[Top 15] Best Rocket League Cars In The Game

Best Rocket League cars
Where to find the best cars that don't look the same.

Rocket League has added many cars to the game since 2015. Different cars and personalities, so what to choose? Popular cars such as Domius, Octane, and Fennec are used the most throughout the community. Are you a tryhard, or do you go mainstream? Maybe you're nostalgic and keeping the Batmobile alive. Perhaps you're a menace with the Merc and demolish your way to wins. Keep reading to learn about car hitboxes, style, and handling. 


15. X-Devil

X-Devil is a biased favorite of mine because this was the first car that made me fall in love with Rocket League. It has a hybrid hitbox and is an OG car. This car isn't flashy or stylish, but if you're a beginner and you want an OG car to use that is well-balanced, I recommend trying the X-Devil.

  • Hybrid hitbox, meaning it's an all-around car
  • This car is solid on the ground
  • Easy to control
  • Makes consistent contact with the ball
  • It's a perfect beginner car when new and a great intro to using the hybrid hitbox


14. Jager

Jager 619 RS is a flashy hybrid that is an excellent car and, like the X-devil, can be a great car to hone in on the fundamentals. If you love sports cars, then accelerate into the action with the Jager 619 RS. 

  • It was one of the best cars in the game at one point
  • This car is still a beast and very respectable in comp play
  • The hitbox compliments this car well and makes aerials, 50s, and power shots easy
  • This car isn’t too long either, so it feels good, too, and your hits are always consistent


13. Redline

Redline is a cool car that can pull off any decal. It has a hybrid feel, but it's a breakout hitbox. It may not be the best freestyle car, but it's still possible. Plus, it can hit tight-angle shots and has power. If you're Looking for new inspiration in Rocket League, give Redline a shot!

  • A flashy car that can be customized for anyone liking 
  • Powerful shots
  • Can air dribble and freestyle
  • Amazing engine


12. Marauder

Marauder is an outdoor car that handles well, has an off-road style, and excels at aerials. It has excellent control, and the octane hitbox perfectly complements this build. Marauder is a tall octane with a good turning radius that feels like a tall octane. 

  • It's a taller car with an octane hitbox
  • It has great power and a good turning radius
  • It is very stylish and simple but clean
  • Height makes it better at 50’s


11. Nimbus

Nimbus is another hybrid that I recommend. I used this car a lot in competitive play, and it was very reliable. The car is one of the longer hybrids with great length; unlike Venom, Nimbus can also be a freestyle car. It has a futuristic aura and looks good with or without decals. 

  • It can be used in competitive play
  • It is a longer hybrid, and it has consistent hits
  • This car can get a lot of power behind its shots
  • Similar to Domius but a more well-rounded hitbox 


10. Merc

This is a top-tier beginner car! Merc has the best hitbox for new players, and multiple players have got into champ ranks with their simple abilities. This car has a tall hitbox, making it a 50s machine! You won’t lose 50s and can effortlessly demo any car. However, you can’t be flashy in this car, but it will get you wins, and you’ll be impactful. 

  • Win every 50/50
  • Powerful shots 
  • Basic but stylish
  • Demo Machine


9. Breakout Type-S

Breakout Type-S is the second version of the Breakout; however, it's the only car remodeled and turned out well. It has a breakout hitbox and is a modernized version of the Breakout. This car is a cooler and more unique breakout. It's still a freestyle car but can survive in competitive play based on mechanical ability. It's a great car for mechanics and creative playstyles. 

  • Freestyle car
  • Fashionable car
  • Mechanical beast
  • Its strengths are flicks, air dribble, flip resets, and ball control


8. Batmobile 2016

Ahh, the Batmobile 2016 edition. Even though this car isn’t as effective today, the best can still utilize it with the plank hitbox. The Batmobile can make excellent saves and be a defensive menace. Its flashy nature and deadly flicks are a combo that wins all Rocket League players’ hearts. 

  • Deadly flicks and pinches with a wide frame
  • Amazing at defense and excels at saves and clears
  • It's a flashy car that feels good and plays even better


7. Breakout

Breakout is another OG car. This freestyling monster moves like the Dominus but is lighter. Everything is so smooth with the car, from aerials to flicks to acceleration. It is another classy car that can be styled with a decal or left without one. It is one of the most popular cars for replay highlights and clips.

  • If you are a freestyler, you need to use this car
  • Light and easy to maneuver in the air
  • Great for air dribbles, flicks, flip resets, and double taps
  • Made for scoring hat tricks in the air or on the ground
  • Breakout Hitbox 


6. Venom

Venom is the definition of the hybrid. This car is perfect for competitive or casual gameplay. You can be a force in the air if you are mechanically sound. The car isn’t the prettiest, but it has a creative background. If you want to try hybrid cars, use this first because this car fits the hitbox perfectly. 

  • Perfect hitbox
  • Consistent contact and power with the ball
  • Capable of freestyling or aerials
  • Accurate shots or passes


5. Takumi

It's one of the first DLC cars in Rocket League! Takumi is a dashing car that looks the part and plays it. It has an octane hitbox, meaning it's well-balanced in all areas of the game. The hitbox compliments the car tremendously and can be an aerial or ground force. It is one of my favorite cars in the game, from feel, and one of the cleanest-looking cars.

  • Octane hitbox works well with all hits from all angles
  • It can be used in competitive play and be consistent 
  • Powerful hits 
  • Reliable when doing 50's
  • Cool decals and solid engine


4. Skyline GT - R R34

The Nissan Skyline is the cleanest car in the game. It has a breakout hitbox, perfect for freestyling, and is based on the car in Fast and Furious. This is a fan favorite. The car has excellent aerial skills and feels very nice. When driving and hitting the ball, the breakout hitbox makes the car agile, plus it has a great height to be effective on all parts of the field. 

  • Fast, furious model
  • Breakout hitbox 
  • Use for freestyling
  • Taller than Breakout and has a good length 


3. Dominus 

In the same DLC as Takumi the Dominus, Dominus took the community by storm. Similar to the breakout, this car was made to do something risky in the air and have it pay off. The car is supposed to shine on and in their field and in the stars. Whether you handle the ball in the air or on the ground, this car will make you confident in every flick or flip reset. 

  • Freestyling 
  • Defense, yes, its length and added height make this a two-way threat
  • In 50/50, this car is vital, so it can overpower cars and be a threat in 1’s
  • Polished in any color or decal with a nice sounding engine and feel


2. Fennec

Fennec is a newer car in the game, and it quickly became people's favorite due to its similarities to the octane. The octane hitbox makes this car overpowered. With hours you pour into this car, you discover that the octane hitbox on this car fits better than on the octane. If you're also new to this game, why not use the new face of Rocket League and be the new trend?

  • The car is stylish and has an aesthetic tone to it 
  • Colors and decals seem to look better than others
  • The car is great at power and accurate shots or hits
  • Unlike the octane, it's a better ball handler if you can show it off
  • It's a great ball-handler
  • A great 1v1 car
  • It has a higher-octane hitbox


1. Octane 

This car is an OG in the Rocket League community. If you started playing this high-octane game in 2017 or earlier, stick to what works because it's a "high-octane game. "Since it's been around, many content creators and pros use this car. So why wouldn't it work for you, too?

  • The octane has the best hitbox in the game because of its height
  • One of the best 50/50 cars in the game
  • This car fits all playstyles whether you're a freestyler or a comp player
  • It's a stylish car, meaning it looks good with any color scheme or decal 
  • The car is good on the ground and in the air


Rocket League has multiple cars, each unique in its own way. The best advice I can give you is to use this article as a guide for where to start looking for your first serious car. The feel of the car and the customization are the most important aspects when playing. "Feel good, play good" is what Rocket League is about. 


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