[Guide] Escape From Tarkov Best Factions - Which should you choose?

A BEAR PMC and USEC PMC standing side by side

USEC Faction (United Security)

TerraGroup International Corporation employs the United Security, or USEC, as private military contractors (PMCs) to combat BEAR PMCs. The BEAR PMCs were tasked to investigate the illegal activities conducted by TerraGroup, thus creating the conflict between the factions.

The USEC PMCs are typically outfitted with western-inspired weapons and equipment, with a focus on modding AR systems and long-range optics. This faction is my favourite of the two. Why is the USEC faction my go-to in Escape from Tarkov? Because I enjoy being able to use English voice lines and being able to enter the water treatment plant on Lighthouse without any issue from rogues. This allows for simpler rogue farming, meaning free gear.

The starting stash items are different between USEC and BEAR, mainly armour and weaponry. Instead of standard M4A1s, BEARs are given AK-74Ms. Depending on your personal playstyle, you may want to use the AK over the M4 or vice versa. 


USEC strengths:

  • Starting weaponry, ammo and attachments are hard to find early wipe making them an initial novelty. 
  • Utilises western equipment.
  • Speaks English and is not immediately targeted by rogues.
  • Better clothing for camouflage 

Choose USEC if…

  • You have a preference for western equipment.
  • Want better initial camouflage. Character wears a green shade instead of black.
  • You prefer to have your character speak English, instead of Russian. 


BEAR Faction (Battle Encounter Assault Regiment)

BEAR acts as the counterpart to USEC; their aim is to uncover the dirty secrets behind the TerraGroup organisation. BEARs act as the eastern aspect of the game, speaking Russian and starting with Russian equipment and weapons. BEAR PMCs are considered domestic in contrast to the foreign USEC PMCs. 

As mentioned previously, BEARs prefer Russian equipment to western equipment. As a BEAR, you begin your raiding experience using Kalashnikov rifles. The AK rifle series at standard is much easier to use than the Colt M4 simply due to its recoil and rear sight. The BEAR PMCs speak Russian instead of English.

The only downside about choosing to be a Russian BEAR over an American USEC is that you will be targeted immediately by USEC rogues. Battlestate games intend to introduce a new enemy faction that acts similarly but not identically to USEC rogues, resulting in a complete balance between both player factions. Otherwise, your choice should come down to personal preference, as there is no major imbalance between USEC and BEAR. 


BEAR strengths:

  • Starting weaponry, ammo and attachments are easy to find early wipe.
  • Utilises Russian equipment.
  • Speaks Russian.
  • Good at baiting players with Russian voice lines.

Choose BEAR if…

  • You love Kalashnikov.
  • You prefer the Russian language over English.
  • You prefer darker colours to camouflage.

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