5 Best WWE Video Games To Play in 2015

Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave.
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Think you're tough? Step into the squared circle in 5 of best WWE video games!

Yes, it’s as fake as a porn star’s silicone implants, and it’s not exactly what you’d call intellectually stimulating. But it’s one of the biggest phenomena on television, watched by millions of fans worldwide. What the heck are we talking about? Why, World Wrestling Entertainment, a.k.a. WWE, of course!

Nothing beats the visceral thrill of watching two sweaty, half-naked musclemen pummeling each other senseless and throwing each other around like rag dolls. And the suspense when one man has wrapped his enormous thighs around another man’s head, ready to crush his skull to the rousing cheers of thousands? Priceless.

WWE games have been with us since for decades, allowing armchair wrestlers a glimpse of what it’s like to be our favorite wrestling superstars in the squared circle. Recent boosts in the power of our game machines have made these games more realistic, with more life-like models and believable physics. Here then, is our list of the 5 Best WWE Video Games To Play in 2015 – which will include only the most enjoyable titles released within the last five years – starting with…

5. WWE 2K


Your favorite superstars go miniature in WWE 2K! 

What’s this? A great game for the iOS, and a wrestling game, at that? My, how times have changed!

For a mobile game, this year’s WWE 2K is surprisingly complex. You tap the screen to do basic attacks and move around the ring, pinch your fingers to grapple, and swipe to perform a throw. At times, arrows will appear on the screen, prompting you to do specific gestures to get out of holds, initiate reversals, and all sorts of other actions.

As you may have noticed, we’ve made no mention of virtual buttons. That’s because there aren’t any. As described above, everything is controlled by gestures. This might make for a clunky video game wrestling experience, but with practice, it’s something you can become adept at.

Everything else is as you can expect from a WWE game. You punish your opponent – with everything from special moves to chairs to the face – until he’s too weak to escape a pinfall. Available superstars to play as or against range from Daniel Bryan to Hulk Hogan, although you can also customize your own unique wrestler in the career mode. There’s even multiplayer!

WWE 2K is as good as a WWE game can get on iPads and iPhones, making it one of the best WWE video games currently on the market.


Pain in 3... 2... 1...


Time for a chokeslam!


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