[Top 15] Rocket League Best Goals That Are Amazing

Rocket League Best Goals
You can really learn a lot about a flip reset from this angle, huh?

Some of these goals are borderline art at this stage!

Rocket League is a game that prioritizes fun first and foremost. It started off as a fun new idea to get away from First Person Shooter games that were dominating the scene back then. A game where the player had basically infinite gameplay, mechanical freedom and unrestricted by fixed character animations? It was like a breath of fresh air for the gaming community!

However, even the game’s own developers couldn’t predict what was to happen next. A dedicated player base saw huge potential in the game. Rather than seeing just a car with a funny-looking rocket attached behind it, they saw so many different styles of play. This led to the game blowing up with the discovery of so many different mechanics, which eventually led to the introduction of Esports teams and some sick goals! Let’s take a look at the top 15 goals that involve creativity, clutch, and just pure badass plays.

15. Chausette45 for PSG Esports (Season 4 League Play)

Chausette's goal for PSG Esports - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=347

You’ve seen players air dribble the ball into a bump or demolition of the goalie to score a goal. But, have you ever seen your own teammate help you out with that? Chausette45 may have scored that goal, but seriously, it was all down to Bluey’s quick thinking and improvisation to spot the chance to outsmart none other than Kaydop.

14. Deevo for Team Envy (Season 5 Worlds)

Deevo's goal for Team Envy - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=45

Thinking on your feet in a bad situation will always be a sign of a pro player! After a bad misunderstanding between Deevo and his teammate Eyeignite, where Eyeignite took an extra touch after presenting a pass to Deevo, he quickly recovered to tap the ball away from defenders into an upside-down off-the-wall double-tap from a sick angle! Impressive!

13. Kronovi for G2 Esports (Brisk Summer Series)

Kronovi's goal for G2 Esports - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=447

Not to discredit Kronovi or anything, but the only reason this outstanding play doesn’t rank higher on my list is due to the average and hot-headed defending. However, this dribble had everything from a fake, to a flick, to a ground pinch. Kronovi showed the world his experience and creativity that day and why he’ll always remain one of the OG players in the game.

12. JSTN for Team NRG (Season 8 Worlds)

JSTN's goal for Team NRG - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=436

JSTN is a monster of a player! He starts off this play by defending with an interception. Then, he catches the rebound into an aerial with just a few seconds to comprehend what’s going on. When you’re in season 8 of RLCS, to be able to actually fake a pro like Scrub Killa in mid-air and change direction in a millisecond to risk demo’ing him takes some balls!

11. Hockser for Team Birds (Season 8 League Play)

Hockser's goal for Team Birds - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=470

Hockser isn’t the most known name in Rocket League, but he’s cemented himself a lil bit of Rocket League history with this insane goal on top-tier players like Rizzo and Chicago! He flicks it over Chicago effortlessly, forcing Rizzo to challenge, only to mind game him into the fake when he’d least expect it. The speed at which it was executed was top stuff.

10. Chausette45 for Frontline (Beyond the Summit)

Chausette's goal for Frontline - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=155

There are a lot of skills in Rocket League that are more difficult than faking but very few more satisfying than it. You can learn to pull off a skill consistently but fakes are all about experience and mind games. Chausette45 shows us a perfect example of how sometimes you don’t need super flashy skills to be a pro!

9. Squishy for Cloud9 (Season 4 Worlds)

Squishy's goal for Cloud9 - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=36

Performing a ceiling shot is one of the many skills pro Rocket League players have in their repertoire, but nowadays, you’d see even Champs attempting it. What differentiates a Pro from a Champ? Execution. Squishy timed his shot to perfection. That delay faked out one opponent and confused the goalie even. Mesmerizing.

8. GarrettG for Team NRG (Season 5 Worlds)

GarrettG's goal for Team NRG - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=70

GarrettG is one of the game’s most complete and balanced players. He has it all ,and it shows so evidently in this amazing goal. He starts off the move himself by making a save and intercepting from Kaydop, but when Turbopolsa stops him in his tracks, he has the mental awareness to completely transform it into a ceiling shot by boosting upwards, from THAT angle too. The sound of the crowd in the video should be enough to show you how unpredictable this move was!

7. AyyJayy for Rogue (Season 7 Worlds)

AyyJayy's goal for Rogue - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=146

Flip resets have been one of the player base’s favorite types of shots, and AyyJayy gives the whole world a tutorial on just how much potential this skill contains. He could’ve just shot the ball at any point, and he probably would score. But, what makes this ultra-impressive is the fact that there were 2 goalies in front of him, and they were none other than Bluey and Deevo! He stalls to fake out Deevo and aims for the right corner to beat Bluey. Unstoppable.

6. GarrettG for Team NRG (DreamHack Montreal)

GarrettG's goal for Team NRG - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=257

I think most would agree with me when I say Rocket League is an unpredictable type of game. You can practice for hours and hours and never be able to practice a shot like GarrettG does here. Not only was this a lovely passing play with TurboPolsa, but the level of improvisation when the pass fell short to change direction mid-air, into a pre-flip, AND score from that distance. Sheesh. 

5. Wonder for Rogue (DreamHack Dallas)

Wonder's goal for Rogue - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=221

I may be a little biased here, but team goals are my favorite type of goals in Rocket League. Pulling off solo skills takes a lot of practice, but team goals require a lot of faith in your teammates to get the ball where you’re going to be! I’d credit this goal to the whole Rogue team just because of how effortless they made it look! Looks simple but is confusing to defend against!

4. SadJunior for Team NRG (Season 2 Worlds)

SadJunior's goal for Team NRG - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=543

At the end of the day, Rocket League is a team game before anything else. Even the best players in the world won’t be able to stop a pair of well-drilled buddies. SadJunior and Jacob show that here with an unstoppable play where Jacob almost read SadJunior’s mind to know exactly where he needed to be to pass it back to him mid-air. Take your flip resets and ceiling shots elsewhere, these plays are ruthless!

3. Sypical for Spacestation Gaming (Season 8 Worlds)

Sypical's goal for Spacestation Gaming - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=299

Arsenal is one of the most prominent rising stars of the game! He’s one of the most spontaneous Rocket League pros out there, and this clip shows exactly why! The level of awareness you need to have, after having your solo shut down, to counter-attack and flip into a pass for your teammate is INSANE! The opponents saw it coming but couldn’t do anything about it because of how fast it was.

2. Squishy for Cloud9 (Season 7 Worlds)

Squishy's goal for Cloud9 - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=199

It’s very rare to see a goal combining every style of play this game has to offer. It had team play, solo skills, and even creativity. Squishy starts the play by passing to his teammate and then bamboozles the entire team by taking the ball to a seemingly impossible angle. The goalie visibly relaxes his hand muscles only for Squishy to pull off something I’ve never seen before. Deevo horribly predicted Squishy’s location and Alpha54 didn’t even attempt the save.

1. JSTN for Team NRG (Season 5 Worlds)

JSTN's goal for Team NRG - https://youtu.be/Qlr5i5-R_gY?t=12

Let’s be honest, you’d be lying if you said you’re surprised that this goal is at the top. This goal could be a trailer for what Rocket League represents as a game. JSTN is one of the most known names in the game due to his famous goal in the dying minutes on the biggest stage of Rocket League. The fact that they had 4 seconds on the clock, and the goal took 19 seconds to score is a testament to what kind of pressure JSTN was able to handle to score from such a tight angle. You only get 1 shot, and JSTN took it.

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