[Top 10] Rocket League Best Crimson Wheels That Look Awesome!

Rocket League Best Crimson Wheels
Road rage with some Crimson Red!

It's time to show everyone that Crimson fury!

Rocket League is one of those few games that has it all. The competitive feel, the try-hard player base, the grindy gameplay, and of course, a lot of customization. You fire up the game, get your ass handed to you, and retreat back to your garage to find comfort in fiddling with your ride.

Rinse and repeat. You win some and you lose some, but one thing you can always count on is just how fun pimping out your ride can feel. When you’re in the garage trying out the new import crimson red decal you just unlocked, there isn’t quite another feeling like that in the game. If you’re in the market to make those crimson items count, then let’s take a look at the top 10 best crimson wheels.

10. Illuminata (Crimson)

The Illuminata Crimson wheels

We start off the list with a very balanced choice that suits just about anybody. From the car sports fans to the weird and funky fans, the Illuminata wheels are a fair mix of just about everything combined altogether.

Their best feature, in my opinion, is the shiny tires with the red and black almost snakeskin-like texture. The wheel stokes stay silver but are really thick and bulky while the main crimson feature of the wheels is through a subtle flashing animation. Solid choice.

9. Sovereign A/T (Crimson)

The Sovereign A/T Crimson wheels

For all you players who have an artistic side to you and love your curves and soft curls, these wheels are not for you. The Sovereign A/T wheels are the literal definition of edgy. Every single aspect of them feels sharp.

They feature silver blade-like stokes with a crimson matte rim behind them for extra detail. The tires also have a glowing U-shaped pattern to them to add even more crimson red to the wheels. You should see how these bad boys drive then judge for yourself!

8. Cruxe (Crimson)

The Cruxe Crimson wheels

This pair of wheels looks like they just came off of a mecha robot with wheels! The Cruxe wheels certainly have a futuristic vibe to them with all the metal and spiral works going on.

They certainly don’t lack any detail though! The main feature of wheels is an eye-catching animation in the middle hub where bright crimson lines rotate while glowing. The rims have 2 bright stripes going all the way up to the tires which have their own X-shaped pattern on them for a nice finish.

7. Gaiden (Crimson)

The Gainde Crimson wheels

The Gaiden wheels look so good that they’d belong on any kind of vehicle, even outside Rocket League. They remind me of the type of classic wheels you’d see on a Porsche 911.

The Gaiden wheels already come with a touch of red in the middle hub with a nice logo. It complements the rims really well when you paint them a bright crimson red. Basically, if you want your wheels to be completely bright and simple, these are the wheels for your ride. Simple but effective.

6. Draco (Crimson)

The Draco Crimson wheels

The Draco wheels have long been a staple on so many people’s top 10 lists, and you can easily see why. The Draco wheels just look really good on almost any color, never mind crimson fiery red!

The fire-spitting dragon head in the middle reminds me of Mortal Kombat for some reason. The word “badass” just comes to mind whenever I see someone with Draco wheels. The thick line of animated fire on the tires really just helps complete the pyro theme you can achieve using these awesome wheels!

5. Yuzu (Crimson)

The Yuzu Crimson wheels

Be honest, you and I both know you’ve tried the Yuzo wheels on your car at some point. We all get tired of all the flashy and bright cosmetics this game has to offer. Sometimes we just want a simple and satisfying look that reminds us that the vehicle we’re flying is still a car.

The Yuzo wheels are a reminder that sometimes less is more, and if you paint them in crimson red, I believe you’d get the best look for them. Crimson red is universally known as the sports car color, and you’d definitely have a sick Dominus if you slapped these badass wheels on them!

4. Santa FE (Crimson)

The Santa FE Crimson wheels

One of the brightest crimson wheels on this list! The Santa FE wheels are downright ludicrous. No one really understands them or who or why the designer chose this pattern, but for some reason, it just works.

The Santa FE wheels’ design is really random. The tires have downward pointed arrows on them while the bright silver rims help the already flashy wheels flashbang your opponent even more. Its tires even have F-shaped bright neons on their edges to complete the look. Seriously erratic but pretty.

3. TroubleMaker IV (Crimson)

The TroubleMaker IV Crimson wheels

What do you get when you mash together some goth, skull and bones, and some crimson red? The TroubleMaker IV wheels come synonymous with the word “badass”. If you look for the word in the dictionary, you’d find a picture of these wheels next to it.

The wheels feature a cool-looking floating half skull instead of rims in the center. The tires have a modern flashing net animation going around the wheels. The insides even look like a huge portal where the skull is floating.

2. Infinium (Crimson)

The Infinium Crimson wheels

If you’ve never seen an awesome sci-fi futuristic movie, like TRON for example, then you really won’t understand what you’re even looking at. And, that’s your loss. The Infinium wheels are just downright a brilliantly designed pair of wheels.

Their best feature is what looks like a black hole mixed with an illusion of some sort. The center has bright dots of red surrounded by blue circles for extra color if you’re looking to match some crimson red and sky blue. The tires also leave nothing to be desired with some bright stripes running around them.

1. Dynamo (Crimson)

The Dynamo Crimson wheels

Fidget Spinners, anyone? There’s a reason they were the most trendy item at one point! The Dynamo wheels are very satisfying to look at. The consistency of its animation is really clean and easy on the eye.

The Dynamo wheels have a really nice balance of everything from randomness to clean looks. The tires have bright red markings on them that almost look like an ancient language of some sort while the 3 spokes spinning in the middle are bound to attract attention, just because of how sleek the animation looks. A top choice if you’re looking for some awesome red wheels with multiple aspects and shades of the crimson color.

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