[Top 15] Best Rocket League Cars That Are Superb (Used By The Best Players)

Best Rocket League Cars That Are Superb (Used By The Best Players)
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In Rocket League, the first and most important thing you’ll need is a car but from such an extensive range, which one is the best for a rookie? Hopefully this list should help narrow the choice down for you.


15. 16’ Batmobile

This very fancy and now very rare DLC car, released in 2016 as a paid DLC add-on, was part of a promotion with DC Comics and their Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, also released that year. Featuring what is known as a plank hitbox, it is often chosen by the pros to use, pros such as Turtle, Fireburner and Kuxir have used this car in RLCS competitions.

The plank hitbox it has is useful because it is typically easier to perform certain mechanics like flip resets, but it can be more difficult to move around the field with it. 


14. Breakout

The Breakout is one of the three original vehicles released with the game in 2015, and (like the Batmobile) is also known as the Hitbox car. Although not often chosen by the general player base, this car is highly underrated and should at least be tried out.


13. Endo

This rocket-powered Lamborghini-esque supercar is one of the most underrated cars that is often overlooked by the general fanbase however this car should no longer be overlooked as pros such as SadJunior and Doomsee have been known to use the Endo in Rocket League competitive tournaments, the Endo is an overall great car and holds its own against the very popular Octane.


12. Takumi

While often overlooked, the Takumi is a great car to use in Rocket League. Not too many people opt for this Audi car unless your name is Skyline, and in 2016 Skyline decided to use the Takumi in their competition campaign. Overall, it's worth giving this car a try before making up your own mind. 


11. Dingo

The Dingo came out in mid-2021, and while it's rarely seen in competitive lobbies, this super sleek car is simply brilliant. Its Octane hitbox, which as the name suggests can also be found in the Octane, is very popular with both pros and rookies. Many pros like Kaydop in his competitive campaign have used this car. 


10. Outlaw

The Outlaw was released with Rocket Pass for Season 4 and has since  been used by many players in both the competitive and regular rocket league scene. This car rides smooth and sharp which is perfect for the fast paced action within the game and whilst its fairly bigger frame also makes it perfect for defensive play.


9. Aftershock

Similar to the Dominus, this very cool looking car has been in the game since July 2016 however this car was originally found in the og Rocket League before Rocket League existed, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Supercars.

Though rare to find within the game today this car is one of the best and one of the most underrated cars in Rocket League that  should definitely be tried out if you haven't already.


8. Nimbus

The Nimbus is a Hybrid type car, often looked at as a great all-arounder with nice mechanics and movements, Often seen as a middle of the road, decent at everything car, the Nimbus is one that shouldn't be overlooked especially when your first starting out with Rocket League.

With a hitbox much like the Endo and Fennec, I promise to you that if you give this car a shot it is very likely that you may decide to use it as your main car.


7. Mantis

Released in 2017, the Mantiswas Psyonix’s response to the community asking for a car that's like the batmobile as that car is now impossible to get. This batmobile style vehicle has great mid air performance as well as easy handling which is why many people within the community choose it to be their main car. 


6. Marauder

The Marauder is another criminally underrated vehicle from the Rocket League lineup  Now I’ll admit in my opinion, it's not the prettiest of cars, however its octane style hit box and movement style is perfect for both rookie and long term players and should definitely be a considered option when choosing your main car.


5. Bone Shaker

Now hear me out, i know the Bone Shaker looks very gimmicky and it did release as DLC content as part of the Hot Wheels x Rocket League collaboration back in 2017 which may lead people to believe it is not good enough to be used frequently however this car features the ever popular octane hitbox as well as a big intimidating size that is perfect for defensive plays. It also is very smooth to use both in the air as well as on the ground. The boneshaker is a very good car and I seriously  recommend giving it a try.


4. Twin Mill III

Similar to the previous car and from the same Hot Wheels collaboration collection, this car is highly underrated for similar reasons. However, this car features the popular plank hitbox meaning it's perfect for smooth mid-air plays and mechanics as well as being very good defensively.


3.  Dominus

The dominus is one of the top three cars that is often chosen by both rookies and pros alike. It's the original car that uses the plank hitbox type which is why countless pros choose to use it in professional tournaments, pros such as Forkie as well as  many, many others, it’s smaller hitbox makes it easier to hit the ball harder and far more accurately than most other cars in the game. 


2. Fennec

This car is one of the most popular cars in the game. Professionals, and experienced players choose this car more than any other. With a similar hitbox to the Dominus, this car has all the same positive associations such as more powerful shots compared to other cars as well as great in the air mechanics and the Fennec often makes appearances in the competitive scene as well with pros like as Jstn often choosing it as his go-to car.


1. Octane

As you may have predicted, the Octane takes the top spot as the best car in the game. For countless reasons like its hitbox, the power it can generate on shot and its large frame that gives the player the biggest advantage on defence, the Octane has it all.
Since  it was one of the original three cars that graced  the field when Rocket League was released in 2015 as well as the previously mentioned stats, it's no surprise that this car is chosen by the majority of players on the game, including many pros from SquishyMuffinz to Kronovi, countless players, both pros and rookies have either used the Octane in the past or still use it today which is why it's number one on this list.


I hope you enjoyed this list! 

Hopefully you now know which car is the best for you!


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