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Best Sports Games
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9. Blood Bowl 2

From one turn-based strategy game to the next. Like FTG, Blood Bowl 2 takes elements of XCOM and blends them perfectly with a real-life sport. Here’s the catch though, 2015 Blood Bowl 2 gives you teams of fantasy characters, puts them in an American football field and let’s you see what would happen. Developed by Cyanide, BB2 let’s you choose from a group of different races (orcs, elves, humans, etc.) with wildly different styles which you must use to score touchdowns against the other teams. The turn-based gameplay and strategy elements are on point, easy to learn, difficult to master.

The main mode is campaign, where you choose your race, enter championships and become the best football team in the realm. Newer patches let you create inter-species teams which only become more varied and fun. You can use stronger races to injure opponents or smaller ones that can dodge and attack faster. This is a fun game that gets a spot on this list for combining two worlds that shouldn’t go together so well.

Blood Bowl Art

The distinctly different characters and playing styles of Blood Bowl 2 provide hours of fun

Blood Bowl Gameplay

Real American Football should be more like this

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