[Top 25] Best Rocket League Car Designs That Look Freakin' Awesome

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Amazing car designs you can make yourself!


Designing your cars on Rocket League can be one of the most fun and creative parts of the game. Whether you want to support your favorite esports team or make something that looks out of this world, it is all possible!

We are going to be looking at 25 designs that bring your cars to the next level and make you look fierce on the pitch.


1) Octane Shisa

With the Chinese New Year just coming upon us, it happens to be the year of the Tiger, making this design even more fitting!


2) Octane Esports

The decal in this design is what really puts it all together. It’s sleek and it’s simple but it sure does look awesome! 

The fun part about this design is that using the colors in the video, you can color coordinate this with your rank in Rocket League to give it an even more competitive aspect. Maybe you would love a nice gold or a nice platinum color, either way, this is going to look amazing!


3) Octane Orange

The decal 20XX that is used here, is so sleek and smooth. The way the decal just moves and rolls right off the car makes this so nice to look at. How would you not be feeling good about watching your goal replay when your car looks this good?


4) The Marauder 

The Marauder might not be the most favorite car to use in the game, but with a design like this, how could you NOT want to try it?

This design looks like it came straight out of the desert during the apocalypse. The baddest of the bad would be rocking this car in that world, so it’s time to use it Rocket League’s world!


5) Octane Radioactive

Even the smallest of details can make a difference in designs. Look at how the red on the antenna matches up with the red on the wheel. How could you say no to that?


6) The Breakout

This design is for the goofy side of everyone. When you look at this design, it gives off the look such as a jester or a clown. The colors are super fun, and the topper hat makes the design come together completely.

Let your fun side take over for this car design and just have a laugh with it!


7) Octane Mario 

Perfect for those who want fancy designs which are attention-grabbing and equally beautiful. With an honorable tribute to Mario, the color contrast is the key here. The topping is the cherry on the cake and the wheels show a beautiful contrast.


8) Octane Thanatos

A top-class design with an ancient look. The beautiful colors increase the beauty of the avatars and icons of this design – a design that the others will not forget so easily. The gold can be a game-changer for some.

Looks like it came right from a pyramid in Egypt!


9) Fennec Karate Kid

CLEAN! That’s how you will describe it. This design’s so clean that it can make the ground clean too. Oh, how’s that possible? Well, have a look for yourself.

The neon-like finishing will surely get your eyes trapped. And by trapped, I mean into the love for this design.


10) Skyline Retroskull

Jumped right into the game from a racing arena, this design will surely get you stand aside from others. The stripes, the contrast, everything is well designed.

The biggest factor of this design – of course – is the tires. The tires are so attractive that the players will lose their focus and spot them from a mile away. Absolutely Beautiful!


11) Fennec Carbon Fiber

A design that is made from the latest and the most advanced Cutting Edge Technology. How can you ignore such a modern look of a car? That’s some peek modernism.

Even the tires are in contrast with the design! Those are some fine details. If you are one to look at the small details and appreciate them, this is for you!


12) Dominus Suji

Be careful! This design is so hot, it will burn your hands! One of my favorite designs out there. Clean and what you can say – Hot! 

Simple yet effective. An effective way to turn the opponents into your lovers! (Lover of your design, this is what I meant)


13) Skyline Dusk and the Dawn

Again, full marks for the tires. I mean, how you can ignore something like this, just like you can’t ignore someone’s amazing shoes. This decal overall, is lovely!

A confidence booster decal is what it is. The customization pieces the whole design together.


14) Fennec Valorant and Chill

Who wants a classy look and one that standouts from the others? You should see this first and then you will know what class is! Pure lovely and aesthetic. Contrast that not only increases the beauty but also increases the capabilities of the player.

Seems unrealistic? You should definitely try it out.


15) Dominus Funny Book

Freeze the opponents! Yes you read that right, Freeze them! The best part of the design is the matching contrast throughout it. The wheels just match seamlessly with the design.

Following a colder tone, this design would be loved literally by anyone.


16) Fennec White

The shiny design, the white concept behind the design, and the implementation is what makes it stand out. The curved shiny edges, with the shining wheels, and the shining glasses, everything wants you to fall in love with the design.

Presenting you the shiniest object in the world (in the Rocket League’s world), that can even cause damage to the eyes of the opponents! 


17) Peregrine Interstellar

Racing over the galaxies, this is a design your eyes will surely love to see. Some designs are just so beautiful and creative that you become obsessed with them. And surely this is one of them.

Looks like the concept came from the mind of an alien, which could have lived in the world of Halo.


18) Octane Ice Cold Cola

The design is quite similar to the previous one on the list. Those who loved the previous one will surely love this too. Mixture of the Ice and the Coca Cola, this design is really created by someone with a creative mind.

Loving the aesthetics of your car while playing will surely boost your confidence and make the game that much more fun.


19) Octane Trigon

This design is for those who want a futuristic look on their car. The crystal-like texture and the color contrast is totally amazing.  The colors of the wheels are also beautiful. The overall design is smooth and sleek!

A nicer way to show off your success in the game.


20) Octane Glorifier

A creative design with a futuristic look. The effects show the liveliness of the design which is the key factor of it. The complimentary color schemes are also eye-catching. The wheels are really hard to ignore. Such a beautiful composition is for the wheels. The attention to detail is also awesome.

Who would not want to have such a lively design on their car?


21) Octane Firegod

Want to go to space? Go and try out this amazing design and get lost in the space of enjoyment and fun. The body with the white color gives some amazing aesthetics. The starry wheels are also a treat to the eyes.

You can throw the ball out into the space using this design. Go and try yourself!


22) Octane Slipstream

Catchy and good color schemes! A lively look just like the previous ones on our list. The wheels look beautiful though. This is for the ones who want to grab the attention out there on the field.


23) Werewolf Cosmic Dreamer

Just like the name, an amazing interstellar themed design, together with a beautiful color contrast. Colors are what your eyes see.  So, choosing the right ones is most important for a flawless design..

Beautiful colors mean a beautiful design!


24) Maverick Hard and Shiny

Totally unreal stuff! Someone just showed another level of creativity while designing such things. The matchless color contrast and the amazing perfection to detail will surely get this into your favorites list.

The metallic and the neon look really is a treat to the eyes.


25) Dominus Sovereignty

This is what minimalism is. Those who love clean and simple designs, this is the one for you. This design also gives homage to G2 Esports. Simple but can still make others question their designs!

A confidence boosting design that will enhance your gameplay too. Design matters more than you think!

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