[Top 15] Rocket League Best Players In The World Right Now

Rocket League Best Players In The World

From the world class plays of Fairy Peak! to the world famous zero second goal scored by JSTN. It is no secret that Rocket League is one of the most captivating games of all time but who is the best player currently in the Rocket League Competitive Scene? This list aims to find just that.


15. Firstkiller

At only 17 years old Firstkiller (Jason Corral) is tearing up the Rocket League competitive scene. The Faze Clan’s starboy is ranked 15th in the world currently and when you watch some of his highlights it's not hard to see why. Hailing from North America and playing competitive Rocket League since 2016 his total winnings stack up to an eye-watering $306,735 and counting.

His major achievements include several regional tournaments as well as finishing within the top 3 for saviour of the season in Season 9 of the Rocket League Champion Series

Firstkiller Highlights:



14. CaioTG1

When you think of Rocket League’s top professionals CaloTG1 (Caio Vinicius) should be one of the first players you think of. The FUIRA Esports legend has racked up an impressive 5 solo tournament awards including but not limited to golden striker and Regular Season MVP at the Season 9 South American Grand Series. His total earnings stack up to a very impressive $326,409 from the competitive Rocket League scene.

Here are just some of his highlights:



13. Caard

This next player and fellow teammate of CaloTG1. These two combined are what make FURIA Esports such a force to be reckoned with in the Rocket League competitive scene. However, he is also an icon in his own right. 

His total earnings from the competitive scene are $328,623 and his  major honours list from several regional wins to golden striker and MVP in Season 8 of the South American Grand Series

Here is a short video of his highlights:



12. Sypical

Born in 2003 and starting his professional career in 2018, Sypical (Caden Pellegrin) has been tearing up the scene for several high profile teams such as Bread, Spacestation Gaming and now Faze Clan. His achievements include MVP and Golden Striker in Season 8 of the North American RLCS Championships. Racking a total of $356,176 in competitive earnings, this young man is one to watch.

View his his Faze montage today!



11. Atomic

When you think of top Rocket League players, Atomic should be one of the first names that comes to mind. From representing Ghost Gaming to G2 Esports today, Atomic continues to be at the top of his game. Although something about Massimo Franceschi that most people don’t know is that he was actually banned from Rocket League competitive scene in 2017 for playing unregistered and being underage, this man was so good that he was kicking ass when he wasn't even old enough to compete! 

With his total earnings being $365,633 and awards include winning the RLCS 2021-2022 World Championship it's easy to see just how iconic Atomic is to the game.

Check out some of his highlights here



10. Fairy Peak!

Victor Locquet aka Fairy Peak! Has been at the peak of his game (pun intended) since the very beginning, from representing Supernova, all the way through to today where he resides within Team Vitality. This RLCS Champion is one of the best Rocket League players in the world. From coming second in the season 3 and 8 RLCS World Championships, to winning the cup in Season 7 and X, it’s obvious why he appears on this list.

His impressive record has led him to a total earnings of $416,945 and counting as he continues to tear up the scene.

Check out his highlights here!



9. Turbopolsa

Optic’s Pierre Silfver also known as Turbopolsa is a Rocket League god, from being the only professional Rocket League player to win the RLCS competition a record 4 times, to also being the first player to win 2 World Championship MVP awards. It's  clear to see why he's known as one of the very best.

 With his total earnings being a total of $447,436, his  bank balance represents his greatness very accurately

Watch his highlights right now!



8. Chicago

Reed Wilen of G2 Esports, is one of the og rocket league greats. From winning back to back regional events as well as regularly reaching the finals of the world competitions, there's not many people within the rocket league competitive scene that havent heard of Chicago. 

Racking up a huge $448,376 from competitive play, this legend continues to dominate the pro game on behalf of G2.

Watch his highlights to see why he's so highly credited.



7. Monkey Moon

Evan Rogez is a french professional rocket league player and one of the best in the world at that. Both he and his team BDS are the most recent RLCS World champions and they don't show any sign of stopping their dominance anytime soon.
From being the world championship defensive MVP in this years RLCS World Championships to his impressive $455,111 total earnings, its clear to see why Evan appears so highly upon this list

Watch his highlights here.



6. Extra

Alex Paoli, teammate of Monkey Moon and player for Team BDS, is one of Rocket League’s Elite, winning the most recent RLCS world championship alongside his teammate Monkey Moon, his earnings now stack up to a massive $457,670.

Watch his highlights here!



5. Jstn

From scoring what is quite possibly the most iconic Rocket League World Championship goals of all time to winning back to back regional championships. Jstn was ranked as world number 2 in all of 2021. With earnings reaching $475,997, Jstn is an icon of the professional rocket league series.

Watch his highlights now!



4.  SquishyMuffinz

What can you say about the icon that is Mariano Arruda aka SquishyMuffinz that's not already been said before? The former Cloud 9 legend is now killing the game at NRG with his multiple regional wins and countless individual awards. It is clear to see why his earnings reach a total of $487,713.

Watch his highlights today!



3. Jknaps

Jacob Knapman is a Canadian professional Rocket League player currently residing in the United States. From winning several regional and world titles to also winning many solo awards, it's clear to see why he’s within the top 3 of the highest earning Rocket League players to date.

His total earnings currently stack up to a crazy $482,784



2. GarrettG

Rocket League staple, GarrettG is one of the greatest Rocket League players of all time, winning several regional and solo awards as well as being apart of the iconic team that helped Jstn score the iconic zero second goal in 2018. His total earnings are currently $529,731

You can watch his highlights here


And At Number One…


1. Kaydop


For those who know about Kaydop, I'm sure this doesn't come as any surprise. This man is insane at Rocket League, Winning season 4, 5 and X of the world championship series as well as many regional and solo titles and also having a total winnings reaching a total of $529,745 its obvious why Kaydop is seen as the greatest rocket league player of all time
Watch his highlighs here.



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