[Top 10] Best Android Wrestling Games

Best Android Wrestling Games
Because sometimes you just need lay the smack-down on the go

You thought quality wrestling were exclusive to Consoles and PC? Think again.

Since the dawn of the smartphone, there have been many quality wrestling games that take advantage of the unique hardware available to mobile gaming.

Here is a list of the top 10 best wrestling games on Android Phones so you are ready to lay down the smackdown anywhere you go.

10. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D Gameplay.

With 60 million downloads, Wrestling Revolution 3D also offers a deep career mode that not only offers a highly realistic wrestling simulator, right down to contract negotiations, but also a carer mode for promoters to simulate booking a wrestling show and running their own promotion. Combined with the separate, optional "Backstage Pass" which allows players to create any match type they want, and you’ve got an extremely ambitious game that really pushes the boundaries of what a mobile game can be.

What makes Wrestling Revolution 3D great:

  • A deep career mode that simulates the life of a wrestler from hard-hitting matches to contract negotiations.
  • A Booking mode where players promote matches for the highest ratings.
  • The optional “Backstage Pass” DLC adds the ability to create any match type you want.

A large roster consisting of fictitious versions of wrestlers from WWE, NJPW and more.

The backstage pass DLC allows players to create any match they can think of.


9.Tag Team Wrestling 2019: Cage Death Fighting Stars

Tag Team wrestling is one of the most iconic and fun parts of a wrestling show, something which Tag Team Wrestling 2019: Cage Death Fighting Stars captures very well. Take control of your favorite tag team and compete in multiple hard-hitting tag team matches to win the tag team championships.

What makes Tag Team Wrestling 2019: Cage Death Fighting Stars great:

  • Realistically animated wrestling maneuvers.
  • High-Quality sound.
  • Focus on Tag Team matches.

Well detailed character for a mobile game.

The drama unique to Tag Team matches.


8. Wrestling Revolution

The predecessor to number 10 on our list, Wrestling Revolution is a 2D wrestling game that harkens back to Fire Pro Wrestling and the SNES wrestling games. With a roster of 350 wrestlers spread across nine promotions based on real-world promotions like WWE, and NJPW, ext, and graphic that can put as many wrestlers in a match as your phone can handle, you got a fun wrestling game with a unique retro charm.

What makes Wrestling Revolution great:

  • Unique 2D art style.
  • A large roster of 350 wrestlers.
  • Lets players put in as many wrestlers as their phone can handle.

Loads of wrestlers in chaotic action.

A unique 2D art style.


7.Pro Wrestling Battle 2019: Ultimate Fighting Mania

Pro Wrestling Battle 2019: Ultimate Fighting Mania gameplay

While not the first wrestling game to combine pro wrestling and MMA, Pro Wrestling Battle 2019: Ultimate Fighting Mania throws some unique tests to the formula by adding in this like RPG-like stat mechanics where your fighter/wrestler gets better at skills like punches and high flying moves by continuing to do them. Combined with 3D animations, high-quality sound, and a bizarre roster, you have a unique mobile experience.

What makes Pro Wrestling Battle 2019: Ultimate Fighting Mania great:

  • A mix of MMA and Pro Wrestling.
  • RPG elements such as stats that increase after every match.
  • An off the wall roster that gives the game a strange charm.

Bizarre, Off the wall tag team action.
Outside the ring fighting that would make good oldStone Coldproud.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fa.real.wrestling.battle2018&hl=en_US

6. Tag Team Wrestling Superstars 2019: Hell In Cell

In this fully 3D wrestling game, experience simulation-like gameplay with easy, highly addictive gameplay and smooth touch controls. Add in a career mode and you got yourself a winner.

What makes Tag Team Wrestling 2019: Hell in Cell great:

  • Fully 3D gameplay.
  • Simulation style gameplay.
  • A career mode where players challenge the strongest wrestlers.

Mat based fighting.

Simulation style gameplay with smooth touch controls.


5.Pro Wrestling Stars 2019: Fight as A Super Legend

Pick your tag team and fight in matches that offer fast-paced simulation-like gameplay. Use Hard-hitting Kicks and strikes to take down your opponents in exciting wrestling action.

What makes Pro Wrestling Stars 2019: Fight as A Super Legend great:

  • Fun, fast-paced simulation-like gameplay.
  • Emphasis on strikes and kicks giving the gameplay a unique kickboxing feel.
  • Realistic sound effects.

Strike based tag team gameplay.

High flying excitement.


4.World Wrestling Ring: Free Wrestling Game 2018

A unique mix of Pro Wrestling, Boxing, and MMA, World Wrestling Ring features more modes than usual mobile games such as a story mode and training mode. Along with fun gameplay that utilizes realistic fighting moves and you have yourself a highly entertaining game.

What makes World Wrestling Ring: Free Wrestling Game 2018 great:

  • A unique mix of Pro wrestling, Boxing and MMA.
  • Training and story modes to add more variety.
  • Realistic fighting moves.

Ground and pound.

Realistic movements make dishing out moves more fun.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.toucangames.world.wrestling.ring.wrestlinggames

3. World Wrestling Champions 2K18

World Wrestling Championships 2k18 features many match types such as barbed wire and Steel cage deathmatches, as well as a create-a-wrestler feature where players can choose if he acts like a face or a heel. Along with featuring authentic wrestling movies such as tombstones piledrivers and chair shots, and you got a mobile game that captures the exciting action of pro wrestling.

What makes World Wrestling Champions 2K18 great:

  • Lots of match types including barb-wired and steel cage deathmatches
  • A create-a-wrestler system where plays can decide if there AI is a heel or babyface.
  • Authentic moves like tombstone piledrivers and chair shoots give the game a special authenticity.

Authentic wrestling offense.

The screenshot says it all folks.


2.World Tag Team Wrestling Revolution Championship

In this fast and fun arcade-style wrestling game, fight multiple tag teams in 3D graphics that are reminiscent of classic Playstation 1 wrestling games such as the first two WWF Smackdown games and Power Move Pro Wrestling. Add in realistic sound effects for timers and ring bells and you’ve got a game that is a fun throwback to a classic era of wrestling games.

What makes World Tag Team Wrestling Revolution Championship great:

  • Fast, arcade-style gameplay.
  • The 3D graphicsharkenback to the PS1 wrestling games.
  • Realistic timer and ring bell sound effects.

That’s gotta hurt.

Fast, Arcade-style gameplay.


1.Real Wrestling 3D

For Real Wrestling 3D, the title says it all. With gameplay that emphasizes grappling and submission wrestling and intuitive touch controls, nothing on mobile and console plays like Real Wrestling 3D.

What makes Real Wrestling 3D great:

  • Technical gameplay that focuses on grappling and submission style wrestling.
  • A Large but manageable roster consisting of 140+ wrestlers.
  • Intuitive touch controls.

Submission Grappling based gameplay

Intuitive touch controls.

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dm.ssc.wrestling

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