[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Early Game Weapons That Are Excellent (And How To Get Them)

.[Top 10] Elden Ring Best Early Game Weapons That Are Excellent (And How To Get Them)
Early game will be the most difficult part.

You will be feeling like an anime protagonist after this game.

As Elden Ring is a massive game, and the weapon you use is very important, here are our top 10 weapons you can get in the earlier stages of the game.


10. Golden Halberd

A weapon twice your size is carried in one hand. Makes sense.

The Golden Halberd, the first weapon, as soon as you walk out, past Varre, you will see a massive horse enemy that will obliterate you if you come close to him, but with some luck, you can bring down this monster at level one. After he is defeated you will have a weapon that you can use all the way to the end. Grind out a few extra levels and you will be able to use this weapon. You will need the strength of 30, dex of 14, and faith of 12. 

Why the Golden Halberd is great:

  • Great damage.
  • Can buff allies.
  • Great range.

How to get the Golden Halberd:

  • From the starting area, where Varre is in Limgrave.
  • See the boss before the church where Kale is.
  • After defeating the Tree Sentinel the weapon will drop.

Golden Halberd Details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Golden+Halberd


9. Cipher Pata

Who knew fist weapons are actually viable?

The Cipher Pata is a fist weapon that needs 30 faith to use, you can get this weapon as soon as you get to the Roundtable Hold, this fist weapon deals good damage, and can if you two hand this weapon, you actually get a blade in each hand.

Why the weapon is great:

  • Deals great holy damage.
  • Can deal damage through enemies' blocked shields.
  • Fast attacks

How to get the Cipher Pata:

  • Go to the Roundtable Hold:
  • Go to where Rogier is.
  • Jump over the railing and right through the door.
  • Follow the path, the weapon will be on the bed.
  • You will most likely die to the invader but that is ok, return to him once you’ve leveled up.

Cipher Pata details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Cipher+Pata


8. Axe Of Godrick


Godrick, is an amazing boss, with an amazing weapon. As Godrick will most likely be the first main story boss you defeat, you will need 34 strength and 22 dex to use his weapon. With this weapon the Forefathers, one and all shall bear witness!

Why the Axe of Godrick is great:

  • Unique R2.
  • Great damage.
  • Amazing weapon art.

How to get the Axe of Godrick:

  • Go to Stormveil Castle.
  • Defeat Godrick.
  • Take his remembrance to Enia at the Roundtable Hold.
  • Trade the remembrance for his weapon.

Axe of Godrick details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Axe+of+Godrick


7. Morning Star

Sadly not Lucifer Morningstar.

The Morningstar is a wonderful weapon, as it is fun to use and easy to get. With the requirements of 12 strength and 8 dex, you too will be able to swing this ‘hammer”.

Why the Morning Star is great:

  • Has blood loss build up.
  • Can be infused with ashes of war.
  • Can be buffed with magic and consumables.
  • Unique rolling R1 and running R2.

How to get the Morning Star:

  • Go to Weeping Peninsula.
  • Follow the main road from Limgrave, you will find a carriage.
  • Open the chest in the back, and you will have the weapon.

Morning Star details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Morning+Star


6.  Meteorite Staff

If Gandalf could, he would’ve used this staff.

The Meteorite Staff is the weapon that’s the hardest to get early game, as it is in Caelid. The weapon is worth the detour as it only needs 6 strength and 18 intelligence to use. This staff is amazing for mages or players who need a good staff. 

Why the Meteorite Staff is great:

  • Has S scaling with int.
  • Boosts gravity sorceries by 30%.

How to get the Meteorite Staff:

  • Go to Caelid.
  • Go to the Aeonia Swamp.
  • In the southwestern of the Street of Sage's ruins.
  • The weapon will be on a corpse in a room with pink poison flowers. Beautiful.

Meteorite Staff details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Meteorite+Staff


5. Uchigatana 

Stabbing and Slashing since the days of Dark Souls 1.

The Uchigatana, a weapon that’s been in the Souls franchise since Dark souls 1, is a strong and reliable weapon. With requirements of 15 dex and 11 strength you will be dealing amazing damage, and if you’re a Samurai, you’re in luck as it is your starting weapon. 

Why the Uchigatana is great:

  • Starting weapon for Samurai
  • Can be infused with Ashes of War.
  • Can be buffed with magic and consumables.
  • Has blood loss build up.
  • Can powerstance with other katanas.

How to get the Uchigatana:

  • Starting weapon for Samurai.
  • Can be found in Deathtouch Catacombs.
  • After turning down the lever, a door will unlock into a previous hallway, the weapon is on a dead body.

Uchigatana details: Uchigatana | Elden Ring Wiki (fextralife.com)


4. Rogier’s Rapier

Rogier is an underrated bestie.

Rogier’s Rapier is an amazing thrusting sword, with very low requirements of 8 strength and 17 dex. This beautiful weapon will be piercing enemies and as it’s already upgraded to plus 8, dealing amazing damage. 


Why Rogier’s Rapier is great:

  • Starts as a plus 8 weapon.
  • Can be infused with ashes of war.
  • Can be buffed with magic and consumables.
  • Has a unique R2.

How to get Rogier’s Rapier:

  • Defeat Godrick.
  • Return to the Roundtable.
  • Rogier will be sitting on a chair at the ledge where you have to jump down to get the Cipher Pata.
  • He will give you the weapon as soon as you talk to him.

Rogier’s Rapier details:https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Rogier's+Rapier


3. Bloodhounds Fang:

Paired with Bloodhounds Step, you’ll be decimating enemies.

With 18 strength and 17 dex you can wield this weapon early on, this potent weapon will be dealing great damage and good range. The weapon is a great early-game weapon and is quite easy to get if you have trusty Blaidd at your side.

  • Why the bloodhound's fang is great:
  • Has blood loss build up.
  • Can be buffed with magic and consumables.
  • Low requirements allow you to level up endurance so you can block and stab without the worry of stamina.

How to get the bloodhounds fang: 

  • At the very south end of Limgrave right before the bridge to the Weeping Peninsula, you will need to defeat the boss inside the evergaol.
  • Bloodhound Knight Darrwil is a hard boss for low-level players but with some practice, you will defeat him and obtain his weapon.

Bloodhounds Fang details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Bloodhound's+Fang


2. Sword Of Night And Flame

Goku is that you?

With the Sword of Night and Flame being a menace at day one, this weapon is quite renowned as a beast, and after the nerf it is still a viable sword. As the requirements are 12 strength/dex and 24 faith/intelligence, you will have to invest a few levels in 4 different stats, but it is well worth it. The weapon is also past Godrick, so if you’re tired of his axe, you can respec into a build for this weapon as soon as you beat Rennala. 

Why The Sword of Night and Flame is great:

  • Turns you into Goku. 
  • Has two weapon arts, one for the R1 attack (Kamehameha) and R2. (Flame swirl)

Where to get the Sword of Night and Flame:

  • Go to Caria Manor.
  • From the Manor lower level Grace go to the walkway.
  • Go straight across the first one, turn left, and then right.
  • From the third walkway, you will see a roof you can jump to.
  • Jump down and head towards the hole in the roof.
  • Go down the ladder and inside a chest, you will find this legendary weapon 

The Sword of Night and Flame details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Sword+of+Night+and+Flame



Et tu, Brute?

The only thing better than a dagger is a bloody dagger. This weapon is exactly that dagger as it does blood loss damage and can be found very early on. The requirements are 5 strength, 13 dex, and 13 arcane. 

Why Reduvia is great:

  • Amazing weapon skill, that causes more build-up than the weapons strikes.
  • Has a ranged attack.
  • Arcane scaling affects the amount of blood loss.

How to get the Reduvia:

  • Go to Murkwater Cave, the cave Patches is in.
  • You will be invaded by Nerijus.
  • Defeat him with the help of Yura.
  • He drops the weapon as soon as he is defeated.

Reduvia details: https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Reduvia


This concludes our list of best early-game weapons. If you enjoyed this article, check these ones out as well. 

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