[Top 10] Rocket League Best Bodytype Cars

All 108 different rocket league cars that have been added to the game.
Octane has been the best body type since the game was released, with its on-field performance and the most customization options; what’s not to like? However, the Fennec has grown in popularity and may overtake the Octane in the future.

In Rocket League, every car has one of the 6 hitboxes. Base cars like Octane, Dominus, Batmobile, Venom, Breakout, and Merc are the best hitbox cars. The body types make a difference with more defensive cars versus offensive cars. The dominus has a wide hitbox, covering a larger surface area. The octane has a smaller hitbox but thrives on offense because the car hitbox is taller than most and fits the car perfectly. If you played the game for a while and experimented, you’ll notice that some cars are absolutely terrible. This is because the hitbox doesn’t fit that car at all. The best way to find your favorite is to enter the field and test out these 10 cars for your preference. 

Before we list the top 10 cars, check out Rocket Science. The Rocket Sciences YouTube channel inspired this article. Their videos go into detail about turning, hitboxes, and how the games respond to each car. It showcases almost every car in the game and its hitbox dimensions. The video has timestamps for each car in the description, too. But to make it easier, I will also list the timestamps in this article.

 Here is a link to the video:

Full Rocket science video on cars hitboxes


10. Batmobile

2016 Batmobile hitbox preview:


2016 Batmobile hitbox

The older gamers (Yes, that includes me too), you know how often this car almost made you break your controller. The Batmobile only fits the hitbox partially; however, it is a better defensive car than the Dominus and can get strong flicks. It takes more time to learn the hitbox and very few customizable designs. It's the only car you can use the plank hitbox for because no other vehicle fits it perfectly. But the Batmobile can be effective with the right amount of practice. 


9. Nimbus 

Nimbus hitbox preview:


Nimbus hitbox

This hybrid hitbox is a jack of all trades. The hitbox is very tight, similar to the Batmobile, but the car makes consistent shots and has good power. The hybrid options are basic and there needs to be more customization. Since the Nimbus is sporty, it's a trendy hybrid and consistent on both sides of the ball. 


8. 99 Nissan Skyline GT- R R34 

99 Nissan Skyline GT - R R34 hitbox preview:


99 Nissan Skiline GT-R R34 hitbox

Another hybrid, but the hitbox is great on the 99 Nissan GT. The Nissan is already more stylish than the Nimbus by being from the Fast and Furious series. This car has a decent number of decals but doesn’t have painted items. The hitbox makes the car more reliable for power hits, and its bigger frame can be an x-factor on defense. 


7. Marauder 

Marauder hitbox preview:


Maruader hitbox

An Octane hitbox with the best hitbox that isn’t a base car. Marauder has the best hitbox base in the game, which is obviously Octanes. What makes Marauder special is the fit. This car is big and strong, and with Octane having a taller hitbox, it can give you an advantage in the 50s. Since Octane is popular, you can bet on there being good decals, too. The Marauder is a problem on the field!


6. Breakout 

Breakout hitbox preview:


Breakout hitbox

Freestyler Paradise, the breakout’s hitbox, is perfect for offensive players. This car is the best at dribbling on the top of the car and in the air. The car is very customizable and can score hat tricks in style. The breakout is a great car for 1v1 and 2v2 games with isolation play style—a great hitbox for making freestyle compilations.


5. Merc

Merc hitbox preview:


Merc hitbox

If you are new to the game or have a friend new to the game, give them the Merc. Merc is for you. If you're interested in this game but don't know what you're doing, I recommend Merc. The Merc hitbox is great for playing goalie or putting power shots in the back of the net. If you have a toxic opponent, the Merc's hatbox is the tallest in the game to demo anybody. Plus, the hitbox will win 50s in the game and can be used in 1s, 2s, or 3s. The customization is simple, but simple is better!


4. Venom 

Venom hitbox preview:


Venom hitbox

Try the Venom if you have tried the hybrid before and want to commit to the all-around play style. The hitbox is perfect for this car, but the decals may not feel too fresh. This incredible car stands alone because of how cool and mean it looks. But when winning MVPs and climbing the ranks is what matters, not winning a fashion contest.


3. Dominus 

Dominus hitbox preview:


Dominus hitbox

If you played with the Breakout or Batmobile and liked those cars, you’ll love the Dominus. The Dominos is great at dribbling on the ground and in the air, so freestylers love this car in competitive play. The hitbox is very wide, like the Batmobile, so the defense is a bonus to this car. It’s a two-way threat that is hard to beat in Rocket League. Dominus is one of the popular cars in the game, so it has tons of paint jobs and designs. This car is popular because of its play and flair on the field.  


2. Fennec 

Fennec hitbox preview:


Fennec hitbox

This powerhouse car has an octane hitbox that is arguably more stylish than the octane. The Fennec can get a lot of power from the smallest hits and has the same dribbling ability as the octane. The hitbox is perfect for this car; some players feel it fits better than the octane base. The Fennec gains popularity quickly, and new decals and painted items are always coming to the shop.


1. Octane 

Octane hitbox preview:


Octane hitbox

It is the most chosen car in the game due to its great hitbox and perfect fit. The octane is better at bounce dribbling than the dominus, which is most players' preferred style because it is much easier than flicking the ball. The octane hitbox is taller, so the octane is underrated at 50s and has tons of customizable items. This car can freestyle like the breakout and, if you have some skill, can be a great defensive asset with its 50s.


Check out the Rocket Science YouTube channel for more information. It's time to take the field and climb the ranks. Feel good, play good.


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