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Will You Survive?! ...Probably Not.

4. Perk-alicious

The cruel way out.

But character customization doesn't just stop at appearance and airdrops. You also get to choose a total of three perks from a laundry list of possibilities. These perks don’t have to have anything to do with each other in the slightest if you don't want them to. Just choose any three and get to the killing.

These perks could be anything, from dealing damage to your opponent's stamina with every attack, to dropping a smoke bomb when you're below 30% health (like some kind of weird squid-human hybrid). The best players know how to make perks complement one another. And I don't mean the lying-through-the-teeth high school form of compliments, either.

Sure, you could pick the perk that lets you move 13% faster, but why not also get the perk that lets you move 7% faster when you're holding a spear? Oh, and make Spear backstabs do more damage! So now you can circle your enemies (like some kind of weird shark-human hybrid) while repeatedly poking their back for extra damage. And they can forget about running from you.

Or is being a predatory terror not really your thing? Get perks that let you throw weapons faster and for more damage, so you can throw hastily crafted knives at enemies while running around in circles. At the same time, choose a perk for more stamina, so you can outrun your opponents, and get the "run faster with knives" perk. Now you can run literal circles around anyone you want, while throwing your stack of knives at their face.

Or just airdrop a gun and shoot everyone. Whatever works for you.


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