[Top 10] Escape From Tarkov Best Hideout Crafts

Hideout High Level Rest Space

10. Toilet paper

“A roll of clean two-layer delicate toilet paper. The treasure in these dark times.”

Toilet paper is a generic loot item in Escape from Tarkov. It can be found in an assortment of locations, from sports bags to medical supply caches. The item has no proper use other than to barter, trade, buy, and sell it across traders or at the flea market.

This item can be traded with traders for a wide variety of goods to help you in your Tarkov journey. For example, in combination with two toothpastes, you can exchange two toilet papers and two toothpastes for an AK-74 5.45x39 assault rifle. Other trades include optical scope mounts, an armoured rig, and a camper axe.

This item's hideout craft is available from Lavatory Level two with one sheet of printer paper that produces two toilet papers in twenty-six minutes. The most important aspect of profiting from this trade is determining how cheaply you can obtain printer paper. You can sell toilet paper on the flea market or at Therapist to break even and make marginal profits, but if you can obtain cheap printer paper, you will make more. Try to aim for 10,000 rubles or less for printer paper.



  • Cost: ~10000 rubles
  • Revenue: 12160 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 120 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 279 rubles


9. Secure Flash drive

“A secure flash drive. Such USB sticks are frequently used by TerraGroup employees. They can definitely contain sensitive data.”

The Secure Flash drive is one of Escape from Tarkov’s notorious quest items. This hard-to-find generic loot item is required to complete tasks like “What's on the Flash Drive?” and “Shady Business.”

This craft can be obtained from the Intelligence Center level two and takes about 34 hours to complete. It requires one broken iPhone, one broken iPhone X, and one SSD. The secure flash drive can be used to craft the object 11SR keycard, Military flash drive, and topographic survey maps.

If you don't want to bother finding all 5 flash drives in-raid, the hideout craft is useful for earning passive income and completing the above-mentioned quests.



  • Cost: ~80000 rubles
  • Revenue: 122667 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 24582 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 721 rubles


8. Slickers chocolate bar

“Sweet nutritional bar for some quick bite. Well-balance in proteins, fiber and vitamins, but a bit over the top in sweetness.”

The Slickers chocolate bar is a food item in Escape from Tarkov that can be found on Dead scavs, sport bags, and ground caches. Upon consuming the food item, your PMC will receive an energy increase of 30 and have a hydration defect of -15.

Slickers bars are a minor component of some major trades even for some of the later-game leveled traders, such as Skier Level four. Slickers bars can be combined with other items to obtain a weapon case, an SSO attack-2 raid backpack, or simply a scav vest.

The item also gives some minor buffs to your PMC after consumption, like intellect, attention, and stress resistance boosts. The craft itself produces seven slickers bars over the course of just over an hour and requires a nutrition unit of level two. 



  • Cost: ~28000 rubles
  • Revenue: 60935 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 9396 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 7925 rubles


7. Ox bleach

“Special stain remover and bleach Ox. The bleaching agent destroys chemical bonds, which is actively used in chemical production.”

The Ox Bleach is a common loot item that can be found in sport bags, dead scavs, and ground caches. This item is required to complete “Spa Tour - Part 3” with the player needing to find two in raid or crafted and hand them in.

This item surrounds Ragman with its potential trades, you can trade two in for a 6b47 Ratnik-BSh helmet, and you also have the opportunity to trade this item in combination with others for the WARTECH TV-110 plate carrier rig or Mystery Ranch Blackjack backpack.

To craft this item, you need to have one bar of soap, alkaline cleaner, and a pack of sodium to make five Ox bleaches. The duration of the craft is 38 and a half minutes at Lavatory Level two. 



  • Cost: ~36000 rubles
  • Revenue: 55115 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 6483 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 10178 rubles


6. Can of condensed milk

“Condensed milk, also called "Sguschyonka" in Russian, once was a part of field ration for the Union soldiers in Civil War, but later reached unprecedented popularity in post-Soviet countries, becoming almost a staple product. Canned, it can be stored for decades and remain just as sweet, tasty and nutritious.”

Condensed milk is a food item and is very commonly found in ration supply crates, so check medbay on Woods if you really want to find this item. You can trade 60 of these items along with some oat flakes for a Kiba Arms outer door key or three cans of condensed milk for a Velocity Systems MPPV  patrol vest.

The first trade is available from Therapist level four and the other from Ragman level three. The craft requires one pack of milk and one pack of sugar to craft three cans of condensed milk over one hour and 20 minutes with a nutrition unit level two. Sell this item straight to Therapist after crafting to avoid flea market tax.



  • Cost: ~32000 rubles
  • Revenue: 54741 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 14295 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 10582 rubles


5. Grizzly medical kit

“Travel Grizzly Medical kit is considered one of the best first aid kits. It contains everything necessary to provide timely medical care in extreme conditions.”

The first of the craftable medical kits on this list is the prolific Grizzly Medical Kit. It comes with a huge durability rating of 1800 and is capable of healing anything but blacked out limbs (that's the use of the CMS kit or survival kit) with ease.

You can find this medkit in a wide range of places, including medbags, sport bags, wooden crates, ground caches, and so on. Now, you cannot use this item for anything but medical uses, but you can trade for it with the Therapist and Jaeger level two.

To craft this item, you will need four piles of meds, two CAT hemostatic tourniquets, and one aluminum splint with a medstation of level three.



  • Cost: ~33000 rubles
  • Revenue: 67444 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 14255 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 11481 rubles


4. AI-2 medkit

“The AI-2 medikit was developed as a standard service first aid kit for various defence and law enforcement agencies and civil defense forces of USSR. In case of all-out conflict with the use of weapons of mass destruction it should have been distributed to the population of the affected and surrounding areas.”

Also known as the “slice of cheese” to many Tarkov players, the AI-2 medkit is a single slot medkit only capable of healing body parts. It cannot stop bleeds or recover blacked out limbs.

This item can be found from medbags, medcases, dead scavs, ground caches, weapon boxes, and supply crates. I ensure you will come across plenty of “cheese” during your raids. The AI-2 can be used to craft piles of meds and the xTG-12 antidote injector using MedStation level two.

However, one pile of meds crafts three AI-2 medkits in 22 minutes with a Medstation level one. To avoid paying taxes, make sure to trade directly with Therapist! The real question is, "How do you make medicine out of cheese?"



  • Cost: ~5800 rubles
  • Revenue: 9828 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 4028 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 12084 rubles


3. Bundle of wires

“Pieces of various purpose wires.”

One of the main components of building the hideout is wires, which are needed for upgrading your generator, illumination, heating, security, vents, rest space, and shooting range.

This is a generic loot item that can be found in toolboxes, ground caches, drawers, technical supply crates, and especially computers. A bundle of wires is commonly traded for an Ash-12 assault rifle or TT-33 pistol with Level four Prapor or Mechanic level one. Otherwise, you can look to trade with Mechanic at higher loyalty levels for a HK MP5 drum magazine or weapon case.

The craft for this item requires a level one workbench and two power cords, done over a period of just under two hours. The craft leaves you eight bundles per craft. The lower the price of the power cords, the higher your profits. 



  • Cost: ~72000 rubles
  • Revenue: 136040 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 40659 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 20771 rubles


2. NIXXOR lens

“Lens for video equipment and security systems.”

This electronics item is required to upgrade your security to level three in your hideout. It is not on the common side of loot and can be found in drawers, sports bags, dead scavs, ground caches, and buried barrel caches.

This item can be traded with three different traders of varying loyalty levels. See the Tarkov wiki link for more information.


The craft requires a tech manual and toolset (both of which are permanently reusable), as well as a wifi camera and plexiglass piece. The process will take two and a half hours to complete and will leave you with two NIXXOR lenses. To conduct the craft, you will need a level two workbench.



  • Cost: ~53000 rubles
  • Revenue: 166542 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 78820 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 31416 rubles


1. Gunpowder “Hawk”

“Tin with gunpowder. An essential resource for creating cartridges. A rare and high-quality mixture of high-energy ballistic gunpowder with stabilizing components.”

If you play Escape from Tarkov and don’t make ammunition crafts with this item, I have no idea why you are even playing. If you want to make some of the best ammo to ever grace this game, you need to buy or find and use this gunpowder to make some serious firepower.

This item can be found mainly in weapon boxes, so be sure to loot them. This item can only be crafted because traders have no trading offers that include it as of now. The trade itself is to craft five gunpowder “Hawks” using one gunpowder “Kite”, one gunpowder "eagle,” and one box of matches with a workbench level one.

Be sure to sell this immediately to Therapist to avoid flea tax if you want to maximise your profits.



  • Cost: ~41000 rubles
  • Revenue: 66150 rubles
  • Profit after tax: 24546 rubles
  • Profit generated every hour: 41577 rubles

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