[Top 10] Rocket League Best Boost That Are Awesome

Rocket League Best Boost
Ready to pick your rocket launcher? Literally.

Fire? Light? Maybe even dark alien matter. Let's help you decide on the best boost for you!

When you played Rocket League for the first time, you probably thought the game was so boring! I mean, race cars with a huge Nitrous Boost and a football? Sounds like a cute mini-game to play a few times. It’s only till you realize that that huge boost on the back of your car can actually shoot you up in the air like a rocket!

The boost is probably the most important asset in your car as it opens up a world of possibilities and aerials to perform. Why not do it while shooting ninja shurikens or blazing fire from your behind?

Rocket League offers a vast amount of customizations to choose from, including your boost of course. Whether you want to cosplay Zeus and shoot lightning out of there or get in the Christmas mood spreading gifts and joy to your crying opponents after you score on them, this game has your taste! Let’s look at the top 10 most awesome-looking boosts in the game.

10- Pixel Fire

Pixel Fire Boost - Rocket League

Ok, I get it. We’re in 2021, pixelated graphics shouldn’t be a thing anymore, but just give this one a go. We all started on the NES and the Playstation 1 back in the day. This boost is a nice throwback.

The Pixel Fire boost sounds as if you got the fire audio files from Minecraft and an old NES game and merged them together. If you’re born before the 2000s, it might be very satisfying to hear. The look is very old-school and pixelated as well. You’d struggle to find a more retro-looking boost.

9- Flamerate

Flamerate Boost - Rocket League

Continuing along with the flame theme, Flamerate comes in at number 9 for me as the polar opposite to the Pixel Fire. Just look at those smooooth graphics! One of the freshest-looking boosts in the game.

The Flamerate sounds like the most realistic flamethrower you can place on the back of your car. Its smooth circular flames give you the feeling like you’re the fire bender while twisting and aerialing. 10/10 for animation, even if it’s rather simple looking.

8- Ninja Star

Ninja Star Boost - Rocket League

You’d be lying if you said you didn't pretend to throw ninja stars and shurikens as a kid. Ninjas are literally one of the coolest characters to watch, so why not Ninja theme your car with some black/white with this boost?

The Ninja Star boost sounds, you guessed it, accurate, sharp, and like you have a battle scene from Naruto running in the background. The lovely thing about it is how clearly you can see the stars shooting out of your car. This will definitely make you stand out in the arena as you leave your opponents in the stars... I mean dust.

7- Proton

Proton Boost - Rocket League

Just like the name suggests, the Proton is made up of proton-looking cells and lines. For all you science-loving nerds, this one’s for you! You can make your car boost look as if it’s literally disintegrating.

The Proton sounds like the jet engine of a space shuttle drifting at the maximum speed into outer space. Its animation is just as soothing to the ears as it sounds. The combination between proton particles and curvy and straight bright lines is a real sight to behold.

6- Geo Soul

Geo Soul Boost - Rocket League

Again, you geology nerds might like this. Or, maybe you just like throwing a few rocks at your rivals. Sometimes less is more and here your boost is literally just a bunch of rocks flying out of your exhaust at blistering speed. Awesome.

The Geo Soul literally sounds like you’re driving a 4x4 truck off-road while leaving rocks and dust flying into the other cars’ hoods! Pretty badass if you ask me. It looks badass as well if you can find it in the right colors such as Burnt Sienna.

5- Dark Matter

Dark Matter Boost - Rocket League

Entering the dark theme, we have Dark Matter at number 5. It doesn’t just look weird and unique, it sounds just as creepy as well. Goth-themed car anyone? Black/White/Purple would look amazing with this.

The Dark Matter boost sounds evil but in a smart way. Mad scientist maybe? The huge spikes coming directly out of your exhaust give your car a real sinister look while long lines of lightning surround the boost.

4- Hypernova

Hypernova Boost - Rocket League

A nice contrast to have to the previous boost would be the light-themed Hypernova! This one’s seriously bright and big! If you like flashy, consider finding this one as every single player on the field will see you coming a mile away!

The Hypernova sounds like you’re going at hyperspeed through time and space. It also sounds like a cheap phone’s charging sound effect...but anyway. The two streams of constant bright light surrounded by blue circular portal-looking animations really give it that premium futuristic feel.

3- Tachyon

Tachyon Boost - Rocket League

Alright, I know the Tachyon isn’t for everyone, but it divides opinion for a reason. It’s a love it or hate it type boost. You’ll either never take it off your car or never put it on. Personally, I’ve had a lot of hours using the Tachyon purely because of that satisfying-looking linear line. And, it sounds like it makes me go faster. Don’t judge me.

The Tachyon sounds really powerful and loud. Almost as if a space truck is flying at you at 100 miles per hour. It’s pretty loud is what I’m saying. Its blue-colored lines are really drawn well and come out at a satisfying pace, slow enough for your eyes to get distracted by them. Really beautiful.

2- Power Shot

Power Shot Boost - Rocket League

The Power Shot is probably the most badass-looking boost on this list! It’s simple, dark, and powerful looking. It gives off this really anime-looking aura. It’s like a character’s personal superpower or special ability.

The Power shot sounds like some kind of alien technology being built or charging up! Its really thick animation makes it stand out from the rest. It’s smooth and full of details from the lightning running along your boost to little sparks flying out of your exhaust. Simple, but flashy.

1- Sun Ray

Sun Ray Boost - Rocket League

Rocket League cosmetics and boosts are all down to preference after all, but am I the only one who really finds the Sun Ray really...pleasing? It’s really bright but clear. Its animation is smooth, but slow in a way where it doesn’t lose any detail while using it.

If you don’t imagine something like the clouds splitting, angels singing, or the second coming of Jesus when you hear this boost then you’re pretty weird. It’s the best-animated boost in the game in my humble opinion. Its color variations and the way the color covers the whole boost animation can lead to many epic customizations. It’s very versatile.

So finally, this was my top 10 most awesome-looking boost in recent Rocket League. Of course, we take into consideration that this is all perspective and taste, as opinions can vary greatly. Overall, it comes down to how you customize your favorite boost to match the rest of your car ultimately.

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