[Top 10] Rocket League Best Car Designs

Rocket League Best Car Designs
Looking good while playing good.

Looks aren’t everything, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important. You can have all the skill in the world, but if you drive a single colored Octane you’ll still look dull out of the field. A design takes your car and your style to the next level, and these designs in particular are the best of the best. Some designs will be harder to get than others, but don’t be discouraged. There are still a vast variety of combinations you can create to make even the stock designs look awesome.

A fair warning before I begin: you don’t have to agree with me. Personal bias may shine through on this post, and while you don’t know me and I don’t know you I hope you do know that I’m just trying to share my two cents on the topic.

15. Dragon Lord (Octane)


The Octane is the Rocket League starter car. It’s not meant to be flashy of fancy, it’s meant to be a car. But, with the Dragon Lord design slapped onto it, you can turn that plain and simple speeder into a ninja warrior. It’s a rare design so, if you keep playing, there’s a good chance you’ll come across it eventually.

14. Flower Power (Merc)

Nothings more manly than pretty flowers.

It’s the closest you’ll get to the Mystery Machine without using any mods, and it still makes for a funky ride. Sure, it’s an oddball design, but if you want to really stand out on the field then look no further. Grind, grind, and grind some more to get this rare design for yourself.

13. Stars (Gizmo)

Howdy partner.

Another incredibly odd design, but it’ll make your teammates and opponents chuckle a bit. The topper really does seal the deal, but even without a cowboy hat the Gizmo looks grand with the stars spangling on it. And here’s the best part: you get this design right out the gate. All you have to find is the hat and bang, you’re the new sherif in town.

12. Carbonated (Road Hog)

If you think long and hard, you can taste the bubbles.

This picture doesn’t do the skin justice, because it has one trick up its sleeve: this design is animated. Those little specs you see actually move from the front to the rear, making it look like your car is blasting through pixels as you boost for the ball. Animated designs are harder to come by, but the good news is this is another rare design, so it’ll be easier to stumble upon than some other will be.

11. Skulls (Backfire)

The rattiest of rods.

Truth be told, I love the Backfire. With the right combination of colors the car just looks evil and crazy. In fact, the Backfire with the skulls decal is the car I play with the most. And while the color combo above is blue and orange, mine is purple and green. It gives it a Joker vibe, the goofy but recognizable look. I like to call the car “Beetlejuice.”

10. Devil’s Advocate (X-Devil)

Let's hope this isn't waiting for you at the pearly gates.

Talk about crisp, the Devil’s Advocate design delivers a sharp, scary vibe to anyone else on the field. The X-Devil itself isn’t all that pretty of a car. I’d prefer to drive the MK2 version anyday. But you’ll be hard pressed to find an X-Devil that looks better than this. The design itself is limited, which means that if you don’t have it now you never will (unless it pops back up in another event), but if you’re lucky enough to have scored it I’d flaunt it in every match you play.

9. Shaperacer (Paladin)

Not Shaper-Acer, Shape-Racer... it's a bit confusing I know.

The Paladin car already looks like a spaceship, the little intakes towards the tailfin reminding me of an X-Wing. But this design takes futuristic to a whole new level. It’s linear, it’s symmetrical, it’s tri-toned, it’s impressive. And you don’t have to search too hard for it, seeing as it’s only a rare decal.

8. Retro Sun (Venom)

Angels we have heard on high.

A design that looks almost ethereal, this venom looks more like an angel than a car. It’s pure and clean, righteous and ready to slam the ball into the goal in a glorious fashion. If you’ve got a Venom that’s painted white, then you’re set to shine. All you have to do is acquire this rare decal, which will just take some time.

7. Sooo Fly (Diestro)

You gotta get hip with the jive my guy.

The first thing you need to know is that this car is an import body, and so are the remainder of the cars below, meaning you can only find it in certain crates. This one in particular can be found in the Ferocity Crate. Regardless, this design looks like something you’d see in a synthwave chill mix video. It’s retro, it’s sleek, it’s cool and colorful. And, if you manage to find the car, the design comes with it. Win win!

6. Nitty Gritty (Fennec)

If you ever need someone to throw you a line.

Another favorite of mine, with its boxy design. These sharp lines just make sense on a car with almost no smooth edges at all. It’s incredibly simple, but there’s so much you can do with it. Even painting the decal white adds accents that stick out like a sore thumb. And, this decal comes with the car, so it’s a two for one special.

5. Overhaul (Imperator DT5)

Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.

Another rigid, simple design, but it gets the job done. The car doesn't have to do all that much to look mean and intense, but the design just wraps that all up in a pretty bow and gives this car a sinister look. It almost looks like an old Corvette or Camaro, if you squint, and this particular design is giving me Bumblebee vibes. That, or a streamlined taxicab.

4. Wildfire (Roadhog XL)

Burning out of control.

Want to look like you just drove through the apocalypse, without spending the money on those premium Mad Max style cars. Behold, the Wildfire. This car is absolutely enormous as is, there’s no way anyone’s going to miss it. But this design would let anyone in your way know you mean business, so don’t mess around. Tough as nails, you’d strike fear into any opponents eyes. Or, if you’d rather be ironic, you can equip the playtime decal… which is exactly what it sounds like.

3. Good Shape (Twinzer)

Who's a good shape? You are!

The love child of the Fennec and the Octane, the Twinzer is yet another boxy beauty. The Good Shape design just adds some shapes, which is good. Jokes aside, this design is seriously cool, almost too cool to handle. That’s why the car is an import body and the decal itself is rare. So no, they don’t come together, you have to dig around in crates for it. But one day, if the stars align, you’ll find yourself rocking the Good Shape skin on the Twinzer body.

2. Zhangtek (Animus GP)

Zhangtek? More like DANGtek if you know what I mean.

Formula 1 meets synthwave. The Animus is already a looker, with its F1 race car inspired body, but just look at the attention to detail the Zhangtek skin adds on top of that. It’s truly incredible, with so much to look at. It’s a shame nobody will be able to see all those details, you’ll be flying past them at F1 speeds blasting the ball into the goal. The design even comes with the car, so long as you find the import body.

1. Trigon (Universal)

Made out of the strongest shapes, and has the strongest looks.

We finish where we started, the Octane equipped with what has to be the coolest decal in the game. First of all, this decal is universal, which means it can fit on any car, from Hotshot to Dominus. On top of that, it’s an animated decal, the triangles flipping around and changing colors. There is one drawback: this design can only be found on the “Black Market,” which is that Mystery Universal Decal at the bottom of most crates. There’s such a low chance to get this decal, or any of the universal decals. But if you do, know that you’ve just struck gold.

So there you have it, 15 game changing decals… style wise at least. Experiment with as many combinations as you can until you find your look, because at the end of the day I’m not going to be driving your car. You are.

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