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Prepare for a Slam Dunk

7. OlliOlli2

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is a 2015 2-D skateboarding-runner hybrid developed by Roll7. Originally a PS4 game, it’s a sequel to 2014 OlliOlli and the best way to describe it is Tony Hawk meets Bit.Trip Runner. The game consists of completing different levels by doing tricks with your skateboard and getting to the end. It’s a game for perfectionists because you’ll need to time every move to a tee. It has amazingly tight controls, a great score and it works well with both keyboard and controller. In conclusion, if you’re a skateboarding fan, this smaller game, which is by no means easy, should already be in your collection.

OlliOlli2 Gameplay 1

Thanks to its vibrant retro style, OlliOlli 2 is an all-around stunning gaming experience

OlliOlli2 Gameplay 2

Skating games have never been this fun! (or hard)

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