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6. Steep

Steep is an astonishing 2016 online mountain extreme sports simulator developed by Ubisoft. If I can make another Tony Hawk comparison, Steep borrows the open-world elements of Project 8 and let’s you explore the vast Alps by doing one out of four available activities (Skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wingsuit flying). While the game has been criticized for not having many rewards (besides cosmetic items), Steep is a blast to play with your friends.

The open-world elements work fantastically with the setting, as it is enjoyable to explore the beautiful mountains you’ll visit. While the exploration is front and center, the sports aspect of the game is also enjoyable, Steep is simply the best snowboarding simulator in the market and it’s an easy recommend for anyone who wants a fun online experience with friends.

Steep Gameplay

The stellar scenery makes Steep incredible to watch and play

Steep Gameplay 2

Ski your way through the world’s most beautiful mountains

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