[Top 10] Rocket League Best Blue Wheels That Look Awesome!

Rocket League Best Blue Wheels
A bit of blue on your ride goes a long way!

Paint your car the color of the sky!

So you’ve just installed Rocket League, played the tutorial, and thought to yourself “Alright, seems clear enough. Let’s get into some casual.” You join the server to find yourself not only getting dunked by superior mechanical players, but also players who look like a flaming ball of fire or a bolt of blue lightning flashing above you.

It’s at this point that you discover that Rocket League isn’t only about winning and try-harding, and you find yourself in love with the aspect of showing off your badass ride to your opponents and friends. If you’re an aerial player and you decided to make yourself a sick sky blue themed ride to match the skies, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best blue wheels to complete your set!

10. Hikari P5 (Sky Blue)

The Hikari P5 Sky Blue wheels

We start off the list on a simple choice. The Hikari P5 wheels are easy on the eye to look at and provide a nice choice to those players out there who like to keep it simple. They also help the car maintain a realistic look.

The Hikari P5 wheels really suit the sky blue color as the wheels aren’t really fully painted. The rims are sharp and sporty while the end of each rim has a flashing neon blue light as an extra touch. The tires have a smooth finish on them with a nice pattern running along them. A great choice for a black and sky blue themed ride!

9. K2 (Sky Blue)

The K2 Sky Blue wheels

Stay frosty! The K2 wheels are the kind of cosmetic that just get straight to the point. They’re big, icey, and in your face! If winter is your favorite season and you love the color blue, then these are the wheels for you.

The K2 wheels leave nothing undesired in the detail department. The tires have a sick icey trail running along them. The rims are a cool matte sky blue color while the inside contains a nice looking snowflake design. The entire wheel has ice steam coming out of it to finish it off as well! Really Cool! Literally.

8. Saptarishi (Sky Blue)

The Saptarishi Sky Blue wheels

If you’re looking for a sporty sky blue theme to add to your car, then these are the only wheels for you. The Saptarishi wheels are all about keeping it realistic with no animations and a classic vibe.

The Saptarishi wheels come with gold painted spokes surrounded by a bright sky blue rim. It looks amazing on a gold and sky blue themed ride! The tires are amazing as well with the classic branding you’d find on NASCAR and Formula 1 tires which is topped off with a sleek looking blue line to connect them. A clean pair of wheels.

7. FSL (Sky Blue)

The FSL Sky Blue wheels

Things just got a whole lot blacker. The FSL wheels are perfect if you’re a fan of black, and you’re looking to add sky blue to the mix. They’re simple and the design isn’t complicated, but they don’t look boring at all.

The best thing about the FSL wheels is their animation. The 5 spokes are replaced with plasma like lines that connect the rim together. They glow rapidly in succession to give it a look as if they’re alive. The tires are really neat as well with a nice blue zigzag pattern on them for a cool finish.

6. Draco (Sky Blue)

The Draco Sky Blue wheels

Let’s be real, we all saw this coming. The Draco wheels have got to be on your top list when it comes to the color blue. I mean, who doesn’t love bright blue flames on their wheels, right? A match made in heaven.

The Draco wheels were among the most popular wheels in the game at one point and still see play to this day. The flaming dragon head is a signature look to only this pair of wheels. The multiple animations from the flames running along the tires to the dragon head spitting fire have almost become a trademark to these wheels. Fiery!

5. Turbine (Sky Blue)

The Turbine Sky Blue wheels

Admittedly, they do look like turbines, which could be a bad look for some players. However, the Turbine wheels are way more than their name suggests. Something about how bright and centric everything about them is just attracts me.

The Turbine wheels don’t look good in their original form, but when the 3 spokes light up, in one of the brightest sky blues I’ve seen, and extend to the tires, everything about them changes! The circular hub in the middle gives them a space themed look as well to round everything up. Check the light show out while you drive them.

4. Apex (Sky Blue)

The Apex Sky Blue wheels

A sky blue halo surrounding 4 photon like spokes with a hub wrapped in snake skin, what’s not to like? Seriously though, the Apex wheels are one of the best in bringing out the shine in the sky blue color!

Literally everything shines in these wheels from the rims to the spokes. The middle center hub even looks like the rocket league ball itself if you look at it long enough. It’s full of small details with the black hexagon pattern in the middle along with the hexagon pattern on the tires as well. A great fit for any style.

3. Septem (Sky Blue)

The Septem Sky Blue wheels

Where do I start with these beauties? The Septem wheels have one of the cleanest designs in the game. They look great in their original color and even better when you apply the super bright sky blue to them!

The Septem wheels are beyond sleek. The tires have an edgy design to them with thick blue lines, and the spokes are among the brightest in the game. They’ll definitely catch the attention of your friends and others in the lobby, maybe even blind them.

2. Kalos (Sky Blue)

The Kalos Sky Blue wheels

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Zombas, these will fit nicely. The Kalos wheels are a really clean set of wheels. They’re also fully sky blue if the purple pattern that appears on the sky blue Zombas turns you off.

The Kalos wheels have a mesmerising animation that will keep looking at it for a good minute. The pattern is really slow and soft on the eyes but that’s about it. Sometimes, that’s all you need for a sick pair of wheels. These wheels show that less is more at times, and the classic matte black tires really provide a breath of fresh air in a game where all the tires are colored or patterned.

1. Roulette (Sky Blue)

The Roulette Sky Blue wheels

My top pick of this list. The Roulette wheels are seriously underrated when paired with sky blue. Again, the design is simple and straightforward with not much complexity. It’s a really nice blueprint to go on when designing wheels in my opinion.

The Roulette wheels aren’t the most flashy or bright and they don’t need to be. Their simple and clean design is what caught my eye. The animation is unique and not found in many of the wheels in the game. A matte black and sky blue finish on the body with these set of wheels would make an awesome pair.

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