[Top 5] Rocket League Best Black Wheels That Look Awesome!

Rocket League Best Black Wheels
Black Werewolf wheels on a Werewolf body? Makes sense!

Back in Black!

Rocket League wouldn’t be the game it is today if it wasn’t for the ability to customize just about everything. Some try-hards play 3,000+ hours using the standard blue octane you unlock right out of the box, but some are different. Some players actually compete using their car’s looks.

From body types to paint jobs, Rocket League players don’t leave an inch of their car without applying their personal touch to it. Maybe a bright golden pyro theme is your taste, or maybe it’s some edgy blue lightning that satisfies you. However, today we’ll be helping you complete your black-themed ride. Hashtag Black, hashtag Blacklife. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best black wheels in the game!

5- Yamane (Black)

The Black Yamane Wheels

Let’s start off the list with the classic Yamane wheels. It’s a popular choice among players that has been around for a while now. It has a resemblance to the Black Tunicas, but it’s an even better version of them.

There’s nothing too fancy going on here in terms of the rubber on the wheels, but sometimes simple is better. The thin edgy rims give it the old classic look you’d see on cars back in the day. It’s a great choice to pair with black and low-ride-height cars like the Dominus. Sharp looking.

4- Stern (Black)

The Black Stern Wheels

The Stern is another clean design for your whip’s wheels. It’s a choice many players make when they’re trying to emulate their car to be as realistic as possible to cars in real life. Wheels for boomers basically.

But seriously, even though some may find them a bit boring compared to all the flashy animated wheels you’d find nowadays, I personally think less is more at times. The 5 thick curvy rims give a classy Mercedes Benz feel to the car and really allow the rest of the car design to shine. A solid balanced choice for all car lovers.

3- Muscle Boy (Black)

The Black Muscle Boy Wheels

If you want some flashy wheels that will make everyone get tunnel vision onto your car and impress your friends, this is for you. The Muscle Boy wheels don’t get any weirder than this with the half-half black and white look. This is the perfect choice for everyone who owns a titanium white design.

It has a serious futuristic look with some sort of steel mechanism holding the wheel in place instead of your classic rims. Looks like you’ve parked illegally and all 4 of your wheels have been clamped but to each their own. Aside from that, it has loads of potential customization options to fit your whole car. Complex and bright.

2- Chakram (Black)

The Black Chakram Wheels

The Chakram wheels are a thing of beauty to be honest. It’s the best combination of “different” to “classic” you’ll find on a pair of wheels, and for good reason. This design is very similar to the wheels on the Lamborghini Reventon. So, if it’s good enough for Ferruccio Lamborghini’s company, it’s good enough for me.

The one thing I like about it the most is the thick rubber they’ve used. It adds more detail to the wheels and makes your car look more serious, rather than just a race car. The edgy curving rims give it a modern feel while looking badass at the same time. Seriously impressive.

1- Gripstride HX Inverted (Black)

The Gripstride HX Inverted Black Wheels

If you own a pair of black Zombas, it’s time to trade them in. The Gripstride HX wheels are the better version of the Zombas. They have more detail to them, a better animation, and look darker overall. They’ve designed these wheels leaving nothing untouched from the rubber to the rims.

I love how black they are. From far away, they look like a black hole while driving around. From up close, you’ll notice that you can barely see the rims which adds more detail to the wheels. The animation is also really cool with flashing hexagons going all the way up your tires. It’s a nice change from the classic linear design most Rocket League cosmetics get. My top choice.

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