[Top 10] Best Games Like Trackmania That Are Amazing

Games that are similar to the Trackmania experience.
Trackmania but with 2 wheels and a permanent Engine Off block


So this list could have been filled with other racing games, but is that what Trackmania is really about? The cliche in the Trackmania community when describing the game is that it’s “easy to learn, hard to master.” A key component is that the inputs are very simple: left, right, accelerate and brake, but the depth of technique that emerges from these simple inputs is astonishing. So, I asked this question on the Trackmania reddit, and some alternative games came recommended under those criteria.

However, there are a couple of other defining features I think are important, but not necessary. One is that you progress along a linear path. Some folks were so bold as to suggest MOBAs or Shooters, but that’s just too distant to include. The other feature is that there are user-generated levels. This is nice to have, but Trackmania does so well because its community does so much, and I think user-generated levels play a big part in that.

Alright, 3… 2… 1… Go!


10. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Gameplay

Taking its inspiration from the Gachapan balls and those mazes with ball bearings, you don’t control your character…. You control the world! More specifically, you navigate levels by tilting the playing field. Banana Mania is the latest installment in this series, but it has a rich history. Its first release was way back in 2001, first released as an arcade game and then ported to the GameCube in the same year.

Thank to u/Justinba007 for the recommendation.


9. Beat Saber  (PS4, Windows - VR headset required)

Beat Saber Gameplay

Ooooh VR! Just watch that video, how cool is that. And it comes with free exercise, no extra cost. Each level is a song where your task is to hit certain beats with a lightsaber. You have two colors of sabers, one per hand, and different beats come in different colors that you must match with your saber. There’s a community with 65000+ tracks called BeastSaber. That’s a plus plus. (This may remind you of the game Audiosurf. Same concept, but that one’s for plebs that use a screen. Like me. Check it out anyway.)


8. Trials: Rising

Trials: Rising Gameplay

You’re on a motorbike. You turn heads as you drive by as the cool guy. You faceplant. Everyone laughs. Is that a nightmare? No, it’s the Trials series experience. In this game, you are on a motorbike that is bound to a strict route - they call it 2.5d. You can’t turn left or right, but you can accelerate and brake and, critically, control your pitch. You’ll have to get in tune with the physics of this game to master it. Lean forward as you climb hills. Flick your bike to gain more distance on a jump. Although Rising is the latest in the series, Fusion and Evolution still come recommended. Also, a big plus, there are user-generated levels.

Thanks to the aptly named u/I_LIKE_TRIALS for the recommendation.


7. Celeste

Celeste Gameplay

The gameplay on Celeste is so good that Mark Brown from GMTK made a whole damn 17-minute video about it. Jump, dash and climb. That’s all it is, but as you increase your dexterity, you’ll get so… much… better… It’s a hard game, but so simple. Really in the spirit of Trackmania.

Thanks to u/alexanderw885 for the recommendation.


6. Forza Horizon 5 (Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. )

Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay

Ok, ok, ok… here’s the one car game. There you go. Some people do play Trackmania because car goes vroom. The graphics are beautiful and it has a wildly large and detailed open world you can explore. Set in a fictional Mexico, you can explore a volcano, jungles, beaches, and even temples. It has a long career mode. It probably deserved all the awards it won.


5. N++ (PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch

N++ Trailer

Another platformer. Simple controls once more. And exceptional depth of technique. When you run up an incline, turn and jump at just the right moment to get a massive jump. Double jump on a bouncy block for wicked air time. Enjoy the 4000+ base levels and loads more user-generated levels. N++ gets a plus plus.

Thanks to u/RoberTTzBlack and me for the recommendation.


4. Geometry Dash (Browser, iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Geometry Dash Gameplay

I said simple inputs was thee criterion, but this takes it to another level. It’s so simple. Obstacle? Click. Another obstacle? Click again. Click. Click. Clickety f***ing click. But jeez, it’s so much fun! Every map is set to a song, which can in theory help you time your clicking, but in actuality drives you crazy as you start the song over and over and over. There are user-made levels, check. To top it off, it’s free to play!

Thanks to u/Warm_Bike_5000 for the recommendation.


3. Osu! (Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS)

Osu! Gameplay

This is one of those games where I am always impressed seeing someone play it. The challenge it poses is so intuitive: hit the beats on screen at the right time. Yet, the maps can seem utterly impossible. Bravo, Osu players, bravo.

To make my point that this game is in fact similar to Trackmania, I present to you two facts. One, there are user-generated maps. Anyone can make one. Two, Scrapie, a Pro Trackmania player, plays this as variety content on his Twitch stream. What’s that? Sorry? I can’t hear you over my correctness.

Thanks to u/Wowrrior for the recommendation.


2. Lonely Mountains: Downhill (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows)

Lonely Mountains Downhill Speedrun

Downhill biking is a thrill. You have to be in the zone the whole time, eyeing the path just in front of you, preparing your line so you take the corner just right. Sound familiar? Yup. That’s right. Wanna know another similarity? There are checkpoints. That implies something if you wanna take the Fastest Way Only, yup, shortcuts. Go get on your bike bucko, and take it for a ride.

Thanks to u/DinoOats for the recommendation.


1. Rocket League (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch)

Rocket League Tips and Tricks

Rocket League..? All of the entries so far are linear. What’s up with Rocket League? Well, actually, yes. Now, sit down so I can explain it to you. You see… maybe this will go over your head, so I’ll go slow.

Reddit is this website where people, not just from your neighborhood, but from anywhere, can make comments on posts that other people have made. Not following? It’s fine, don’t worry. Anyway, carrying on. I, as a member of Reddit, made a post asking for similar easy-to-learn, hard-to-master games, and other people, as a reminder, not just people in my neighborhood, but all over the world, commented. When you make a comment, or a post for that matter, people can end up voting on it. So, up for yay, down for nay. So, someone commented ‘Rocket League’ and that ended up being the one where the most people pushed the up arrow, as opposed to the down arrow. Ok, did you follow? Look it’s ok, we can’t all be smart.

Why was that? Well, it seems to epitomize this idea of depth of technique that emerges from simple inputs. I looked up “Rocket League Techniques” on youtube. The first result? 61 CRITICAL Rocket League Tips… for new players. Not only are there 61 tips, but these are also just the critical tips and it’s only for beginners. Astonishing.

But there’s more. Another similarity? It’s incredibly competitive. Another one? There are cars. Yet another similarity? You have goals. Mind blown.

Thanks to u/ItsMyB1rthdayToday for the recommendation.

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