Escape From Tarkov Review - Is It Worth It?

Escape from Tarkov Review
Two raiding PMCs

I have over 600+ hours on Escape from Tarkov. Upon writing this article, I enforced the lack of bias and judgement to allow for an authentic review on whether or not you, as a gamer, should buy Escape from Tarkov. 

About Escape from Tarkov

“Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.”  Battlestate Games

As mentioned above, Escape From Tarkov has it all when it comes to video game genres. It aims to compress several genres into one. The description given by the creators of Escape From Tarkov gives a partial insight into what the title truly has to offer gamers. However, be warned, as this game is famous for its unforgiving and gritty nature, especially towards newer players. 

Escape from Tarkov originally launched as a “closed alpha game,” which was only available to a select number of users. The game then entered a closed beta stage on the 28th of July 2017, where a pre-order of the game was required to play the game. The standard price of Escape from Tarkov is 44.99US$. 

“Battlestate Games LIMITED” is a video game development studio founded in 2012 with expertise in making hardcore FPS games. The studio has claimed to have ex-military operators from Spetsnaz (Russian special forces), which only adds to the authenticity of the gameplay and mechanics. Their studio is based in London, UK, and Saint Petersburg, Russia, and is led by Nikita Buyanov, Battlestate Games’ COO.

The game has been in development for a decade now, since the start of the studio, and had accumulated 50 million US$ in sales revenues in 2020. According to, the estimated monthly average daily number of players for November 2022 is 105.4 thousand, so the game is far from “dead.” 105.4 thousand is a large number, don't you think? Given that the game is to “wipe” soon. I will explain what a “wipe” is later.

Escape from Tarkov’s Story

The story of Escape from Tarkov

This will get you caught up on the history of Tarkov, and how it became the war-torn region that operators (PMCs) are so fond of. The game takes place in the fictional Novrinsk region of Russia, where two private military companies, “USEC” and “BEAR,” were previously at war. “USEC” or “United Security” acted as a security contractor for “Terra Group”, an organisation that you as the player, will come to notice, has a large presence in Tarkov.

On the other hand, “BEAR,” or “Battle Encounter Assault Regiment,” is the other private military company that seeks to investigate the illegal activities conducted by “Terra Group”. You choose your faction, which determines your character’s voice lines and initial stash setup. The aim of the game is to survive. You are stranded in Tarkov, and the only way to survive is to scavenge, kill, extract, and utilise local traders.

A fully armed PMC raids Customs. Customs is one of the many maps players can choose to raid on.

Escape from Tarkov’s Gameplay

Many consider Escape from Tarkov to be a “Battle Royale” game, which is partially correct. However, there is more to the game than simply surviving one raid. Upon completing character customisation, the player is immediately placed into the main menu of Escape from Tarkov. Here, the player can choose to enter raids, visit the “hideout,” exchange with traders, or trade with other players on the “flea market.”

The flea market is an open market where players can buy, sell, and trade items found in raids. Found in raid items are items that you have looted and extracted successfully, thus the term “found in raid.” The flea market is only accessible to players of a specific level.

The hideout is your character's base of operations. Here, you can upgrade unique sections of your hideout (e.g., the intelligence center, the workbench, and so on), which provide buffs to your character and enable them to craft specific items like good ammo, backpacks, food, water, and so on. Do you want to find out more about the hideout? Try the video below!

Escape from Tarkov Hideout Guide

When raiding, the player must gear up, select the map they wish to go to, the time of day or night, and then go raid and successfully extract. Extractions are specific locations on the map that allow you to "escape," and the easiest way to find where they are is to use the internet and learn the map online.

The number of players grows in direct proportion to map size, and map sizes vary. Within the raid, players can encounter scavengers, or “Scavs” for short. Scavs are AI enemies, and the story behind them is, well, in the name. Most maps come with a boss that has a specific spawn percentage and spawn locations. Killing a boss comes with the best loot but the highest risk. Boss spawns are hotspots for PvP and PvE action at the same time. 

Escape from Tarkov Bosses Guide

One of Tarkov's infamous bosses, Killa, is ready to turn that smile into a frown.

The developers of the game are always listening to their community, providing seasonal events and continual patches. Every game comes with bugs, and in my 600+ hours, during the earlier condition of the game, sometimes loot wouldn't transfer to my stash, and I had the odd cheater encounter.

Cheaters have become more common over time. But they are still uncommon among Escape from Tarkov’s 50 servers. In terms of replayability, the game is “wiped” every 6 months, which means your account is reset and you restart from level 1. Basic gear, basic skills, a basic hideout, and a task reset.

Escape From Tarkov’s Combat and Leveling 

The combat aspect of the game is terrifying. It is fast-paced, and loud. In most cases, you’re dead before you know it. The gunplay and sounds are accurate, along with the weapon handling. See for yourself. 

Intense firefight on Interchange

Apparently, the maximum level of Escape from Tarkov is around 80–99, but streamers or consistent players reach a level of around 60–70. Skills, however, have a maximum level of 51 and progress depending on your character’s performance in specific activities.

When your character is overweight and sprints, for example, the strength skill earns experience, allowing you to carry more loot; otherwise, experience contributes to stamina and has an effect on the amount of time you can run without tiring.Traders also have a trading level. The higher the level, the higher the quality of tradeable or purchasable goods. 

Trader levelling guide

Guide to skill levelling

The videos above are from a YouTuber called Pestily. I highly recommend you use the guides he has posted to improve your knowledge of Escape From Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov’s Tasks

Every trader within the game has specific tasks; the tasks compose the story of Escape From Tarkov, and conducting specific tasks for a trader can have an external effect on the level of trade reputation of another trader. Tasks are the main way to level up in Escape from Tarkov. You will level up slowly and fall behind other players if you do not complete tasks. The higher the level, the better the gear, and the more advantage you have over other players. Tasks are explained in the trader’s guide above. Thank you, Pest!

Escape from Tarkov’s Graphics

Escape from Tarkov has graphics that are realistic for the current generation. The game prioritises realism above everything else. Graphics are accurately shown in the Escape From Tarkov’s Battle in the Streets trailer for the upcoming “Streets” map.

Escape from Tarkov - Battle in the Streets Gameplay Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2021

The game provides options for colour grading and tone, which makes the game more colourful and bright. Naturally, the game is not very saturated, but you as the player can change that. The natural colour tone of Tarkov is very bland and gray in comparison to some of the selective tones.

The crashed plane from one of Tarkov's maps, Woods. An open map for long-range encounters; a sniper's dream.

Escape from Tarkov’s Price

Battlestate Games has created three versions of Escape from Tarkov. These are:

Standard edition: 44.99 US$

Left Behind edition: 74.99US$

Edge of Darkness edition: 99.99US$


Each edition consists of the standard game; however, with the increase in edition comes increased starting stash space, trader reputation, and additional starting equipment. Escape from Tarkov is only available on PC and comes with no in-app purchases. There is so much more the game has to offer, and learning everything yourself is the best aspect of the game. If you are interested, you can buy the game here:


As an Escape From Tarkov player myself, I find the game worth the purchase. Looking from an unbiased point of view, I will list the pros and cons.


1. Good graphics and hardcore gameplay

2. Excellent map selection

3. There are plenty of available servers

4. Amazing for playing with a group of friends

5. Plenty of content to keep you occupied, plus a semi-annual wipe


1. Can cause many mental breakdowns

2. Servers can sometimes just stop working, maintenance occurs every few weeks

3. Cheaters

4. No guides or tutorials

5. This game does not care about your feelings

You have to be willing to dedicate time to the game to improve. Once you improve, then and only then can the game become truly enjoyable. 

Final Rating: 7.4/10


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