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3. NBA 2K18

To be honest, basketball has never been my cup of tea, I’m just not a huge fan of the sport or the teams. However, even I must admit that basketball videogames are fantastic, especially the NBA 2K series. Being developed by 2K Sports, it surprisingly shares many similarities with WWE, you can choose from a list of current or all-time teams in the best basketball gameplay experience I’ve played.

Outside of the great, satisfying gameplay, the selling point of NBA 2K is the huge variety of modes you can play. Besides regular exhibition games, you can play MyCareer and try to take the league by storm as a rookie, MyLeague and MyGM allow you to manage your team from just a season to a full career respectively, and 2K18 features a new online mode called Neighborhoods, where you can interact with other players. NBA 2K18 makes this list for being a great game for hardcore basketball fans and haters like me.

NBA 2K18 Slam Dunk

Create incredible plays with the best basketball players in the world today

NBA 2K18 Paul George

The biggest stars of the NBA are waiting for you

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