[Top 20] Rocket League Best Air Dribbles That Are Amazing

Orange Octane dribbling to the ceiling
Dribbling without gravity

The air dribble in Rocket League is one of the craziest shots in Rocket League. As you grind through the ranks, the shots get more challenging to save and more creative. If you've hit a crazy air dribble, you know the feeling of being "him." If you've been a victim of the air dribble, you're not alone because everybody has. 

For newer players: An air dribble is when a player usually hits the ball off the wall and then touches the ball with the car's nose. They can carry it in for a goal or do a double tap and score. The air dribble is a play-off-the-wall where you can display your creativity in the air and freestyle.

The great thing about performing the air dribble is using it as a pass, save, or score a goal. The player keeps the ball close, which is only possible with practice. The defense has to be ready for it to stop because it happens so fast and can cause a defense to be scattered. The goalie has the most challenging job because it is under the ball, and jumping and stopping anything coming at you is hard, especially in the Rocket League. Here are the top 20 air dribbles in Rocket League history.

This list isn't in a specific order.


20. Squishy air dribbling backwards 


One of the most difficult air dribbles is when he starts backward, air rolls his car over the defender with the ball, and carries it into the goal. The air dribble he did started as a dribble, carrying the call ball on top of his car. This required a lot of car and ball control and perfect execution, plus it was only possible to stop if you anticipated it.


19. Toxic off-wall air dribble 


The best freestylers can drive up the wall on their backs. Toxic made it look easy by recovering and air-dribbling the ball to the goal. He double-tapped it over the defender off the top right corner for the finish. 


18. K.J.G bounce air dribble


K.J.G has incredible car and ball control. He got the perfect setup for an air dribble and didn't disappoint. He air-rolled and carried the ball perfectly for the finish. 


17. Aggro flick air dribble carries over opponent 


A shot that would take hours to master made it effortless by Aggro. He half-flipped to flick the ball up, and then air rolled upside down to coast for the score.


16. Nex bounce air dribble and bump 


Nex bounces the ball vertically to start an air dribble with insane ball and car control, carrying the ball from one side of the field to the other. He rolls his car upside down to gain leverage to dunk on the defender.


15. Wraith bouncing his car off the ground into an air dribble


It was a crazy air dribble by Wraith, who started the ball on the wall from the opposite field. Wraith air dribbled to the opposite wall into another air dribble, styled by bouncing off the wall, making it look easy. Then, he put the shot in the top right corner for flare. 


14. ZZ air dribble pinch in top right corner


Zz had a simple air dribble but made a mistake that could ruin the highlight. He pinched the ball off the top right corner into the goal for the shot. Was it luck or skill? Check it out.


13. Astroclock air dribbles entire field


Astroclock rebounded the ball off the wall from the whole field length, positioned it under his car, and took it over the opponent's defense. He had enough boost and car control to line the shot up perfectly for the finish. 


12. Madinge air dribble off of wave dash


Madinge waves dashes himself into an air dribble. (The wave dash is a movement skill for rotating and freestyling.) He gets on the wall and keeps good car control to get under the ball to score the air dribble.


11. Jushu wall air dribble and flip reset into carrying the ball


Jushu started the air dribble from half-court and then did a half-flip to keep the ball over the defenders. He got a flip reset after touching the ball with all four tires. He flipped the ball up to the nose of the car to finish the air dribble and score.


10. Dasnake air dribble over two defenders 


An inverting flip off the wall into an air dribble. Then, Dasnake got himself under the ball with perfect car and ball control. After that, he took the ball over two defenders. It was an impressive goal, to say the least.


9. Freaky air dribble off of pass


Freaky got a pass from a teammate off the wall. He timed the jump and caught the ball in mid-air with the tip of his car. After gaining control of the ball, he carried it to the net for a freaky good goal.


8. Halidsam air dribbled off of the back corner into a flip reset into air dribble


Starting from his corner, Halidsam hit the ball up to the ceiling. He started a dribble into a half-flip and positioned the ball on his hitbox to catch it. The shot was a skillful masterpiece that is hard to replicate with much practice. For the cherry on top, he played keep away from his opponent's aerial attempt to stop the goal. 


7. Zejim bouncing off wall air dribble


Jumping into the wall and flipping to get vertical reach. Zejim casually aerials into a flip rest to gain control of the ball. Effortlessly, he carries the ball and scores!


6. Czlcium flip rest air dribble double touch


Another stunning full-court air dribble. This one is so satisfying to watch because of Czlcium's skill in carrying the ball through the air. His car rotates, and under control, he carries the ball the whole way to the net. He puts the ball off the backboard for the shot and double-taps it in with POWER!


5. Dare drifting wave dash air dribble


In this wave dash shot, Dare drifted up the wall sideways and launched into an air roll. He made a light touch and gained control of the ball. Scoring in dramatic fashion and bright, fiery explosion. 


4. Led air dribble flick shot 


An acrobatic shot by Led. Starting with a fundamental setup. He then half-flipped his car with the perfect touch. He positioned his car's nose under the ball and flicked it into the net for extra spice.


3. Yizz avoiding everybody using a air dribbles 


Yizz gathered the ball and then made everyone miss with his minimal but effective change in direction. He swerved left and right, looking like a pilot dodging lightning strikes. 


2. Sours catch a pass from a teammate and air dribble 


Sours made a neat touch on the pass from a teammate. Jumping off the wall with precision timing and angle. With the touch of the feather, he rolled the nose of his car under the ball. The ball and car control was impressive; him doing this while redirecting the shot and scoring the goal is tough. 


1. Velo demo air dribble


I saved the most satisfying goal for last: The demo air dribble! Velo gained control of the ball, air rolling to the sky. He let it go once he got enough power and went after the opponent. He caught the opponent mid-flight and turned him into ashes for the goal. Sometimes, going through is just as good as going around them.


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