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Best Sports Games
Prepare for a Slam Dunk

4. WWE 2K18

Despite what your snarky friends from college tell you, wrestling is a sport (a different one, but still, a sport). It requires great mental and physical ability, as well as talent, and just because matches are fixed in advance, it doesn’t mean it’s less exciting to watch. WWE is basically the owner of wrestling across the world, and their 2K videogame series is one of the best out there. Of course, since you cannot tell a player to go out on the ring and lose, WWE 2K is more of a fighting game than anything else. 

You get to choose from a long list of wrestlers today (like Roman Reigns and John Cena) and some industry legends (like Stone Cold and The Rock). Create your own personalized wrestler with a fantastic customization system and replicate some of the biggest fights in wrestling history. For anyone that loves wrestling and fighting games WWE 2K18 is a must-buy.

WWE 2K18 John Cena

This year’s graphics are some of the best seen in a wrestling videogame

WWE 2K18 Finisher


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