Top 10 Rocket League Best Plays (2020)

Rocket League Best Plays
Talk about play of the game.

A single moment can define a games outcome, and a persons legacy.

There’s nothing quite like a satisfying Rocket League goal! Watching one just makes the crowd go wild, and these are just some of the best ones the pros have pulled off.

10. Upside Down Aerial Kick:

¡ʇoɥs ǝlqᴉpǝɹɔuᴉ u∀

A split second mid-air correction was required to pull this one off, and it paid off. Not only did they manage to control the car upside down, but snuck it right through the defenses with a calculated bounce.

9. Deevo’s Double Tap:


Bombarding the ball into the goal isn’t just a game of chance. This move was planned out perfectly so that the ball would be in position for Deevo to pop it right in.

8. Air Bump, Car Bump:

It's essentially flying bumper cars.

Two things had to happen for this ball to go in: The angle had to be right and the defense had to be cleared. While one person took care of bumping the ball, another made sure to crash their car, midair, into a defender looking to block the shot. That showed amazing teamwork and exceptional reading skills to predict what the other team was doing

7. The Pinch Play:

Popped like a pimple.

These plays come once in a blue moon. You slam yourself into the wall and pop the ball like a plastic bag full of air. The ball just flies across the map, and every so often, finds its way to the goal. For people out there who don’t know how fast 120 kilometers an hour is, it’s about 75 miles per hour, which for a pinch is pretty powerful.

6. Sky High Spike:

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a goal!

The ball was on course to bounce off the wall and end up back near midfield, but thanks to one simple bump it got angled right down into the goal. And I’m not lying when I said sky high, that ball was near the ceiling with little room to actually hit it. An impressive aerial indeed.

5. Triple Pass Triple Tap:

All good things come in threes.

Like the double tap, but better. Every single member of the team took a stab at positioning the ball just right for the next person to come and put it in. It took three tries and two bumps against the ceiling, but they kept putting the pressure on and it paid off.

4. Slide And Sneak:

The true drift king.

Not often do people use the drift to their advantage, unless the ball suddenly goes flying the other way. Then they make a quick 180 and boost right along. This play showcases a beautiful fake out by flying into the ball, then perfectly timing a drift as not to hit it. It’s a smooth as ice maneuver that’ll make the other defenders kick themselves for being fooled

3. Fake It Till You Make It:

A true trickster at work.

Sometimes one drift fake out isn’t enough. Sometimes you need three. Not a single member of the defending team could read the plays, so one by one the ball slowly snuck by and eventually into the goal. Messing up a person's flow by messing with the speed of the play can seriously throw people off. Slowing the game down gets all the energized, fast thinking players to predict plays that aren’t going to be made and, simply put, they’ll miss.

2. Tiebreaker Twist:

Come on baby, let's do the twist!

Some plays are special not because of the play, but because of the outcome of the game. This play, in comparison to others on this list, isn’t all that impressive. It’s an aerial correction spiked into the goal. But it created the outcome for the game with the pressure being on, and being able to perform under that load of pressure is impressive in and of itself.

1. Buzzer Beater Battles:

Nail biting, down to the wire action.

Talk about pressure, five minutes in overtime is an eternity to be duking it out on the field. Every missed goal is a missed win, and in this play they missed the goal multiple times. One slip up spells doom, but the players all had to keep their focus. It took a lot of bumps, pressuring the defenders with near misses, but eventually one snuck through in what has to be one of the greatest buzzer beaters of all time.

So there you have it, the best Rocket League Plays from 2019 to now. Hopefully you’ll make a legendary play or two, one worth writing about, but in the meantime keep gaming.

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