[Top 10] Rocket League Best Anthems

Rocket League Best Anthems

What are Anthems?

Player Anthems allows you to choose the song that plays when you score a goal. Although the clip of the song is brief, it is a way to show off your in-game anthems that you own, your love for a particular song, and music as a whole.  

You can obtain Rocket League anthems by selecting PROFILE from the Main Menu, then you can choose your player anthem and song. 


1. All-Star - Smash Mouth

(All-Star - Smash Mouth)

This is simply one of the best songs ever written in the early noughties, and memorable not just because it was featured in the movie Shrek! Smash Mouth is an icon of the early 2000s and a great Rocket League anthem that people will recognize!


2. Saviour - Hoaprox and Yuan

Savior by Hoaprox and Yuan is an exhilarating electronic dance music (EDM) collaboration that blends elements of progressive house and future bass. 

Hoaprox and Yuan showcase their production prowess by building anticipation and drops. Get this banger on your Rocket League playlist!


3. Player of Games (Grimes)

Player of Games (Grimes)

This is a song by Grimes, known for its ethereal and electronic sound. Grimes often incorporates futuristic and experimental elements into her music, creating a unique sonic experience.  

This one is another of the top 10 as it is one of the most commonly heard in the game.


4. Crab Rave

(Crab Rave) 

A lively and upbeat electronic dance music (EDM) track featuring a catchy melody. It gained popularity as a meme and is often associated with humorous and synchronized animations of crabs. Use it and people will recognize it, which is always a plus!


5. Montero - Call Me By Your Name (Lil Nas X)

 (Montero - Call Me By Your Name (Lil Nas X))

A hit single by Lil Nas X that is an absolute BANGER! It is known for its catchy melody and bold lyrics. The song gained attention for its accompanying controversial music video and has become a cultural phenomenon.


6. Funky Worm - Ohio Players

(Funky Worm - Ohio Players)

A funky and soulful track by the Ohio Players, characterized by its distinctive synthesizer sound, particularly the "Funky Worm" voice effect. It's a pioneering song in the funk genre and a golden oldie!


7. You're Getting A Little Too Smart - Detroit Emeralds


Another golden oldie, this soulful and smooth R&B track by the Detroit Emerald is known for its soulful vocals and melodic instrumentation. It captures the classic sound of soul from the 1970s.

This anthem was released as a free Player Anthem in the Item Shop to celebrate Black History Month in 2022.


8. Athena and Smle - Eternal [Monstercat Release]

(Athena and Smle - Eternal [Monstercat Release])

Okay, full disclosure, this electronic track is one of the most annoying Rocket League anthems, but we had to have one on the list! 

If you want to encourage players to skip the replays of your epic goals, because you just care about the wins, then this is the anthem for you. People love to hate it!

Eternal is a Very Rare Player anthem that can be obtained occasionally through the in-game Item Shop, and it is sometimes on sale for only 200 Credits!


9. Potions - JT Roach

(Potions - JT Roach)

This is another electronic pop-banger! Potions is one of Roach’s hits and is a big anthem in Rocket League!


10. Imagine - Ben Platt


(Imagine - Ben Platt)

Imagine by Ben Platt is a beautiful song where he sings with a lot of feelings. The song is well-known and well-liked among Gen Z. This song makes for an awesome Rocket League anthem!

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