[Top 5] Rocket League Best Hybrid Cars

Rocket League Best Hybrid Cars
Someone's late to the goal explosion party!

The best of both worlds!

As fun of a game as Rocket League may seem for new players or outsiders watching their friends play, it would surprise you how technical it can be. For all the rocket-powered flying cars you see bumping into each other and exploding goal nets, there’s a serious fanbase who loves to experience and study every bit of advantage or detail the game has to offer, like hitboxes.

The Jager 619 RS Hybrid Hitbox

To understand these try-hard players, you have to ask yourself “What’s a hybrid hitbox?” and “How is it different from my Octane?” In simple terms, the hybrid hitbox is exactly what it sounds like, a hybrid. It’s not the best at anything, but it tries to be good at everything. It gives the car the 2nd best turning radius in the game while providing respectable balanced dimensions in height and length.

5- Venom

The Venom Body

The Venom is one of the free cars released in the original launch of the game back in 2015. It’s pretty much a car that almost every player has tried at least once and will vouch for its usability. It’s definitely not the prettiest though.

In fact, it’s probably the ugliest on this list with those 2 red cylinder thingies on the front which makes it look like a Pixar character with eyes from the movie Cars. Playing with it is a different story as it provides a balanced playstyle for anyone just starting the game. It has a good sharp figure to read the plays and a flat front for striking the ball. Looks aren’t everything.

4- Nimbus

The Nimbus Body

The Nimbus is an import car released back in 2018 inside the Elevation crate, rest in peace crates. It saw a lot of popularity back in the day and for good reason. The Nimbus supports a versatile style of gameplay while living up to its hybrid hitbox by looking like a hybrid of a Lamborghini and a Ferrari 458 Italia.

On the technical side, its short and thin build provides a lot of length to its figure. It’s a hybrid but feels exactly like a Dominus in terms of dimensions, so transitioning from that to the Nimbus shouldn’t be a problem. It won’t crack the RLCS list of cars used, but it’s a solid choice.

3-  ‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

The ‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Body

The Nissan Skyline was originally released back in a DLC in 2017 but got retired in December 2019. However, it made a comeback in the Fast & Furious Bundle recently. Obviously, this is a popular choice among players for its looks before anything, but its effectiveness shouldn’t be ignored.

The Skyline sports a significant height and width advantage in relation to its hybrid hitbox. However, it lacks in the shooting department due to its front end not filling the hitbox so well. It might look really long, but it has a great turning speed to get around the field and perform those bounces and flicks really well. A very in-demand car.

2- Jager 619

The Jager 619 Body

The Jager 619 was previously called the Jager 619 RS and was released back in 2017 during the Autumn update. Similar to the Skyline, it’s really popular due to its looks and usefulness on the field. Anyone looking at this beauty can immediately see the resemblance to a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4.

The Jager 619 is the most balanced car on this list in terms of shape to hitbox. It’s the closest car to filling the hybrid hitbox at every angle from height to length. It’s superb for aerials and air dribbling while still maintaining a respectable height. Its only downside is that it lacks in the defensive department because it doesn’t reach the balls as often as you’d hope.

1- Endo

The Endo Body

The Endo was initially released back in 2017 but saw a return in 2020 as a part of the Endo Starter Pack. It’s my top choice for the hybrid hitbox because it’s beginner-friendly and has no downsides at all. Never mind how good it looks as it resembles a mix of a Lamborghini Aventador and a McLaren MP4-12C.

It doesn’t fill the hitbox quite as well as the Jager 619, but it beats it in every other aspect, especially shooting. The hitbox is really close to the corners of the car which increases its visual accuracy. Its handling in the air is excellent. For some reason, flying upside down in this car is a lot easier than others, maybe due to its uniform shape being easier on the eyes. It’s great on the offense too, but generally, it’s the jack-of-all-trades car in Rocket League. A breeze to play with.

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