/s.

The M995 is an end game round that will cost you a pretty penny, but my word is it worth it. 

This penetrates armour all the way up to level 6 and if you hit your shots, there won’t be much of your enemy left to loot. 

There’s also a nice, low recoil at only +8%, so this round is perfect for your laser beam builds. 

As with most of these high-tier rounds, they’re hard to come by as they’re gated by Peacekeeper LL4 and have a very expensive crafting recipe. 

  • Projective Speed: 1013 m/s
  • Damage: 40
  • Penetration Power: 53
  • Armour Damage: 58%
  • Recoil: +8%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 32%
  • Ricochet Chance: 36%

Pro-tip: If you’re a low-level Larry, then I’d recommend keeping hold of these rounds if you find them. They’re far too precious to waste on an unmodded gun.

7. BT - 5.45x39 mm

More affordable = more dead bad guys

Were you getting a bit depressed thinking you’ll never be able to afford any good bullets? 

I sure was.

That’s why the BT round is swooping in to save the day. 

The BT is a tracer round; which essentially means a round that, when shot, emits a nice bright trail; meaning you can admire the pretty red colour as one flies into your chest.

It doesn’t pack a penetrative punch as much as the previous rounds but with a high damage stat of 44, this bullet is capable of two-tapping people with armour up to level 4. And who doesn’t love two-tapping people?!

These rounds are relatively common to find on Scavs or as loose loot, so you can keep a constant supply. They’re also much cheaper to buy in the flea market at roughly 230 RUB a round. If bartering is your style, then they’re an easy trade with Prapor LL1 & LL2 for only two cans of delicious beef stew, or one Dry Fuel. 

Just don’t ask what he’s doing with the fuel… or the stew actually...

  • Projective Speed: 880 m/s
  • Damage: 44
  • Penetration Power: 37
  • Armour Damage: 49%
  • Accuracy: -2%
  • Recoil: +3%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 16%
  • Ricochet Chance: 37%

Pro-tip: This is a great mid-game round. Always keep a decent stash of these as the high damage will come in handy against other mid-tier players and Scavs. 

6. BP - 7.62x39 mm

So you can finally say goodbye to PS

The highest penetration round in this calibre, the BP round is a delicious mix of high penetration, high damage, and (relative) affordability. 

These rounds are what you’ll upgrade to once you’ve outgrown your PS rounds but still love running around with an SKS like a madman. 

A helmet’s bane, these metal kisses will one-shot most headgear. So get your aim right and you’ll be taking down beefed-up PMCs left, right, and centre. 

  • Projective Speed: 730 m/s
  • Damage: 58
  • Penetration Power: 47
  • Armour Damage: 63%
  • Accuracy: -3%
  • Recoil: +5%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 12%
  • Ricochet Chance: 31.5%

Pro-tip: You can buy these rounds from Prapor LL3, but only after you’ve completed his task “The Punisher - Part 5”.

5. M80 - 7.62x51 mm

All metal, all fun.

Ahh M80… This round is like a burger and fries after a long hard day - it may not be the flashiest, but damn does it get the job done. 

No article named ‘Top 10 Escape From Tarkov Best Ammo’ would be complete without a mention of this. It would be criminal. 

Some call this the ultimate budget round for this calibre, and I’d have to agree with them. It’s got great damage and will reliably get through armour up to level 4. 

Before the thorax HP was buffed to 85, this round was a nightmare for anybody foolish enough to not be wearing armour. Although at least they wouldn’t have much time to regret the decision as one shot would send them to ‘a better place’. Though let’s be honest, anywhere that’s not Tarkov is a better place.

  • Projective Speed: 833 m/s
  • Damage: 80
  • Penetration Power: 41
  • Armour Damage: 66%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 17%
  • Ricochet Chance: 38%

Pro-Tip: You can grab this round from the Peacekeeper LL2, which makes it a super accessible bullet from an early stage. Just remember to buy and sell from the Peacekeeper from the start to help level him up!

4. M61 - 7.62x51 mm

Bye-bye Scavvy

Okay, let’s talk common sense and logistics here:

If you’re going to be wearing your best gear, best armour, and best weapons - you’re probably only going to be killed by people doing the same. 


So, you might as well also be using your best ammo. 

M61. Please make your way to the stage.

Now, some people are going to say to you:

“But what about the M993?! It’s got a higher penetration power!”

Don’t listen to these people. They obviously have far too much money.

The M61 is the perfect end-game round that will do essentially the same job as the M993 but with a better price. I mean sure, if you have Rubles coming out the wazzoo then go for it. Must be nice to be you...

  • Projective Speed: 849 m/s
  • Damage: 70
  • Penetration Power: 64
  • Armour Damage: 83%
  • Accuracy: +3%
  • Recoil: +10%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 13%
  • Ricochet Chance: 30%

Pro-tip: Seriously, use this round instead of the M993...

3. M62 - 7.62x51 mm

It's like if fireworks were a bullet!

If, like me,  you love nothing more than climbing to the top of a tall hill, getting out your sniper, and pretending people’s heads are watermelons; then this is the round for you.

I personally wouldn’t use this round for general gunfights as it’s penetration power doesn’t come near to matching the M61, but with higher damage, it’s absolutely perfect for making people’s heads, arms and legs very, very squishy. 

  • Projective Speed: 816 m/s
  • Damage: 79
  • Penetration Power: 44
  • Armour Damage: 75%
  • Accuracy: -6%
  • Recoil: -5%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 14%
  • Ricochet Chance: 38%

Pro-tip: This is a tracer round with a green trail. The downside of this is you’re easier to spot, the upside is if you’re sniping; it’s perfect for tracking your shots and adjusting your aim accordingly.

2. AP-20 Slug - 12/70

Your one-stop cure for toomanylimbs-itus

It’s about time shotguns got some love right?! And boy do we love a shotgun in Escape From Tarkov. 

Before I continue, let me just quickly go over the difference between Buckshot and a Slug:

It’s super simple: Buckshot has a shorter range but a wider spread as it’s made up of lots of pellets. Slugs have a small spread, but a longer range as it’s just one entity. 

Easy right?

But if you’re a fan of the ol’ boomstick, then look no further than the AP-20 Slug. 

This little devil will scratch that curiosity itch you have of wondering what your enemies’ insides look like. Again, putting it simply, it’s just great fun.

It might not do that well against armour, but with a crazy high damage of 164; any shot that hits flesh is almost guaranteed to be a kill shot. 

So grab your gun and start aiming for some legs. 

  • Projective Speed: 510 m/s
  • Damage: 164
  • Penetration Power: 37
  • Armour Damage: 65%
  • Accuracy: +125%
  • Recoil: +50%
  • Ricochet Chance: 10%

Pro-tip: This round can be crafted in your hideout with a level 3 Workbench for one “Hawk” gunpowder and two damaged hard drives. Don’t ask me why they have to be damaged, they just do. 

1. 7N31 - 9x19 mm 

The amount of times I've been head-eyes'd by these is incredibly upsetting

The 7N31 is the ultimate round for pistols and SMGs. Try and change my mind. Fight me if you have to. This is a hill I’m willing to die on. 

With the highest penetration of any 9x19 rounds, these rounds are to the Vector, what wine is to cheese. The perfect combo.

With a lovely, low recoil; this round will melt the face straight off your enemies faster than you can say ‘what’s that metal thing flying towards my face?’

Literally, the only downside of these rounds is the price. They’re expensive to craft and expensive to buy on the flea market. 

  • Projective Speed: 560 m/s
  • Damage: 52
  • Penetration Power: 39
  • Armour Damage: 55%
  • Accuracy: +5%
  • Recoil: +15%
  • Fragmentation Chance: 5%
  • Ricochet Chance: 20%

Pro-tip: If you don’t have the cash or the resources to buy these rounds, I’d definitely recommend holding off on using these until you’ve looted a nice stash and have a good gun to put them in.


So there we have it! My take on the Top 10 ammo types in Escape From Tarkov. 

There are literally hundreds of different rounds in the game which makes it so tough to narrow it down to 10. I’ve tried to give a mix of quality rounds and decent budget rounds so I’ve definitely had to leave out some great contenders. 

If you disagree with any of my choices, think it’s criminal that a round has been left out or just want to share what your favourite choice is; comment below and we’ll talk it out! 

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