Escape From Tarkov Best Carbine Rifles Ranked

Escape From Tarkov Carbine Rilfes Ranked
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In Escape From Tarkov, it is often the case that you might find yourself in need of a versatile weapon that can excel in both medium-to-long range engagements while not being completely trash in close-range engagements all while being cheaper than an assault rifle. That is the job of the carbines and marksman rifles on this list. All of these rifles excel at medium range engagements and are highly sought after in the game for getting the most bang for your buck. This category of rifles are  the jack of all trades within Tarkov. Picking up any of the weapons on this list will provide a reliable weapon to give any player the chance to survive the chaos of a PvP or PvE fight within a raid.


See it in action- Gameplay by Willerz.

The AS VAL is one of two unique weapons which fires the 9x39mm round in Escape from Tarkov, making it one of the quietest and hardest hitting weapons in Tarkov. This weapon has the option of semi-automatic or fully automatic fire, giving it a lot of versatility to eliminate targets. It is also one of the few guns in the game that has a built-in suppressor, allowing  it to be a silent killer. This weapon is incredibly powerful, but all of this comes at a severely high cost in the game. One of these bad boys will cost you three times as much to run when compared to several other weapons on this list. The weapon is also rare to find, and the ammunition costs a fortune to fire, which is an issue  none of the other weapons on this list usually has to deal with..

I recommend that if you get your hands on the AS VAL, treat it like a rare diamond. Either sell it on the flea market or get ready to put on your best equipment and make sure to make the most of every shot you fire. This weapon is stellar in close to medium ranges, so make sure only to use it within that effective range for its best possible performance. The AS VAL truly is one of the best weapons in Tarkov, and if price was not an object, it would be at the top of this list, but until it comes down in value, there are just so many other options worth considering.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 58
  • Ergonomics (Ease of Movement)- 54
  • RPM (Rate of Fire)- 900

Weapon Rating- 90/100

6. Vepr Hunter/VPO 101

See it in action- Gameplay by DeadlySlob.

The Vepr Hunter, or VPO 101, is a semi-automatic hunting rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm and is considered one of the best budget rifles in Escape From Tarkov. The caliber is one of the hardest hitting in the game and depending on the ammunition can penetrate the highest armor within Tarkov. This weapon is common to find and very affordable to modify. The limitations of this  rifle have to relate to its available modifications and the magazine capacity, which is limited to at most 10 rounds. Due to its length and recoil, this weapon is most effective in medium-to-long range combat and  struggles in close-range combat.

I recommend this weapon early on in a fresh wipe of Tarkov. There are not many rifles that match its cost-effectiveness at that stage of the game. The real issues arise when you reach the mid to late game PvP fights, where people will simply have better performing weapons in every raid.That being said, though, if you're tight on cash or on a bad losing streak, this weapon is the perfect option to use to make some cash quick, and if you do lose them when dying, it is not a terrible  hit on the bank account.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 366
  • Ergonomics- 50
  • RPM- 600

Weapon Rating- 60/100

5. VSS Vintorez

See it in action- Gameplay by DeadlySlob.

The VSS Vintorez is the other rifle chambered in 9x39mm within Escape from Tarkov, and this weapon is almost identical to the AS VAL, with the only real difference between the two being the iconic wooden butstock on the VSS. Though this limits the modification options on the VSS, it actually helps make the weapon much more affordable and practical to operate in the game. The VSS is far more common to find in Tarkov raids, and it costs half the price to purchase when compared to the AS VAL.

The VSS is another weapon that excels in close-to-medium ranges. So I recommend sticking to that engagement distance whenever you run one of these rifles. Even with the rifle being so much cheaper than its older brother, the AS VAL, the ammunition is still expensive and rare. 9x39mm, while an incredible round that can eliminate any target in two shots through most armor, is in a situation right now that often feels like you are shooting diamonds and gold bars out of your weapon due to the cost of one bullet. This makes it difficult to constantly run this rifle without hurting the bank account unless you are making millions in rubles every raid or going on some insane win streak.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 54
  • Ergonomics- 60
  • RPM- 900

Weapon Rating- 85/100

4. M1A

See it in action- Gameplay by Willerz.

The M1A is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm. The M1A is another rifle that excels at long-to-medium range engagements but struggles at close ranges due to its length.The M1A is the first weapon on this list with a very long list of modifications that can improve the stats of the weapon, making it one of the best marksman platforms Tarkov has to offer. The M1A is the perfect weapon for those looking for reliability and consistency in a rifle. The only real drawback with this platform is that modifying it can cost quite a bit of cash inorder to put it on par with many of the other high-end weapons in Tarkov.

I recommend this weapon to all players looking for a weapon that can dominate in medium and long-range fights around the middle of a Tarkov wipe. It is a versatile weapon that returns to you in performance as much as you put into it. So, the more cash you put into this beast, the more comfortable and dominant it will become. Just make sure to try and avoid being in close range engagements with submachine guns or assault rifles because the weapon can often be a little slow to shoulder and aim due to its lower ergonomics value.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 163
  • Ergonomics- 31
  • RPM- 700

Weapon Rating- 82/100 


See it in action- Gameplay by DeadlySlob.

The SVDS is the only weapon on this list chambered in 7.62x54mm, a Russian sniper caliber round. This round gives it the highest engagement distance of any rifle on this list. The SVDS has some limited modification options that give it the potential to be a long-range killing machine as long as you can afford it. It  is an expensive rifle to buy straight up from traders but is a pretty common weapon to find in Tarkov raids, which helps it move up on this list. If you can afford to slap a scope on this rifle, you have a great weapon that can two-tap any target to the chest. 

I recommend making sure to only use this rifle as a long range weapon. It is an amazing weapon for that task and that task alone. It is also another rifle that, if you put the money into it, will improve in performance by a lot, making it much more comfortable to fire. The lack of versatility does hold this rifle back, and though it is common to find in Tarkov, it is not the most cost-efficient weapon in this class, which holds it back from being in the top two.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 180
  • Ergonomics- 29
  • RPM- 700

Weapon Rating- 81/100

2. RFB

See it in action- Gameplay by Pestily.

The RFB is a beastly little package of a rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm and can only fire semi-automatically. The RFB is a bullpup design rifle that has limited but affordable modification options that allow it to be versatile from long to close ranges. This weapon is notorious within Tarkov as being extremely cost-effective. It is cheap to buy the weapon and the round it fires is good for every target you can even think about running into within a single raid. Most importantly, it does not have the problem that many of the other weapons on this list have of struggling in close range engagements. This weapon can match the maneuverability and stats of some of the best submachine guns in Tarkov.

I cannot praise the RFB enough. It is honestly one of the first weapons I can recommend to any new or experienced player of Escape From Tarkov. This rifle is always worth the investment. It might give up a little bit of accuracy over distance compared to an M1A, but it makes up for it greatly due to how easy it is to use in up close and personal encounters. In many people's eyes, it should be number one on this list, but it is still a little pricey compared to the final carbine rifle on this list.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 159
  • Ergonomics- 49
  • RPM- 700

Weapon Rating- 94/100 


See it in action- Gameplay by DeadlySlob.

The SKS and OP-SKS variants are semi-automatic rifles chambered in 7.62x39mm and can only be fired in semi-automatic. The SKS is, in my opinion, the king of cost efficiency within Escape From Tarkov. This weapon is the cheapest to purchase on this list and has a short list of modifications that can improve its overall performance. It also fires one of the most common calibers within Tarkov, which makes it almost impossible to run out of ammunition for it. The SKS also has a few quirks about it that make it a unique rifle, even if it is outdated compared to some of the other weapons on this list. The biggest of these quirks is the ability to top feed the rifle. The SKS has the option to both reload magazines the traditional way or individually put rounds into the top of the weapon one at a time, like many old World War II rifles.

The SKS is not taking home any awards for being the best weapon within Escape from Tarkov, but it is  one of the easiest weapons to get a handle on within Tarkov, which counts for a lot in my book. I recommend getting as many of these rifles as you can early on from day one within Tarkov, specifically the OP-SKS model, which allows for easy access to scope mounting. They will perform solidly from all ranges, long or close, and while you don’t need to modify this weapon to be able to use one, I recommend buying the 20 round magazine upgrade over the 10 round internal clip to start making this weapon into the true budget king that it can be. Trust me when I say there is nothing quite as satisfying as killing a fully geared up guy with a budget SKS and knowing you just made about 10 times the cost of the rifle you are using.

Base Stats-

  • Vertical Recoil- 155
  • Ergonomics- 44
  • RPM- 40

Weapon Rating- 90/100

Carbine rifles are some of the most unique and cost-effective rifles within Tarkov, and while none of them are going to ever be the best in the game, they are in the unique position of being always available and comfortable to use. These rifles are the backbone of any good Tarkov player's weapon choices, so I recommend picking one of these weapons up and getting very comfortable with their playstyles if you're looking to make the most out of your time within Tarkov. These rifles are often considered many players' money makers and give them the most possible bang while keeping cost to a minimum, allowing you to turn out some incredible profit whether you survive or not.

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